Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chef 5.4

Well, dang, my blog post got lost and I haven't felt like redoing it. It got lost because I commented on our other computer on my little sister's blog. And I guess you can't be logged in to two places at once. Plus the frigging blogger program won't let you copy and paste directly into the window. Why is that?

So anyway, week before last, Thanksgiving just got in the way. Turkey just made me lazy. But Foo Fighters, yay! Though I agree with Tom that the decision probably should be made on the entrees (or protein) and not the desserts. Making a turkey well in a toaster oven is pretty impressive. As Eugene did, she apparently rigged her contraption to be more of an oven.

Rocco is back. Breakfast amuse bouche. The chefs aren't very original, doing variations of toast, eggs and bacon. I voted for Stefan because he did huevos rancheros in a cool way.  And it is huevos rancheros. mmm....even if Stefan was suddenly from California and not Finland. Having had airport food in Helsinki on the way to St. Petersburg, yeah, guy, suddenly I'd be from California too.

The elimination competition was a great idea in theory. Chefs do do a lot of promotions on morning shows, cooking demos, because it is free publicity for their restaurants. So I thought the vapors, wrist on forehead, clutching pearls reaction from these television contestants was pretty amusing.

But it was a boring episode. Why? Too many chefs!

One other comment. Kathy Lee does not have permission to be on my tv. She's a morning personality. I am not a morning person. I watch tv at night. I do not want her obnoxious rude self on my tv any more, do you hear me, Top Chef?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Chef 5.2

This week of Top Chef was pretty funny with some great lines.  "Eeeet doeza notta matter how many dragooons you keel but if you-a bring te princess home." Fabio's accent is sooo cliche you just wonder if he's pretending. 

But many lessons to be learned for future cheftestants.

1. Don't use an ingredient if you've never worked with it before -- unless you have to.

2. Don't make quiche. They never win and they often lose.

3. Don't use a canned (or frozen) version of a protein if you can't get it fresh. Hello, Hosea! Did you not watch the saga of Spike and the frozen scallops last season.

4. Have a plan B.

5. Trust your instincts and don't trust your fellow cheftestants. If you think you should start from scratch, you probably should.

Good-bye Jill, one of our hometown girls. You seemed like you'd eventually show a quirky sense of humor, but sorry that was the lamest defense of a dish I've ever seen.

Personally, I would have picked Jamie's dish. But I'm not tasting things only watching.

PS Ariane needs a self-esteem course or something. Every season there's some self-doubting female. She either is going to be the person hanging on by the skin of her teeth week after week after week, or she's gone pretty soon.

PPS Last week I kind of liked Hosea but he lost some points this week. Wazzup with that weird flirtation with Leah?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random thoughts on last week's Top Chef

Since I was too lazy last week, some random thoughts:

-- Poor Lauren. That has to suck. Apples. I'm betting that not only is her hubby in the military but she has some military background too. She was striking military poses, standing legs spread, arms behind back.

-- Poor Patrick. He was a cutie pie but way green and it showed. Even I know you steep Asian noodles, not boil them like spaghetti. Geez, hasn't this guy ever had ramen noodles as a poor college student? 

-- I'm kind of rooting for Gene despite the tats. He worked his way up from dishwasher. And he tasted food in the India market and worked on replicating the taste. Shows he has a great palate. Thought Padma was going to swoon. Something I'm sure S is rooting for.

-- Stefan and Fabio are the Euro-douche Duo! Stefan has that "I'm smug and superior" attitude that can be very irritating. Fabio is a me-too.

-- Then again Dan seems like one of those types you wish the State Department would discourage from visiting other countries. He looks way older than 25.

-- Radhika seems a bit annoying. And sickly.

-- Others don't like Carla. She seems spirited and maybe fun to me. 'Course I might be prejudiced cuz she's repping DC.

-- Jeff is the smarmy good looking guy you always hated in high school.

-- Stefan was the early leader but I'm betting on Hosea as a serious contender.

-- How can someone not know Italian?  And for all her "country mouse" protestations, Melissa is actually from the Baltimore area and Baltimore has its own Little Italy. Even if she lives in Colorado now and is into horses. 

-- Same with middle-eastern food. If you live on the mid-Atlantic coast, how could you not have not had middle-eastern food? I actually get tired of it because it's one of the less expensive lunch options. Hummus, up there with peanut butter as a staple. The cookbook remark was a baaad mistake. Colicchio's eyes shot laser beams. Jean-Georges pursed his lips disapprovingly.

Oh well rambled on and the new ep is on soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

I am crying right now. The immensity of this moment is too intense.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Socialists" through history

What socialist said this?

The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. They find it difficult to get food, and the greater part of their little revenue is spent in getting it. The luxuries and vanities of life occasion the principal expense of the rich, and a magnificent house embellishes and sets off to the best advantage all the other luxuries and vanities which they possess. A tax upon house-rents, therefore, would in general fall heaviest upon the rich; and in this sort of inequality there would not, perhaps, be anything very unreasonable. It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.

Why Adam Smith, in Wealth of Nations, of course.

What socialist implemented a progressive income tax in the US? That red commie Theodore Roosevelt, that's who.

Another socialist ran our country from 1953-1961, did you know. Here's the marginal tax rates for the lowest paid and highest paid Americans during that time.

1952-1953 - 22.2% 92% Census
1954-1963 - 20% 91% Census

That's 92 percent! That commie, Dwight D. Eisenhower, what was he thinking, reigning over a time of economic prosperity? Of course he oversaw that socialist government expenditure of funds for US highways. Of course in those days, large corporations paid the largest chunk of the taxes collected. Now individuals do. And that's part of the problem.

My favorite example: blue states like New York, New Jersey, California, etc., pay a lot more in federal taxes than anything they receive. Meanwhile states like Mississippi, Alaska, North Dakota receive a lot more in federal funding than they pay. Socialism!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway 5 Finale 2

It's the season finale. I'm happy and sad -- happy to find out the winner and sad because this could be the last PR ever. And no matter what, its tone is going to change because it will have a new production company.

The finale starts out on an even keel, with everyone getting along, even as they pick models. Minor irritation -- Kenley giving suggestions to Leanne. 

Now Tim comes to check on the collections and the old Kenley breaks forth. She's fairly polite about the ropes, disagreeing politely with him. But then he raises questions about making the wedding dress her centerpiece again. Then the fangs came out and omigod, Tim rolls his eyes as he walks away.

How much I hate Kenley. I think only Vincent drove Tim that nuts.

Love the sniping between Kenley and Leanne. I disagree with both. Some of the hand painted flowers are quite lovely. And Leanne's color palette gives her work an ethereal look.

Hope Korto's last minute work is worth it. I love Korto -- her personality has been really shining through in the last few episodes and she seems like she'd be a lot of fun to hang with. "Come on, be a pal."

Little fur ball dog. If I were Leanne I'd be drop kicking it out the Parsons window. That gorgeous dress does not deserve that trauma.

I love Tim's pep talks. I want Tim to give me a pep talk.

Runway Day! and they had to get up at 3 a.m. What is that silly leaf thing in Kenley's hair?

Weeeeee. Tim is the judge! Karma time, Kenley! The expression on her face was worthwhile. "I guess I should improve my attitude." Indeedy. 

Kenley's clothes are fairly cute and a couple of hand-painted stuff lovely but it is very disjointed. The music was horrible, not appropriate for a runway show. Poor models, try to walk to that. She's the only one who doesn't walk with her model at the end.

Korto's clothes are really great. Her colors were fantastic, I loved the styling and beads and jewelry, something she designed herself. The fans were cool too.  And she should have used that white dress as her wedding gown.  "Don't I look hot?" Love you Korto.  I don't know why some people think she's a b word. 

Korto looks like her mom and so does Kenley. Her sister is a total clone. 

Leanne's show is dreamy, exquisite, ethereal. I actually liked her color palette for her clothes. They're so elaborate that anything brighter would have looked busy. 

Tim looks like a proud papa as the designers come out even if he's a judge.

Kenley gets the warning about her clothes' resemblance to other designers. As Nina warns, all the fashion editors will be thinking the same thing.

The judges agree that Korto's moved so well.

What could they say about Leanne's? It was dee-vine as MK says.

Yeah, Kenley is number three and a sore loser to boot. No it's not cow manure. You need to grow up, KENLEY.

Leanne wins. Yay! But I'm torn because Korto appealed to my heart and Leanne my brain. Korto, you're still a winner -- you got the fan favorite!

Bet Karalyn is really gnashing her teeth right now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Project Runway 5 Finale 1

So here we are. Near the end. Of a miserable season. I think the magical elves were conducting sabotage.

They kick off by requiring finalists to make wedding dresses. Since European couture shows always end with wedding dresses, it's realistic. But these guys have only two months to prepare. Is it fair? By the way, Tim and Heidi, the air kiss wasn't convincing.

Kenley is her typical rude self by walking out without even a farewell. And blames the other designers for "sabotage." Buy yourself a damned clue, Mean Girl.

Korto's retreat is lovely, though her home is a stark box. Tim showed a little un-Tim dirty mind attitude toward one of Korto's dresses, which look like they are beautiful colors. Did he say snatch shot?!

Korto's family was successful in Liberia, lost everything and fled to the US where they started from scratch. Top that Kenley, with your fracking whining about your rough life.

Trust Tim to wear a bicycle helmet. The whole episode has a nerdy charm between geek girl and Tim. Even Leanne's bf is nerdy cute. The glimpses of her collection look exquisite.

Jerrell has a goatee. And a hard luck life story. South Central LA and riots and gangland warfare. Dad away from home driving a truck. Top that Kenley.

But Jerrell's dresses, especially wedding dress, do look messy.

Kenley lives in Brooklyn, in a relatively large apartment for NYC -- Christian had a closet. So she can't be doing that badly. Grandmother a 40s pinup girl. Do I detect a life inspiration? More tugboat captain. No tough stories about life on the sea. It was sad about her grandmother.

The wedding dress does look lovely. I still think her patterns are garish, though Tim likes them. gulp.

Ooo, the reunion after the tense clash and the rude Kenley departure. The other designers were more polite than the previews hinted.

All she had to do was apologize for her behavior and everything was relatively fine. Korto showed graciousness by wishing her well.

Oh that was cruel, cruel, cruel. A bridesmaid dress in a day. After they got a lot less time to make their collections.

Korto is being so funny this ep. Her personality is shining through. But I'm worried after Tim's critique. After my glimpse of her collection, I really don't want her gone.

Wow. I think this is the first time Tim got teary eyed and emotional. That was quite emotional. I'm really excited by Leanne's wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, they both look totally stunning.

Oh the bitch Kenley is back. Hello? Not everything is about you. Tim told Leanne to make her dress shorter and told Korto she needed to differentiate her dress. If only you weren't wrapped in your own ego, Kenley. You do not own the patent on short.

Hate Jerrell's wedding dress. It's messy, messy, messy and wrinkled mess. The bridesmaid dress looks slept in.

I hate to admit it, but Kenley's stuff was cute.

Korto's is not the most attractive thing she has ever made.

Oh, Karalyn is showing for Leanne, whose wedding ensemble was one of the most exquisite things I've ever seen. And the judges love it too.

RE: Jerrell. Heidi agrees with me, calls it messy. Laughed at Kors' flower pot.

They like Kenley's. Mention Alexander McQueen. Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay ran pictures from McQueen's collection. Yeah, definitely inspired by it. Kenley should just admit it.

Heidi is pretty harsh about Korto's dresses.

Jerrell went hog wild, sez Kors. That sums up nicely.

Shoo. as much as I like Jerrell, I like Korto's work so much better. And since I sneaked a peek at the BP collections, she deserved it more. And as much as I hate to admit it, because it was unfair to Jerrell, Kenley's collection was prettier than his.

But I'm looking forward to Top Chef.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Why I could never vote for Sarah Palin. I fell in love with wolves at age 12. They're remarkable creatures. Wolves take down the sick and the elderly moose so the claim that this practice "culls" wolves is so much anti-science BS.

OK, Palin's attempt to allow hunters to submit the forelegs didn't make passage (which earned this ad one Pinnochio). But she tried. And the Defenders of Wildlife defeated her in court.

PS and I don't call the people who engage in this practice real "hunters." They're sick bullies.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Army 10 Miler -- Piece o' Cake

Well, at least compared to the Marine Corps Marathon, which is only 60 percent longer!

It's a beautiful run and it was a beautiful day. One thing that's different than the marathon: the crowds of runners don't thin out and by the time my end of the pack makes it, the spectators are much sparser. I ran slower than normal at the beginning and actually picked up my speed at the end, when most folks around me were slowing down considerably. Even did a sprint across the finish line. Wh00t! Or should I say Hoo-ah?

It's also different to see a running route from a new angle. The view from the street is different from the view from the sidewalk. With fewer obstacles. No traffic lights to interrupt. No maintenance trucks parked on the sidewalks...

There were also lump inducing sights to put things in perspective. Like the Army amputees valiantly making the run. And the people wearing T-shirts on the run dedicated to their loved ones who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Edited to Add: of course, to keep this whole surpassing people thing in perspective: I came in ahead of only 1800 people (hmmm. 26,000 registered but only 17,000+ finished). That's only 10 percent of the pack! Even among my peers, females in the upper 40s, 83 percent finished first.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Karma, Kenley

I honestly think the girl is unhinged in some way, like she has some sort of emotional short circuit. The editors tried really hard to make you feel sorry for her. But having watched her hideous behavior for the last several weeks, sorry it's not working.

We start out with Kenley bashing Leanne for not "selling" her hideous hip hop outfit. Uh huh, that's the reason her outfit should have lost. Delusion much? So she tries to pull a passive aggressive mean girl tactic, refusing to talk to Lil L. It backfires because the others are buddies to Dork Girl.

What on earth was Tim babbling about Joan Crawford for? That was an odd conversation stopper. The Botanical Gardens are stunning. Can you get there by subway? I have to confess I've not been outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn other than an overnight in Flushing to catch a flight to Russia at JFK.

Kenley loses her tulle and the others refuse to loan here theirs. Why should they? It's down to the wire. But they were a wee bit too smug about it. On the other hand, they're living with that whiny voice 24/7 and according to aufed designers, not so under the breath insults of others' designs from her work table. That would be driving me insane.

So now she's whining about the other designers excluding her and how all her life it's been that way. Maybe it's time for some self reflection, my dear.

Half her childhood spent at sea on a tugboat. Uh huh, I hear a tall tale in that. Maybe summers. I don't recall any major docks in Pompano that could launch a seagoing tugboat. But wev. We will probably hear the gruesome details of her hard, difficult and tragic childhood next week. I'm sure it was much rougher living with a tugboat captain than fleeing civil war and horrific massacres in Liberia.

"That's been done," snipes Kenley about Leanne's pleats. And what's with the hostility toward Korto? "That's been done." As if you can't say that about 50s by way of 80s vintage dresses?

Korto -- The color is a little too palid. Maybe she should have used a brighter orange?

Leanne -- It moves beautifully and I love the bodice but the back is...strange.

Jerrell -- The bodice could have a wardrobe malfunction. But it's an interesting shape and eclectic combo of colors.

Kenley -- Ugh. Little Mermaid. Morticia Addams? I know, I know! Martian girl in Mars Attacks! Only sleeveless. But definitely costume.

"It is annoying, no? the attitude?" oh HEIDI.

Nina Garcia -- love the hand wave.

This decision really irks me. If you said, you all did a terrible job and we can't pick a winner so you will continue competing, then fine. But if you pick Jerrell and Leanne as winners this week, then don't take away their win! Especially Jerrell!

Well, this has been a ghastly season. Makes me wonder if it is deliberate. Poison the well so Lifetime receives a product in decline.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Google Maps Now Officially Suck

I've posted before on what a big fan I was of google maps. Well, all good things must come to an end. They've contracted with a new map service so, par for the course (yeah, I'm looking at you, too, Mozilla) things went down hill this week.

You can no longer calculate the walking distance to any of the memorials, because...they're not on the street. So the walking route function of the map system is now useless.

Thanks a lot, Google.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fave moments of this PR episode

Tim's ability to control his temper in the face of Kenley's stubbornness.

The smirks exchanged between Korto and Jerrell over Kenley's confidence in her "hiphop" look.

Overall, Korto's sassiness in this episode. She had been so serious all season long. So to see her break into a tuneless song while attempting a line dance in her cowboy boots was hilarious. Her ironic smile when she found out that not only was she designing menwear and it was punk but was wearing country was great. 

Learning that Suede was a classically trained cellist. Who knew?

Tim's spontaneous burst of laughter when he saw the designers' looks. 

Jerrell's insincere uh-huh, suuuuure it looks great Kenley.

Country fried Korto working the runway.

LL Cool J trying not to break into a laugh when Leanne comes down the runway in K's execrable look.

"Everybody's was hard, Kenley," from Mama Ninagarcia. "Don't make mom jeans," said LL.

Rewatching this, I thought Suede was robbed. Kenley really should have gone home last night. I noticed Leanne's zipper hanging out, the jeans were so tight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lakeshore Drive run

Big run last week was in Chicago and that's one of the big pluses about the Second City. It has a terrific trail along Lake Michigan. I ran from the hotel near Michigan Avenue to the Navy Pier. Tried to do a lap around the pier, but the city had construction blocking part of it. Oh well. On south to the Shedd Aquarium and then the payoff. The sunrise was spectacular and I ran along the seawall at Shedd and Adler. As I turned around to head back, there was the Chicago skyline laid out in front of me in all its architectural glory. There aren't many manmade sights that are better.

I tried to find a sunrise skyline picture to link to. Unfortunately the few out there are on professional sites. So here's a wiki link. It doesn't show the sunrise. If you're a runner, it's worth the 6 a.m. wakeup. I got there about 7, so you can even sleep in a little if you're not too far away -- or a much faster runner (not hard to beat me). Don't waste your time at the pier!

Project Runway 5.10 Veronica

Well, probably will wait til tomorrow to post because first I couldn't get the wireless to work and then I was having problems with my mousepad clicking. urgh. Guess on Macs, stick to Safari.

I'm very nervous for Korto because she seems to be having some struggles. If Kenley or Suede goes, it'll be seeya time. But Korto (especially after sneaking a peek at her Bryant Park show) totally deserves to be in the final 3.

I have hopes that Kenley is gone because she's disregarding Tim and the two people who know hip hop are rolling their eyes so much, they might fall out. Talk about uber defensive. Look up the word defensive in the dictionary and Kenley's picture will be staring at you. So Tim finally chews out Kenley. She deserves every minute of it. He's trying to help you, my darlin. It's called constructive criticism. If you want to get anywhere in life, grow a skin.

ooo. Jerrell is being mean by lying thru his teeth about Kenley's outfit. I know nothing about hip hop but would say her outfit looks nothing like it.  Had to get her print in. Graffitti print my butt. No, Kenley, that was a Key West print.

Ack. Kenley is so disrespectful. Don't roll your eyes at Nina, missy! IT's one thing to snipe at Tim, it's a whole 'nother to gripe at the judge. And bitching about Leanne not working the runway. That's not exactly her personality. And by the way Kenley, you clomped like a pony yourself.

Oh dear, now I'm worried about Leanne. Another one who was spectacular at the fashion show. In fact, I would say that Korto and Leanne put on the best shows at Bryant Park in PR history, with the possible exception of Season 1. 

Oh, they gave Kenley pity marks for having to do hip hop. Poor baby. If it's not her, it better be Suede. (who knew he was a classically trained musician?)

Korto wins!!!!!! Yay!

shoo. Leanne is in.

Gawd, they let the spoiled girl back in. But really Suede is a more mediocre designer and the third person voice is annoying. Kenley does have talent, if a limited viewpoint. I'm sick of the 50s already. Just go design for Mad Men.

Hmm. Everyone is in tears. I reallly hate Kenley! augh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helicopter Moms -- Can you hear the whap of blades?

Hmm, a mother and daughter challenge, mothers hovering over their offspring. Since I'm off to Chicago tomorrow, will not have an extra day to absorb the eppy. So liveblogging it is.

One of the moms is a ringer for Harvey Fierstein, at least her voice is. I heard it before I saw it and thought maybe it was a helicopter dad. You can tell who really is the helicopter mom when the designers meeting the duos. And it was striking how many of the girls looked almost like clones of their meres. I didn't think they looked all that young as the designers were exclaiming, unlike the high school girls last season.

Oh no, oh no, oh no...Leanne cannot go home. She is the most talented designer outside of Korto. I will hate Project Runway forevah if she is and Suede and Kenley move on. Shwhoo, the girl likes it now.

Joe is now getting the loser edit. A) He's not listening to Tim. B) He's missing his family.

Kenley makes Terri look angelic. What a b-word. Though she's probably right about Suede. Karma will be hades when she finds out Tim is one of the final judges! Hah!

The brief glimpses I saw -- liked Korto's. Didn't see much of Leanne's new outfit. Joe's looks like Diane Keaton in the 80s. I just don't get Jerrel's aesthetic. Kenley's is quintessential Kenley's. Suede's is...ugh.

Joe-- ick, ick, ick. It did not flatter her at all.

Leanne -- it looked not great but not horrible. Her girl was stiff as a board.

Jerrell -- It looked much better in motion than it did back in the workroom. What is his deal with shiny copper tops?

Korto -- The skirt was a little too short. The blazer is awesome.

Kenley -- Hate the belt. The rest is quintessential Kenley. Not my style.

Suede -- the girl digs it. I don't.

Oh Lord. They love Kenley's outfit. Heidi calls the girl a mini-me. hee. I think there was a hidden insult in there somewhere from Frau Seal. OK Joe's outfit was ugly but how unprofessional is Kenley laughing away at him?

Nina is icy cold to Suede. Suede, your blue hair must be feeling positively glacial now.

Dear lord, if Kenley wins, her ego will be out of control. It will flood the work room and the other designers will be crowded into a tiny corner. Tim might have to use a knitting needle to pop it and rescue them.

And I'm betting Joe goes home, and Suede will stay in by the skin of his third person teeth.

Oh, thank Eru that Jerrell won.

Yep, Joe is goner.

Oh, looking forward to next week. Veronikenley gets her comeuppance!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book Club

My book club is an interesting collection of people with quirky taste in literature. The woman hosting this month has turned us on to some different types of work. First was House of the Scorpions, which was an interesting YA novel about clones grown and harvested for organs. The next was "Truck: a Love Story," by a humor writer living in backwoods Wisconsin, working as a paramedic and restoring one of those International Harvester trucks. She's a librarian by profession, so knows about books others might miss.

This time she had us read The Book Thief, another YA novel. I kept forgetting to buy it and finally got it a week before the club, only to discover to my dismay that it was 500+ pp. I wasn't keen on the subject -- a little girl growing up in WWII Germany. I mean how many books about WWII can one read? But this was pretty amazing. Oh the writing, and the characters and the vivid images therein. One character has lemon hair and another eyes the color of the swamp.

I haven't quite finished it because I'm dreading the end. More traumatic than the bombing of Dresden in Slaughterhouse Five, I just know.

Just Do It

So I thought I was lucky to do 9.5 miles this weekend and it turns out I did 10.5. Whoot. I was going to gripe about my mental block about getting to 10 until I tracked my route on google maps. Did I mention I love google maps?

Of course I was soaked to the skin by the time I got home. Took a little runner's trots break at FDR Memorial and oooh, the expression on the faces of the two women tourists chit-chatting as I came out of the stall and washed my hands. Damp hair sticking out everywhere, bright red face and wet clothes and shiny bare arms, plus the clutsy fuel bank and mismatching shirt and shorts. They looked like, OK back away slowly from the crazy person.

Went the lazy route up Louisiana Ave instead of trying the uphill Capitol route. Doing 10 miles was enough this time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Capitol Hill -- I rule

Not only did I do a seven mile run this morning, (Hi Abe, how ya doing?) but I made it up Capitol Hill, past the oak tree, past the trailer, past the security guards! I did not stop running until I got home. w00t.

Now for 10 miles on Saturday.

Judges on crack Part II

Whole lot of ugly emerged from this episode. Not just the outfits but the attitude. The designers this season have a whole lot of 'tude and not much talent to back it up.

Of course, the person who had been my fave before went crashing off her pedestal. Oh, Terri, how could you? Yeah, I know it must be frustrating to knock out great outfit after great outfit and have the judges ignore you, but no reason to be bitter.

Yes, Keith is a load. I mean, "be gentle, I'm still fragile." Oh please, get over yourself, Keith. What a perfect nightmare blend of insecurity and ego.

But nonetheless, there was no reason not to put him to work. He has better taste in prints than Kenley after all. (Welcome to the jungle, anyone?)

So Terri showed her ugly. I still think the judges should have kept her. Yeah, she showed bad attitude, but not much worse than Kenley's. Kenley's ego was bigger than those ludicrous balloon sleeves. In fact someone need to pop that hot air of hers. What disrespect to Heidi at the party about boobs. Heidi? Hello? Does Victoria's Secret mean anything to you Kenley? If anyone can talk about location of boobies, it's Miz Seal.

She also mixed it with MK and ninagarcia -- not a wise move. Only Santino has done that, and Kenley, darling, you're no Santino.

I thought Suede's looked cheaper than Terri's. The shiny satin pants ill-fitting at the crotch and tight fitting at the ankles. Shades of Rod Stewart and MC Hammer on opposite ends of the 80s gives me flashbacks not in a good way.

The perfect team appeared to be Stelluh and Tanilicious. And what a hideous monstrous disaster they sent down the runway. Granny panties, indeed. As annoying as the -licious stuff was, Blayne was rather sweet. He didn't seem very malicious and when he wasn't trying too hard to be a "personality" he was cute. But he needed to go.

OTOH, the winner. I adore Miss J, but come on. He seems to love gold metallic tops.

Joe's, I hate to admit, had a pretty fabulous look, probably courtesy of Daniel. It looked rather Minoan, appropriate for a horoscope. Leanne's was near perfect avant garde. But could they really give it to her a third time. Something about Korto: she's one of the few designers to think about how it looks in the back as well as front.

Miss J is quite the salesman, so maybe he convinced some drunk former contestants.

But I'm bummed that Suede is showing at Bryant Park tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hains Point -- No more Awakening

On Sunday, I went for a 9+ mile run. I made 8 miles without stopping! Tried to do 10 but just ran out juice despite the Gatorade and the nasty Power goop.

But I chose to run the length of Hains Point for the first time since the Marine Corps Marathon going on three years ago. The Awakening is gone. It was the perfect sculpture for the location, a large green swath facing a wide portion of the Potomac. Some so-and-so moved it to his fancy new hotel complex in Prince freaking George County. Now the point looks...well...boring and empty. Reviews I've seen say the Awakening doesn't look quite right in the midst of that artificial complex.

Maybe some other eccentric millionaire will donate a bizzarely appropriate sculpture to replace it and stipulate that the NPS cannot sell this time.

A girl can dream as she shuffles around the point.

Edited to add: I knew the Awakening was gone. It's just the first time I'd seen the point since it moved to its new home.

Project 5.9

Well I'm going to have process this. I am torn between joy at one ouster and slack-jawed disbelief at the other. WTF?!

Will blog about the show after I watch a second time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway 5-8 -- Meow

The claws really come out this episode. Terri is getting really hit. She'd need a dose of antibiotics, some Neosporin and bandaids if they were real cats. Yes, she does a lot of pants. but others do a lot of skirts. As long as the looks differ on the runway...

To answer Blayne, hello, generation gap. I don't care what Mary Kate Olson ever does. She does, however, need to eat a sandwich.

Kenley, the original Mean Girl, is showing a softer side, crying over getting to work with Diane. And I noticed she helped Stella with her fabrics. For all her tough persona, Stella always needs help. I noticed as designers are jumping and knocking fabrics off the shelf, there was a stepladder right behind them.

Loved Stella's comments about Rachel Zoe. About sums it up. Joe is joining the Mean Girls club. He can't talk about queens anymore. That was two-faced -- oh, it looks nice to the face, gagging motions to the back.

Leanne's spy routine was silly but cute.

Joe's design, ick ick ick.

Leanne: Goooorge. us.

Terri: OK. not super.

Korto: Looks great. Very DVF with that pattern. The yellow is lovely.

Blayne: In your dreams, Bucko.

Jerrell: Not pretty.

Stella: The usual vest. The cape is silly. The pants seem ok.

Kenley: Not feeling the dress. It's more shanghai than Joe's though.

Dracula, oh, Stella. And Michael gets to trot out the insane crotch observation.

And he gets to trot out the dressed in the dark gibe to Suede. Favorite bon mots of Michael!

Leanne's dress gorgeous so she deserved the win. I hate to admit it, but I thought Joe should have been aufed. His outfit was gag-worthy. One thing about Stella, she was a vivid personality and true to herself.

Tim, shame on you for the eye roll after giving her a nice bye-bye. I think that's a clash of perspectives.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Run, run, run away

I've been running regularly lately in training for the Army 10 Miler. I cannot wait for the unending construction at the Capitol to end so I can vary my route around it a little more. The worst part of my route is the return -- it is an uphill slog no matter what. Some routes are more subtle hill climbs, such as heading toward Union Station on Louisiana Avenue and veering right on D. Others are steeper. One of these days I'll pass that durned oak tree to the north of the Capitol building without having to stop and breathe.

I've also fallen in love with google maps. You can choose a walking option for a route instead of trying to guess if your mileage is right from the driving route. It also lets you drag the route to more accurately reflect the little pathways you're using.

Sometimes it fouls up. For instance, it couldn't seem to recognize US Capitol as what it is, even though it could register Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial and FDR Memorial.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Drag Project Runway 5.6

This is the best episode so far. So many great lines. These ladies could offer a few lessons to the regular models about working the runway. Just as the women of the WWWF last season.

"Tim, call me!" I didn't catch who said that. Was it the flirtatious Ann Margaret Varla Jean? Or Sugar? or Hedda Lettuce?

Stella: "Blayne is really cute but he knows nothing." Keith: "I'm Annoyedalicious. " Leanne: "even licious is licious. If I hear that word one more time I'll barf and then I'll be Barfalicious." Really Blayne, you're no Christian.

Kev..., I mean Joe really knows how to work that bra, doesn't he? and maybe he has an appreciation now of what his wife suffers wearing one, considering the agony he showed taking it off.

Oooh, both Jerrell and Suede are getting loser edits. Suede is using third person less.

"I'm gagging at the silver sequins across the room," quips Sugar.
"sugar isn't very sweet," responds Henley.

Wow...seeing the drag queens out of drag was a it my imagination or is Varla pretty hot as a he? She made a great suggestion, too, about the sailor collar. "Don't ask, don't tell." Hee. actually the male persona looks like a former Navy man. Korto's guy looks like a normal schlub. So does Blayne's.

It's a peradactyl out of a Gay Jurrasic park....and Blayne takes it as a compliment! Oh dear, I'm feeling a twinge of like for Blayne. nooooooooo.

Forget the other loser edits. Daniel disregarding Tim's advice, plus ignoring the very skeptical look on Chris' face. It looks like a lovely dress, which isn't the point.

Keith's "Wookie Onesie," (I love me some Jerrell cat talk) and great imitation of a Wookie voice by Blayne....

Kenley -- booooring.

Varla --- oooh my, when she turned around, something for the ladies...and considering the PR/Bravo audience, men! Nice...assets.

Terri -- Definite wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson. If that had been a real woman, she'd be banned from the Super Bowl.

MK has been on fire this season. "sad chicken." SOmething my aunt would wear to a bar mitzvah.

You know, LeMay bears a dramatic resemblence to Liza Mizzelli. Maybe Jerrell shouldhave gone something Cabaret.

if i did something sparkly i would have thrown up. oh Daniel. I'm not gay and I get it, why don't you.

hello, draaaag.

Well Rupaul must have brought a breath of fresh air to the judges because I agreed with their decisions. Go Ann Margaret. Au Revoir, Whiny Droopy Daniel of the Good Taste.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway 5.5

This year's judges seem to be a parade of celebs instead of fashion experts. I'm a wee bit disappointed.

It was obvious Daniel and Blayne were getting the loser edit so I was a bit surprised when Kelli was tossed. I thought either of them should have gone first, quite frankly. Probably Blayne because he was the leader.

And once more disagreed with the judges on the winner. I think this was a Brooke Shields' call. I preferred Jerrell's and (shudder) Stella's. Maybe this will inspire Stella to break out of her rock n roll mode. Sherri Osbourne, really?

The other outfit was soooo 80s. I think that Shannone has a lot to do with who is the winner because she really knows how to work an outfit. If I were the other designers, I would so be trying to steal her.

Guess Jerrell's was kind of 80s too. 80s seem to be back. Better than the 70s phase.

Edited to add:
Watched it again so random notes.
  • Jerrell was a sweetheart to Stella when she was chosen last. He went up in my estimation.
  • Korto rocked when she gave Joe hades for not speaking up sooner. She was so right -- she has immunity so Joe would lose if he played passive aggressive games.
  • Terri's riff about Suede was obscene but hilarious. And Suede acted almost normal. Only referred to Suede once.
  • Stella's expression when Brooke pointed out that a corset wouldn't work in an office was priceless. Total incomprehension.
  • Kelli's outfit was really ugly and "slutty, slutty, slutty," but Daniel is a whiny loser when he only worked half-assed on it. Way to undermine, bucko.
  • Is Kenley evil or just la-la? Did she deliberately try to undermine Keith with that hideous print that looked like a wicker couch pattern? (Keith showed some iron in rejecting it. Tim probably helped) The darlinks at Project Rungay were spot on that she should be glad to get paired up with the polite Mormon boy. As they put it, Korto or Terri wouldn't put up with her crap -- she would be a smear on the floor with a flower in the middle. Did she try to undermine Daniel by bursting out in laughter when he went into his tiresome high-end spiel on the runway? Kenley claims that the situation just struck her as funny -- Daniel sweating and Michael Kors' facial expressions. uh huh.


Back from vacation. It was great. The b and b, the Blue Water House Inn, was the perfect place to stay. Only two blocks to the beach and a ten minute walk into town. We only used the car once while we were there. Which was great because the stress of getting home was a bit much. A tractor trailer careened off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge after some teenager fell asleep at the wheel and veered into the way of the poor truck driver, who was killed by the accident.

The inn was perfect also because it was on stilts and had a wraparound porch. Each room on that floor had a piece of the porch. you could be private or choose to chat with your neighbors. We also had a hammock as our extra. Another room had a swing and the other two corner rooms had Adirondack chairs. Middle rooms just got the standard cafe table and two chairs (yes, we got that too). The place also treated you as grownups. You could borrow forks or plates or bowls and return them. We ended up hanging out part of Sunday afternoon in a turret room where you had a 360 degree view of the surf, sand and land as the storms rolled in.

We also went to Cape May, famous for its cute Victorians. They were ok. The place was too touristy, whereas Lewes was cutely historical but not overwhelmingly touristy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Runway 5.4

So I was happily packing away for our beach outing when I realized it was 9;45 and I was missing Project Runway! Oh no!
I caught the tail end. Then thought I could watch at 11 -- no such luck. Bravo had on that lame take my ex-fiancee, please, show.

Woke up at 2 a.m. and watched then. Sometimes insomnia comes in handy. Liked Korta's, liked Joe's though didn't like his attitude. Take a chill pill, dude. Daniel's attitude was so bad I thought he should go home instead of Jennifer. I was disappointed that -- considering she lives in Italy -- we didn't get to know her better. Why didn't the producers give a little of her bio and saved Korta's undoubtedly fascinating life story for later? After all she's going to be here for two more episodes at minimum. Jennifer's outfit actually was cute, unlike Daniel's, even though it wasn't appropriate for this contest.

Also liked Terri's. I'm developing a girl-crush on her.

Stella keeps hanging on. God knows why. Ditto Blayne.

Daniel's dress did look blue to me in the workroom though it looked purple on the runway. Hey Daniel, if Tim tells you that Wonder Woman is not a bad look for an Olympic athlete, and one of your know-it-all colleagues tell you it isn't, listen to Tim next time, m'kay?

Jerrell's might not have been that bad if it weren't for the bizzarro hat.

Of course, this is based on an insomniac, half-drowsy haze, so who knows how accurate my first impressions are.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy anniversary to us

This is S' and my first paper anniversary. And this is what he got us.

Kathleen McCloud is one of our favorite artists.

project runway 5.3 -- judges on crack

I ranted and raved after the judges issued their edict and somehow never blogged. But all I can say is "what were they thinking????!!!!" Then somehow I forgot to post the blog I carefully composed as I trudged the nine blocks to the Metro.

First, Kenley should have won last week and didn't. Then she wins this week for something with a purple goiter and a beach towel/hawaiian shirt motif. Whaaaaa?

Second, finally they recognize Terri's talent. But this was not my fave of her designs. I kind of liked the idea, especially the back. but somehow pants and dress don't look that great.

Finally Leanne designed something gorgeous and she doesn't win. What the heck?

As far as the losers, I think I can live with it. I might have picked Keith, except he does have beautiful arms. He's Keith of the heavenly arms. Jennifer's really should have lost because not only was it matronly and ugly, it wasn't well made. At least Emily's was kind of cute underneath the neon ruffles.

Meanwhile, Blayne makes out like a serial killer. Jerral finally shows some sewing chops, only designing an evening gown instead of a night on the town outfit but a scary tendency to wear facial masks, and Stella does leathah. And shows her incompetence at electronic gadgets. I think I want to call her whinella because that's all she does otherwise.

And holla atcha boy, dear Tim.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway 5.2

Greeen! It's a great idea, but do they really need to combine it with having the models pick the material? If they had given the designers more time, maybe they could have dyed hemp in interesting colors instead of shiny baby poop brown. At least we get to see more of the models -- they're usually so anonymous. Last season they were really lousy.

Stella is the biggest whiner. Actually the whole group is whiny.

Stella: "Whine, whine, whine, whiiiiine, urban, whine." At the beginning of the last show, Stella, didn't you say you wanted to break out of your leather mold? So much for that. "More whine."

Oooo, Blayne, you are so not funny. Darthalicious, ark, ark ark. How many nights did you stay up thinking about that lame line?

Suede likes to talk in third person. Moo finds it very annoying. So does prime human, Lou. Leanne is so funny. Now I'm cheering for Leanne even though I can' tell her from Jennifer, Emily or Kennley. "Leanne likes Suede but Suede needs to stop talking in third person." Too true.

Tim is giving cogent advice again, but I'm not seeing the charm of Suede's creation. And Leanne is getting a loser edit. Whenever someone disregards Tim's advice it's the harbinger of doom.

I hate to admit it but the leather exchange between Steeeellaaaa and Blayne was amusing. The first time Blayne was being real. He's still too orange.

Tim is being drill sergeant again. Is he impatient with this crew?

Jerrell was funny: team ugly brown fabric was an amusing observe.

Just about every dress was short, short, short. Guess models aren't good at estimating fabric needs.

I loved Terri's dress and I can't believe she once more was ignored by the judges. Hope it's a Michael Knight thing.

New words to live by: Shiny tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap.

OK Suede's turned out better than I expected, so Tim showed his unerring eye. I liked Kennley's much better. And I don't understand why Whinella is up there.

Poor Korte. Nina loved her so much last week and now she's so disappointed. Wesley "shorts" dress looks pretty hideous. It looks badly sewn, so maybe Leanne will live to see another day.

Ick Suede won. Third person talk will rule for another episode. But he was sweet to Korte when she came back.

Leanne looks 16 as Heidi tells her her outfit looked like a school project.

Poor Wesley. He did look as though he had potential, but oh well.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jury Duty Part II

Was just describing this to S. I said being a juror was like playing blindman's buff. That's exactly how I felt. Or the blind men with the elephant.

Jury Duty

So after 10 years of living in DC and being called for jury duty, the last two times, I actually got put on trials.

And based on those two experiences, I have to say there must be a lot of questionable lawyers in DC. The first case was someone who refused to move out of a house that was foreclosed and bought by someone else. The buyer sued the previous owner to evacuate the premises. The case left us jurors with more questions than answers. We ended up voting to evict the previous owner, but the new owner's attorney certainly didn't completely settle our questions. And if the previous owner had a better attorney, he may well have won. Or maybe lawyers in civil cases are so busy obfuscating the facts that they leave jurors full of contempt. Maybe the guy didn't have a case.

Now, this second case. A slip and fall. It ended up settled, so the jury didn't have to do a thing. Lucky for everyone. The case was pathetic. The cement stairs crumbled underneath the guy as he came down them and he broke his leg. Then he suffered an infection and had to have his leg amputated. The defense tried to throw up smoke screens. The man didn't have a great relationship with the mother of his children and they had lots of arguments. She swore out a warrant for his arrest, so the guy was dodging the police by going down those stairs. They also threw in the remote possibility he might be drunk. And that it was not well lit. They even questioned why he didn't come straight down the hill instead of using the stairs (because there was a 10-foot retaining wall. did they even do their homework?!) The question still remained: did the stair crumble? Pictures were taken, but we weren't shown them. And despite his possible shadiness, the fact remained: if the stairs were in bad shape, the victim could have been a 10-year-old running down them and having them crumble. So did they crumble? That's what we wanted to know.

The witnesses, including the plaintiff himself, were ill-prepared. The one witness we would have liked to have seen was only on videotape. Actually they should have had other witnesses, such as, oh, a building inspector, research on DC codes, etc.

The defense appeared not to have any witnesses. Not that we knew because they never presented. We spent more time staring at the walls in the jury room than in the courtroom. After the plaintiff rested, we erupted in the jury room with whaaaat the -----???? One very funny juror said, "I could have done a better job."

But we still felt sympathy for the guy and may very well have ruled in his favor, depending on the defense. But it wouldn't be because of his attorneys, who clearly did as little preparation as possible. It didn't even seem as though they had the plaintiff -- or his relatives -- review their own damned depos.

OTOH, I have to say the courtroom staff, judge and clerk, were wonderful in both cases. I rather thought the judge in this case was trying very hard to keep his temper in check. The previous case's judge was marvelously patient with the ineptitude. I wonder how much time these judges have to spend working through incomplete, shoddily put together cases.

And both juries I served on were full of amazingly smart people. It gave me faith in the people who actually serve on these things.

So if it isn't ineptitude, if it is just plain trying to hide facts from the jurors, dear personal injury attorneys, you're causing citizens to lose respect for you and your profession.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Runway 5.1

So it begins, the final season on Bravo -- and I'm soooo worried about the move to Lifetime. You know it might not be so bad to move to LA or Lifetime because apparently it's trying to become more hip. But the Magical Elves won't be involved and some reality tv producer who is more known for sleeze is taking over. So I'm not optimistic. And the darlings over at Project Rungay report a vile rumor about the finale judge that, if true, is a big giant FU to Weinstein.

On to the show.

I didn't take notes, so some of the designers are a blur -- especially since Bravo kept them under wraps until Monday. But of the designers not in the top 3 or bottom 3, I was impressed with Terri and her mop crochet, the woman who made the paper towel dress, and the married guy with the pasta dress. The married guy I think of as Kevin II -- straight and bearded. The paper towel dress girl I couldn't identify in a police lineup. All those little twentysomething girls became a big blur.

They could have made a triple elimination and I wouldn't protest. All three designs were h-i-d-e-o-u-s. I felt for Jerry...but those gloves, those galoshes, that gauze. Stella was pretty defeatist. If she spent as much time in her design as she did futzing about the trash bags, she might have done something cool. And Blayne is tiresome -- and tangerine orange. As Robin Givhan of the WashPost said, he's Christian without the talent. Heidi was right. Butt ugly.

Of the finalists, I thought Koti (sp?) made the final three because she actually used produce. I loved Daniel's innovation and thought he pulled it off really well. Kelly's -- loved the skirt, hated the top. Have to say that I was wowed by the back and the way she used notebook clasps as her hooks. That was innovative. Either one winning was fine. Was it me, or was Nina less...incisive this time?

Overall, a good intro, except there are just too many designers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Battle Star Galactica Finale 08

Hmmm. I didn't get a good glimpse but...was that the Jefferson Memorial? or something else.

The way to earth -- don't think these guys know. Are the cylons in for a big sorry surprise. Dream on Anders.

So Tory wants to give in to her cylon feelings. also, surprise, surprise.

So who is number 5? and why does D'Anna know there's only four? and what does it mean that she's been in communication?

And this really is the last eppy until 2009. Dang.

This is the Tory bitch we saw who killed Callie. I'm just a wee bit bummed that it's the lone female cylon who fully embraces her dark side. eru. what does this mean about Kara?

I have to say, Tighe is cool beyond words. Airlock them? That'll learn D'Anna. hah! Will Bill go along? Will Anders and Chief? And Tighe sounded so proud of it. The teeth gritting of Adama wasn't in reaction to Tighe confessing and him attacking. Then again Tighe gives in pretty quickly on giving the names of the other cylons.

And Baltar is being a good guy?!!! Of course using his b.s. artistry. I mean last week he even tried to convert a centurion and that was pretty hilarious. He's definitely my favorite character because of all his sleezy survivalist glory.

These three fracking cylons gave us earth. Tighe shows some suicidal tendencies, doesn't he? And actually some good acting because Anders and Chief also look relieved to be found out.

And Lee is acting pretty presidential.

So all the celebration and there has to be a catch. A nuclear winter? is this really earth?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef 4 Finale

Will the wicked witch die? Will a woman finally win TC? Will Richard Blais plow determinedly to win not just a car but 100K?

We find out! What is Gail shocked that Richard says?

Yeah, you sure did get here by the skin of your teeth, Ms Lisa "Wendy Pepper" Fernandes!

Eric Ripert, I love Eric Ripert. Anthony Bourdain throws his name around a lot. I just like looking at him.

If April of Spotted Pig is who I think it is, she's a hero to other chefs...according to Bourdain, again, and I think Heat.

Smart girl, Stephanie. Eric Reeepaaare looks as though he's gaining weight, though. Obviously not going out and dancing to techno music to all hours of the night (per Bourdain -- hey I just got through reading a book of his, so I am going to be quoting him heavily.)

Yeah, Lisa, what a professional. Can only cook when you're happy.

Oh, ugh. I'm really going to hate it if Lisa brings on her game at the finale after fracking up all season long. C'mon, guys, this is Top Chef and unless her food is all that much better, she hasn't shown herself much of a leader!

And I hate that the show has manipulated me into hating her so bad.

Uh, oh, the other shoe drops. No more celeb sous chef.

Shite, Lisa is getting the winner's edit. Won't be watching repeats again if she is.

Steph is so getting the loser's edit. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh don't know if I can continue watching.

Shew. Steph wins the first round. Richard went back to his overcomplicated stuff.

Uh oh. Lisa's getting lots of praise.

uh oh. Steph's leeks bad.

Richard looks like he's coming in third.

Steph's getting lots of praise for dish 3. Richard is definitely number 3. depends on dessert!

Richard is doing something he's done before...

It's definitely between Steph and Lisa. Pleeeeeeeeaaaase not Lisa! I disliked Tiffani but I'd vote for her way before Lisa. Whatever you could say, she was very talented.

Shite, if they think Lisa took the first, then she's won. heck, hades, hack,

Lisa's winning, that's obvious. don't know why they're dragging it out.

There will be rotten tomatoes flung at Bravo if they're coming to the decision they are obviously coming to. So why the hell did they give her such a villain edit since they knew she was going to win? It's more fun to have the controversial person win? Taking Hung to the next degree? You know, even though he was a donkeyhole, he so obviously loves being a chef that no one really minded him winning. Everyone will mind Lisa winning.

Oh, thank Eru. The editors were playing with us. Stephanie wins!!! yay!!! Her dessert must not have been that bad. I bet we'll see interviews with Lisa tomorrow saying she wuz robbed. The female version of Harold, the highest class person who won consistently, earned the Title of Top Chef.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Top Chef finale Part I

Loved the steak eppy in previous season and I wish they had had more challenges like that this season. There were waaaaay too many team challenges this season. I noticed that with Project Runway as well. And I learned something about scallops. And my second least-favorite person left. Didn't like Dale either, but did believe he deserved to be in final four. I can't believe Lisa is there.

Lisa looks better with short hair. Puerto Rico is getting some great free advertising. I love plantains, so cool challenge. Wow, Stephanie has never won a QF before?! She's won so many elimination challenges.

Richard made one of his rare catty remarks and it came back to bite him in the patootie. I don't know all that much about plantains, but I kinda think you are supposed to cook them, so definitely a mistake on Richard's part.

Oo, Richard is being v. negative. I thought the producers pulled a nasty trick on the cheftestants by having their sous chefs go buy the produce while they butcher. I think if I were Richard, I'd rather have Spike do the butchering.

Dale is a flake. Forgetting to put away pork belly? of course, Steph should have checked on him. but what a professional. Instead of assigning blame (Lisa, cough, cough) she works through it. I hope that works.

Rice seems to be the bane of everyone's existence.

Please, please, please let Lisa be the one that goes home. My peeps are Steph and Blais though. People like to make fun of him because he's a total dork and he's been uncharacteristically bad-mouthy, but overall he's been pretty classy. So has Stephanie. Had she been Spike, she would have paired Dale with Lisa, Richard with Nikki. I think she must have forgotten about the clash between Lisa and Andrew, was probably trying to avoid clashes. Then again, Dale was the best of the losers. How did Nikki make it that far again?

Yay! the rumors aren't true about Richard getting eliminated! yay!

I wish they had had more judge discussion about winners because you didn't get any real sense of what they liked and didn't. that actually has been a problem all season long.

Lisa has the bouncer defensive look again.

She's from South Florida? Really?

Heck, it's looking grim for Antonia. No more Lisa!

The question is will Antonia's undercooked beans and undersophisticated cooking send her home or will Lisa's panoply of mistakes?? argh.

Ack, ick, bleh, yuck, pooey. It's like Wendy Pepper of Top Chef is in the final three.

Addendum: Lisa, you are a sore, sore, sore winner. I hope you go down in flames.

Tired and sleepy

Got sick, got bronchitis, can't seem to shake off lethargy, fatigue, etc. Since it's Top Chef finale night and I'm already got that burn eye feeling, will liveblog to stay awake.

In the meantime, awesome speech from Obama, scary speech from McCain and a whaaa? speech from Clinton. I guess she needs time but dang, talk about mixed signals. I think the flaw with her campaign was illuminated last night. Obama was all about "we" and "you" and we're in this together. Her speech used I or me many, many, many times. Somebody counted Obama's as two and hers as 19. Don't know how accurate that count is, but sounds about right. Which would be more inspiring?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harold Ickes

Is lower than an earthworm. And that's an insult to earth worms. That's all I have to say about today's proceedings.

I officially now hate Clinton and the horse she rode in on. I will not contribute one effing dime to her campaign if she pulls this off.

And to think I almost voted for her -- and took all that time to weigh my decision and even went to a fundraiser.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Top Chef 4.5-6

So personalities are really starting to shine through. And Spike is most definitely a butthole. Dale is still a sour personality. So is Lisa.

In fact, there are not too many cool personalities in this set. Stephanie seems the most likeable, we've definitely seen her talent shine, so I'll probably root for her.

The weak chefs are definitely shining through too. Nicky really needs to go, though I wasn't too upset by Ryan's PYKAGing. Apparently some women thought he was looker.meh.

And Dale's crotch grabbing was definitely declasse. I don't care what a party pooper Lisa was -- that's just not called for.

So this week's challenge was a lot of fun. I'm glad they got away from the team challenges for a change. Stephanie's looked yummy. So did (shudder) Dale's. And Richard's -- pate melt. mmm.

S was all about the Gayle Sayers and Refridgerator Perry sightings. I just vaguely remember Gayle Sayers as a character from Brian's Song (we had to learn in band on the piccolo).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Project Runway news -- Oh, Dear

Hmmm. Project Runway may be moving to Lifetime Channel. What's up with that?
Sounds like a horrible idea to me. I associate Lifetime with victim-of-the-week movies. As some of the bloggers put it, are they going to swap out Heidi Klum for Blanche du Bois? Some bloggers are already noting that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors might not be returning.

Top Chef 4.3-4.4

I haven't felt like live blogging. Sometimes you just want to savor something instead of having to think at the same time. Plus my live blogs just don't feel very witty or well written.

At any rate, I'm crushed that Memo had to leave last week. I was rooting for him because he was an interesting character in Bill Buford's memoir, Heat. Now I must get that book back from the sister so I can re-read those parts. I vaguely remember him being patient and helpful to Bill. He seemed the most "grown-up" of the people on this round, so that's probably why he was cut so quickly. Certainly it should have been Spike. But Manuel set an example of how classy a departure can be.

The talent pool must be strong this year. Richard Roeper commented that the judges seemed a bit nit-picky. Well, if all the food is good, then you have to be! and that must be a good position for the judges to be in. I loved the concept for this challenge and thought there was so much more the chefs could have done with it. Guess that's what happens when you're in panic mode.

I'm losing interest in Zoi. What a sore loser. Richard has been pretty classy and helpful to people, so what's with the cheap shots about that dish. Other cheftestants, iirc, have done wasabi and white chocolat before. OTOH, Andrew is also working on my last nerve. The insult on Dale, who --hello! -- just won the quickfire. then that oompaloompa thing. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed. and then tapioca, balsamic caviar again? aren't you guys getting a bit one note?

Re the epi before that: all I can say is -- have none of these people ever heard of potato salad?


I've been working crazy hours and trying to get gym time in, so haven't really felt like blogging. We also just finished our kitchen, so it took a while to set it up. Then my friend J came to town on her way to London and Paris, so the weekend got sucked up with that. When the big conference is over this year, I'm going to c-h-i-l-l.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top Chef 4.2

So I didn't get to blog last week because I was in California.

Quick impressions from last week and boy is it hard with 16 people. Of the guys, Erik may look like someone you wouldn't meet in a dark alley but is a big softie, Ryan is arrogant, Andrew gets my vote for most likely to go postal. I also want Bret and Jermaine to come by and say hello, mate, to Mark.

The women seemed stronger talents this time, but still didn't make that much of an impression as far as personality -- except maybe Stephanie with her shaking hand, her Yoda backpack and sweet smile when she won. About the couple: I wish they'd explain how that's supposed to work considering the no noogie rule.

Going to the Green Market! Since the meat was frozen you'd think that the chefs would come up with vegetarian type dishes, but they seemed pretty determined to get that protein in there.

Mark was definitely getting marked as a winner or a loser with forgetting his bag of lettuce but he seemed to pull it off. Didn't sound that appetizing and I guess they must have been at the market when peaches were in prime because a lot of people seemed to incorporate them. Mark seemed to follow the Anthony Bourdain decree from Kitchen Confidential: butter and then some more butter. Guess it's a winning ingredient.

What I'm liking about Richard is he takes risks. though eucalyptis sounds kind of gross. And Wylie Dufresne wasn't impressed, despite the molecular connection. Wylie looks more a mad computer geek figuring the best way to hack into Microsoft than a superstar chef. Figures he's a molecular gastronomist, though he seemed fairly humble about the whole thing.

Vultures, Lions and Bears, oh my. And penguins and gorillas too. But beets and lions, really? Not in the wild, surely, even if that's what the zoo feeds them. and what is up with insisting on protein when gorillas are vegetarians? I know gourmet chefs tend to be down on vegetarian dishes, but come on.

Looks like a lot of macho buttholes this year. Dale is a charmless, too intense Hung. Well, Hung was pretty intense too, but he had a goofy side.

Manuel is so low-key. Is he holding back? Apparently Bill Buford of Heat fame worked with him at Mario Battali's Babbo's and says he should take it home. He doesn't seem to be standing out so far.

I wish the editors weren't so obvious. Valerie, Stephanie and Nikki were getting the loser edits. Argh, the women on the bottom again. It was looking hopeful last week when three of the four winner noms were female and three of the four loser noms were male.

Andrew seemed downright mellow this ep. Maybe he didn't drink as much coffee. But I would have voted for Mark. Fresh anchovies, mmmmmmmmmm. Learned to love them in Spain, especially hot off the grill. Still hate the canned kind, except with judicial use in puttanesca sauce. On pizza? quelle horreur, to S's dismay.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway 4 Final Finale

What happened to our self-confident Sister Christian? And he's actually saying nice things about Rami's and Jillian's clothes?!!

It won't last, I predict.

Tim is right. Christian is overdesigning things -- a sign of youth and insecurity. And why in hades didn't Rami submit that gown with the interlocking lace for the walkoff last week? That looks absolutely stunning.

Here's Jillian, being whiny and overthinking things again. It shows how much self-doubt exists in the female of the species. Sweet P, who looked like a radical, was full of self doubt too.

Oh, the avuncular Uncle Daddy Tim. I want him as my lifetime teacher/mentor. One of the blogs posted this fabulous walkoff between Tim and Christian. His posture never flinched or slouched. Until Heidi tickled him.

Wonder what time they had to be there. 4 a.m.? 3 a.m. ? And I wonder how late the judging went?

Group hugs galore!

Sister Christian has leprachaun feet!

And he hairsprays his own hair in the midst of the stress over missing and late models.

I really, really, really liked Jillian's collection. I love her jackets and her tailoring. I want to own one of her jackets. There were a couple of looks I didn't get, but overall, good job. Hated her music. It must have been hard for the models to walk to.

Rami's was very elegant, surprise, surprise. The two dresses with the interlocking weaving were stunning. And that black gown that Nina criticized last week for the saddlebags did move down the runway like liquid.

The first thing you think when Christian's stuff went down the runway is monochromatic much? Geez, black on black on black. But it was, as Kevin put it, pretty mind-blowing and edgy. He did edit those feathered pants and plucked the feathers at Tim's advice.

So I guess it depends on what the judges want: wearable, elegant or edgy?

This was really the best runway finale they've had. Before, I've had a sense of disappointment and letdown. I liked all the collections this time.

Workmanlike is the kiss of death. Bye Rami! Huh, Jillian is the first one out. I would have guessed Rami would be first out.

Christian looks ready to cry even before they announce the winner. And he wins. His reaction is surprising given his portrayal through out the show.

You're uber-fierce, Heidi tells Christian. Quote of the day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Runway Finale Part 1

We come to it at last, the end of our sorry, channeling LOTR. PR is definitely not a geeky obsession, so must switch gears. craaaaaannnk. striiip. ruuummble. hum.

ooo. look at rami being so manly putting his own big huge suitcases into the taxi trunk.

Christian is literally living that episode from Flight of the Conchords where Bret moves into the janitor's closet. Those pants he proposed as his finale outfit make me think of goofy versions of the Magic Flute. Or maybe Big Bird. Follow Tim's advice and edit, Sister Christian.

Jillian has a great view but a bland place. But obviously she was making good money at Ralph Lauren's -- and she gave up the job. That jacket is really great though. Her mother took a fortune teller seriously? Really? I think Jillian needs to work on deepening her voice. It's just too flat and little-girly.

What's up with the cold sore on Tim's lip? One of the many travails of wintertime.

On to Rami and sunny LA. His mother looks like Jillian. hmmm.

It looks as though Rami did listen to Tim and edit his outfits a lot judging from the spoiler pictures I saw of his show. Those coats look well-made but amazingly bulky. You'd have to be 6 feet tall, but not a Nicole Kidman kind of tall. More like a Queen Latifah kind of tall to carry off those coats.

Oh Chris. Human hair, really? I'm with Tim, my gag reflex was kicking in. eww. ick. squick.
Human hair trailing in your food as you try to eat dinner. Lovely.

Campaign commercial subtly added by friend of Chris. That apartment is wild.

Note that Christian didn't introduce Tim to anyone. What's that about?

You know, that housewife from Housewives of New York is pretty annoying and they show the promo ad ad nauseum. Yeah, I never want to live in the suburbs either, but there's nothing wrong with anyone who does. Some of my favorite people live in the 'burbs. Tastes differ.

Only Rami has to fly in. The NYCers rule this season.

All huggy and kiss-kiss. Unlike other seasons.

I think Chris's designs move better than Rami's. But still, they're like Charles Addams illustrations come to life. Especially the "velvet condom" was very Morticia.

Rami's model looks a bit uncomfortable in that blue coat. The headbands look like something for babies.

The polka dot dress is very pretty. And drapy.

Chris, Sissybear to the end. what a sweetheart. The judges don't have any guts.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reunion Project Runway

What can you say about a reunion show? Most of them are pretty meh.


Rami's and Chris's comraderie. And Rami seems less stiff and much more relaxed and ...likeable...during the reunion.

The Kevin and teh gays show, showing that he has a great sense of humor and is fairly secure in his sexuality. The cherry on the chocolate sundae -- Tim's quip: "If being on Project Runway doesn't make you gay, nothing will." And later, what a gracious guy about his loss of the prom challenge, saying Christian should have stayed so everyone could see what he was capable of.

Elise. How could you not like her? She's unique and doesn't seem to have a malicious bone in her body. How cool is it that she can write backwards? And in emulation of Leonardo da Vinci, even.

Chris's laugh.

Michael's laugh. He reminds me of my dad that way. You can be watching the most terrible comedy with Dad but end up in stitches because his laughter is just too contagious.

Jillian's gift of mimicry. Her Heidi is just about as good as Santino's Tim. To say nothing of her imitation of Christian primping his hair. The little wrestling match they had was cute. Why didn't the producers show this aspect of her character the rest of the season?

Fan Favorite Time: Christian looking at Chris ready to congratulate him and getting the fan favorite himself. His genuine surprise was adorable.

The rehash of Jack's MRSA. Sweet P and Elise wipe away the tears, even Chris seemed misty-eyed. But what was up with VictorYa? She looked p'd off when Jack made his announcement. And what was that mysterious tense exchange between her and Heidi, to say nothing of Tim? Whazzup with that? Was it a hint of hidden tensions? Vya seems to be friends with Jack. they didn't know Chris was coming back when Jack made his announcement so that can't be the reason. Hmmm, enquiring minds want to know.

The Ricky No More Tears montage. Oh. dear. I actually felt sorry for him during that. How humiliating. Yay for Rami by offering encouraging words.

Oh, get over yourself Carmen. What a showboater. Munch some humble pie so you realize you're not all that. What Sweet P and Kit said wasn't particularly vicious. It's not all about you, 'kay? Heidi was not picking on you in the men's wear -- they all made it clear they weren't targeting your design, that everyone's was weak.

Fan Favorite time: I like Christian, he makes me laugh, I always want to give him a quick noogie, but I'm still sad that Chris didn't get the fan favorite.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

metro males

I had to take the Metro to a meeting around 3:45 p.m. today and got a good taste of the DC male aversion to sharing a seat. I was only traveling two stops so it really wasn't that important but NINE, count 'em, nine at the very least, males of all races, classes and ages, monopolized Metro seats. Two teens sat on the outside seats, one about 16, one about 14, attached to their Ipods

Then the other five sat in various positions, blocking outer seats with their legs, their gym bags, their shopping carts.

Then again, they're not quite as bad as the suburban commuter of the species. Witness this guy blowing the stop sign at 2nd Street and E Street NE blowing the horn of his Beemer at the car cruising slowly through the blowing snow and slick residential street. He even tried to go around the oblivious tourist between E and Massachusetts. Of course, he couldn't. I felt like walking up to the intersection and rapping on the window. Of course I didn't.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yep, this works


Or rather this is the way the world seems to work. Every guy is measured by individual accomplishment, while women and minorities stand in for every member of their categories.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PR 4.11

OK who is getting the loser edit/winner edit? With five left, it could mean anything when people get to talk about how they want to win.

oh, the models again. damn. Why do this season's losing models seem downright chipper. Amanda last year was aghast and in tears.

The Met!

Geez, I'm not from New York and I could tell where they were going? And these are New Yorkers (Except Sweet P..and maybe Rami? I associate him with LA because of the Jessica Alba thing)!

oooo. work of art as inspiration. that's a fabulous idea. let's guess what Rami is going to choose? draping! that means Greek/Roman.

"let's face it, this is what Rami is going to choose." righto Chris. You're so psychic. So am I.

And Christian is going to pick the one with ruffled collar and puffy sleeves! I could be on the psychic telethon.

Styling, makeup critical. wonder what that means. But it doesn't look as though anyone is inspired by Egypt. That's so sad.

Yep Christian is doing a guy with a ruffled collar and puffy sleeves, with a color scheme of black, with some white. And Rami is doing a draped goddess, Aphrodite even. The color he picked at least looks lovely.

Rami is either going home or winning.

No, Sweet P is getting the loser edit. Oh, wait there are two losers this week.

Did Sweet P's model ever show up?

Chris, bad omen, snoozing on the job, showing overconfidence. Plus your dress, as Christian observed, looks a lot about the couture challenge. And Chris is blowing off Tim. I'm so disappointed.

I dunno, Sweet P is getting the surmounting the odds edit. My guess is Chris is definitely auf. Maybe Rami, if not Sweet P.

Now Jillian is getting the loser edit. Unfinished hem is aways a bad sign. I like Jillian's model because of her nerdy glasses and ability to sew.

Dunno that I like anything going on the runway. I'm just too bourgeois for words and fashion.

Roberto Cavalli is very complimentary about Chris' dress...but then he didn't see the original couture. His accent is so thick, the elves provide subtitles.

And of course, he loved Christian.

But Jillian got a great compliment: that he would hire her for his staff. Of course, she's on this show because she doesn't want to be on anyone's staff. So is it one of those backhanded compliments that make you grit your teeth and say thank you, or was it an honest, heartfelt compliment?

"Ballsy" Heidi says about Jillian. Even though she was fussing about the hem, when it came down the runway, it was gorgeous, it moved well. I think she does have a good model for her kind of work. Her personality for the tv camera is pretty blah, but her stuff has been consistently good. Well, denim excepted.

Chris might eak by because Cavalli loves his stuff.

I have to say, everytime Rami's dress comes down the runway, it is just too gorgeous for words. It's just not original thinking.

So it comes down to: safety or artistry?

Christian wins. So you think the ego would be ballooning. However, he was sweet to Jillian when she came in. And even sweeter to Sweet P when she came in as the loser.

Deadlock. I'm betting the rest of the judges leaned toward Rami and Cavalli was adamant about Chris.

And what about that twist? Was it good or bad. I must sleep on it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I did it -- I voted for Obama today. I'd been leaning toward him but wavering a bit. Several things finally nudged me completely into his camp. The final straw was Clinton's refusal to answer George Stepanopoulos' question about whether her plan would entail garnishing wages three times. Answer the damn question.

I thought about writing a whole long treatise about why I'm supporting Obama but I'm too tired. The best-written one was by hilzoy of Obsidian Wings, so I'll just borrow hers.

First Amendment issues
play hugely. But more importantly, when he talks about working with Republicans, he's not talking about triangulation or Third Way, but finding genuine ways to work together.

PS On the experience front, I'm not completely happy with Clinton's "35 years" of experience. I want to know what policy meetings she sat in on, what suggestions and advice she made or had, and what negotiations she opened while touring other countries as her husband's representative.

And the experience thing doesn't sell to me anyway. One of the best presidents we ever had (and he was from Illinois) had one failed term as a Congressman when he was elected as President.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PR 4.10

I loved every moment of this tickety tack episode. This was a lot of fun. Some designers got in touch with their inner costume designers (well, at least one never lost touch with his.) And I even agreed with the judges.

Live Blogging:

Oh God, I'm agreeing with Sister Christian again. auggggh, what's wrong with me? But Ricky is indeed a hot mess. But at least Ricky finally showing a feisty attitude instead of blubbering, to the camera anyway.

10:05 pm. Jill, the back of your top is too low. It is not fashion to see your back bra strap, even if Madonna made it cool in the 80s. Buh-bye to another one of the forgettable models of this season.

Tim takes the designers down an elevator to a little room of horrors. He had such a sly look on his face when he opened the door. Was it a sly, I-find-this-rather-amusing look? or was it a I-can't-believe-I'm doing this look? Grandpa Tim, I'm sure you can work the ropes.

When they were watching the divas wrestling, Ricky looked a little turned on.

Spandex House? really!

No cellulite on those bodies. Wonder how many weights they lift a day. Boobs look a little unreal on a couple. How do they keep their makeup intact? I mean, they must sweat.

Sister Christian lets out one great quip after another. He's as obnoxious as he can be, but at least he keeps you laughing.

Our tv must not have good color. I can't see the green in the leopard print and I can't see the pink in Rami's. It looks red.

Sister Christian has met his muse. I knew he was going to pick her when she called herself leather and lace. She does seem pretty fierce. Maybe she inspired him to his arm wrestling match with Sweet P.

Sweet P is panicking again. Deservedly so. She should be a reporter, because she seems to work better at the last minute. This might not be salvageable. Then again Ricky's looks ticky-tack. Sister Christian is all arrogant, but he did let Ricky have the snap. Not without a smackdown comment to the camera. What was it? Oh. It still won't be that great.

Actually I might give SC the benefit of the doubt here. He seemed pretty upset at Kit's aufing and might be mad at Ricky about that. Note that later in the epi he gives Sweet P some help and even kind of concedes that she managed to salvage something of her lousy costume.

Rami looked really uncomfortable with the whole thing. Chris put it best: there might be more interest if we were designing for men. He was looking straight atcha, Rami. Bubble gum pink and Barbie, really, Rami?

The quips were definitely coming fast and furious this episode, which is why I enjoyed it. The super personas of Sweet P, Chris and especially Christian. Ferosha Coutoura and her hairspray.

Nina and Michael K definitely seemed a little out of their element during the catwalk run. And Michael fessed right up.

"I feel like the Pope at a sex club."

Christian's is indeed very fierce. But Sister, you don't need to take it personally when the judges praise someone else before you. Jillian's was very cute and clever, too. (though I'm beginning to believe electric blue is the way to Nina's heart.)

Chris's was very clever, too. But then again it is his bailiwick. Loved his thoughtful "wish I could wear it" as his diva worked the runway.

Speaking of Nina, that was a very frosty expression of disapproval from Ms. Garcia. I wonder if Rami's extremities were feeling numb and blue as he trudged off the runway.

Shocker! Chris wins. I thought Sister Christian had it sewn up.

And Ricky leaves with a shred of dignity this time. No more tears.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Community activism

So I went to another community meeting last night, this one our neighborhood association's. Mayor Fenty was supposed to be there but there was this other little event a few blocks away. Perhaps you've heard of it? Something called the State of the Union.
Because Fenty was supposed to be there it was standing room only, apparently not a common occurence. and I volunteered S and me to do some work for them.

So it was deputy mayor Dan Tangherlini. He's got a great dry wit, and apparently did a terrific job as DC transportation director and then Metro director. Basically the focus of the meeting was traffic issues. I asked the obligatory question about the vacant police building in our area. The city has some sort of plans. Actually I wanted to ask about maintenance, which is on the slow side. leaves piled up, snow is never shoveled, that kind of thing. I never really got to clarify since everyone else had the traffic issues.

It is true, cars barrel down Maryland Avenue. And pedestrians seem to be prey, despite DC's status as one of the most walkable cities in the country. Deputy Mayor Dan (who lives in the 'hood) promises to bring it up to Chief Lanier and see if we can get enforcement. I'll be curious to see that. I have yet to see a patrol issue tickets.

Everyone seemed happy that the issue was traffic, not crime. I have to say, the apartment building nearby worries me. I've seen this one guy hang out, even in brutal cold, and hop in random cars, go around the block and walk back. Seems suspicious, but not suspicious enough to report it. We don't know what to do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PR 4.9

Major insomnia last night, so will I make it through Project Runway tonight. I woke up at 1:30 and could not get to sleep.

Her name is not Kit! Is this an evil plot by Victorya with a y instead of an i? Or is it just exhaustion.

Ricky is whining again.

The boring models are out again. I don't understand Christian's love of his model. She has an interesting face, but straight as a board figure. The other model was unmemorable however. What is up with Heidi's T-shirt?

Field trip time! Wonder if they'll use recycled materials again?

"We are fabulous we don't need to meet anyone else," sez Tim. hee. I heart Tim.

Galoshes, boats. Chris.

Levis. Let me see -- could it be jeans? Yes, denim galore.501 jeans. white cotton.
laundry bags. Poor Chris --they have to run again. This time he's giving it a real effort. The producers are jerks. Making fun of the sissy bear.

dark denim seems to be the trend
Oh Victorya, selfish B word. You are being manipulative -- and passive aggressive again.
ricky makes his own damn hats. no matter -- they suck.

ooo is rami getting the loser edit? Sketching to relieve boredom at age 6 or 7 or 8? REally? But we know you're not American designer,

housekeeping tips from Christian and Chris. they're clashing now. Christian's head has swollen again. "It's so cute to see youth," sez Chris. "Someone needs to give him a bottle and send him to bed."

And Chris IS right -- denim is sturdy material so a damp cloth would work. Sweet P is in her 40s, she probably trusts him,

"C is like a cartoon character. If I had hair I'd want to tear it out." Good one, Rami. Maybe I'd forgive you for your treatment of Sweet P last week.

bitcn, whine, bitch, whine. but now V is getting the loser edit? Mother stories always lead that way.

The evil in Victorya is definitely coming out. first grabbing jeans from Chris, now doing a coat same as Jillian. ooh the claws have been unleashed!

Sweet P now gets some personal bio shown. Her hub looks older and rather distinguished. Was his name Sage?

Hey Christian, you and me both! Yes! maybe you're not so irritating. Ricky should go home. His stuff is boring, uninspired, and not well-made.

Ricky gives a long boring list of his accomplishments.

Chris is talking to himself.

Oh god, Tim likes Ricky's dress.

uh oh, tim is concerned about Chris's dress. Chris, you must learn, always listen to Tim!

Rami is so not going home. Zippers remind me of Jeffrey.

VYa's looking patchworky, sez Tim. Oooo could she be going home?

You're scaring me says Tim. "Happy hands granny circle" sez he. That sounds very ominous. Hippy dippy, oh no. but I'd rather Sweet P than Chris.

Tim is just not interacting with the designers this year as he has in the past. Or they're severely editing him.

Smart of Sweet P. Always listen to Tim.

Chris was being a little condescending so I'm afraid he's getting the loser edit. But Chris, you weren't listening to Tim, so obviously you're not paying attention either...

Jillian is having a meltdown. In fact most of her personality is either blah or having some sort of emotional breakdown.

OK, so I did start nodding off. My notes made no sense. In fact my comprehension of the rest of the show was completely off other than knowing who the winners and losers were.

So here are next day notes.

Jillian is whining again.

Chris is being bitchy. But Victorya's outfit does look like a jacket with some stuff sewn on that could have taken someone else two hours. Victorya says still pressed for the time.

"IF I see another tube dress I'm just going to die I'm so sick of it." Christian is so right again! Augh. What's going on that I keep agreeing with him?

Now Jillian figures out she should have edited. Right as Tim is nagging her to the runway like a mother hen.

We're nearing the end of the season. Immunity has ended.

Ricky's, gulp, is kind of cute. I like the 501 flap riff on the fron.

Love Sweet P's -- it doesn't even look denim.

Christian is so very 80s. Using sleeves for the legs was clever but only people weighing 80 pounds could wear it.

The zipper theme makes me think of Jeffry but Rami did use it in different ways.

I didn't think Ricky's was as well-fitting as they did. Oh no Ricky is crying AGAIN. Geez and they were complimentary.

Overcomplicated. Remember Amadeus. "Too many notes."

Any woman could wear it. Exactly. But the Levis doesn't like as much as the other judges. I think Sweet P would have won otherwise.

Wow Victorya admitted she wasn't inspired.

Ricky won. oh. my. fracking. god. ick. I liked Sweet P's better. And this means he might be going to Bryant Park. ick. ick. ick.

Christian looks crushed that he didn't win.

Chris looks relieved he didn't lose.

I don't believe those rumors that Victorya had a temper tantrum when she lost. I think she looked as though she was reigning in tears and that's why she didn't give her speech. I don't like her aesthetic and I think she's passive aggressive, but don't get the hate.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PR 4.8

Here I am live blogging with a blanket around my legs and a pounding head and a sore throat and nausea because I'm not wanting to eat and have been chewing drugs on a stomach full of only bread. Hope it's worth it.

Boy, the models are really unmemorable this year. I can't keep them straight. I didn't recognize Leia because her hair was so different. The only other one who's recognizable is Sam because she's a redhead. That one poor girl was screwed because they didn't style her hair. Wonder if she showed up late deliberately.

Don't blame you, Chris, for refusing the position of team leader. and look at Jillian and Victorya fighting each other for passive agressive attitude.

"If i were a diva my name would be Feroshe."Oh sister Christian, maybe you should be on teevee.

What does a trench coat have to do with rebellion or punk mohawks? I'm not getting the concept.

if I were Kit and Ricky, I would have gone for the outrageous beehive. That looked more avant garde.

"Let me finish boning her." Ricky, occasionally a flash of wit comes out. you really need to show that side of yourself more?

The ugly comes out from Rami. It looks as if he's getting all bossy.

Sister Christian is being very amusing. Loved his runway walk, he walked better than the real models!

I kind of see both sides, but Rami is definitely one of those overconfident guys who runs roughshod over other people. Sweet P's a bit of a ditherer so it's a bad combo, oil and water and all that jazz.

I cry too when I get angry, so understand where she's coming from.

Hope Chris and Chris' confidence is well earned. I'm not too sure Kit and Ricky's is. But at least they seem to be working well together, unlike Victorya and Ricky -- so maybe Ricky shouldn't get that much blame for their team interaction 3 or 4 episodes ago.

A bustle would so add something to the dress. But Rami isn't listening to P.

Hmm. an extra challenge. It seems a little unfair. Poor Sweet P. I'd hate to work with that guy.

Go team fierce!

I hate to admit it but V and J's (hee, I made a funny..vayjay) looks really awesomely avant guard, at least from the back. but looks more horsey, maybe s and m than trenchcoat.

The glimpse of Rami's yeah, definitely not out there. Showing a little lack of imagination, aren't you, dear? Don't bore Nina! Don't be a Johnny One-note, which you are in danger of becoming. Why do all your gowns cover the left breast? What's up with that?

Like Heidi's outfit, especially the belt.

The expression on Nina's face as Team Fierce's look came down the runway was priceless. You knew they would win it right then and there.

So I have to admit, although I understand how outre The Fierce Team's gown was and it is absolutely avant garde and even gorgeous, I totally loved VeeJay's look. That turned out Matrixy cool. If I were 8 inches taller, I would so rock that coat.

The judges were unfortunately correct about Kit and Ricky's look -- it was cheap looking Scarlett O'Hare in bedsheets instead of curtains. bleh. And Rami's look was typical. They gave him hell too for ignoring Sweet P and then throwing her under the bus. ha. A side of humility would go with your diet very well.

The tragedy is it will probably be Kit who is aufed, instead of Ricky even though he's there...again. ack. that's how Wendy the Wicked Witch of Loudon county ended up in the top three. I think they'll be out instead of Rami because everything was bad.

Yay Team Fierce! You rock. But I'm sorry Big Chris doesn't get to share in the glory, or the immunity,

F@#$% Ricky survives again!

Kit's probably out.

Yep, she is. Too bad, because she's the only one with a rock attitude.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Excellent point about veg-vangelism

I'm wrapping up Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and she makes an excellent point about people who think they're more ethical/moral because they're vegetarians.

"Globally speaking," she writes" the vegetarian option is a luxury. The oft-cited energetic argument for vegetarianism, that it takes 10 times as much land to make a pound of meat as a pound of grain, only applies to the kind of land where rain falls abundantly on rich topsoil. Most of the world's poor live in marginal lands that can't support plant-based agriculture." If they didn't raise chicken and goats, in other words, many of the poor in many parts of the world would die of starvation.

About vegans in particular, especially a celebrity vegan actress who "dreamed" of creating a safe haven ranch where cows and chickens would live idyllic lives:

"Wait til those cows start bawling to be milked," I warned. "Having nursed and weaned my own young, I can tell you there is no pain to compare with an overfilled udder. We wondered what the starlet might do for those bursting Jerseys, not to mention the eggs the chickens would be dropping everywhere."

She also notes that vegetarianism also kills animals. "Unaccountable deaths by pesticide and habitat removal -- the beetles and bunnies that die collaterally for our bread and veggie burgers are lives plumb wasted."