Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mountains Beyond Mountains

I'm only half-way through but it's an amazing book about an amazing man. I kept thinking: I sure as @#$^ wouldn't want to be married to him but he's still a superhero.

At any rate, the selflessness of Paul Farmer makes me want to shuck everything, train as a community health worker and go work in Haiti or something. Here's a man who graduated from Harvard. Who could have carved out a cushy life in the burbs of Boston, making a nice living and probably assuaged his conscience by making two-month trips to Haiti annually.

Then I think: could I really live like him? sleeping only three hours a day? living without plumbing or electricity? Working from 5 a.m. to late into the night every day? I am not a superhero. But I can admire people who are. And contribute to their organization. And look for more volunteer opportunities in my own community.

PS also just read a profile in the Boston Globe that ran in 2008.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

project Runway 7.2

So yay, maybe Project Runway is going to come up with more interesting challenges this season. cuz last season, they offered real snoozers. Make a pretty dress, ep. 1. Make a pretty dress, ep 4. Make a pretty dress! ep 5,6,7,8....zzzz. Really the only two interesting challenges were the newspaper challenge (go, LA Times) and the Bob Mackie challenge. And Ep 6 designers really sucked because no one, repeat no one, came up with anything half-way original for the Mackie challenge. What Chris March could've done with that. Did they never watch the Sonny and Cher show?! Guess not. Showing my age. sigh.

My mom had to wear burlap some time during her childhood. Things were that bad in the old days. But I really like this challenge concept.

And I'm surprised that no model chose Mila. When you look at her outfit, versus Miss A's, hers was actually one of my top five, or six or seven. Definitely not on the bottom, as Anthony's hideosity was.

Ok, about this "Pregnancy Pact" movie Lifetime is advertising ad nauseum. Not based on a true story. Not even close to being a true story. Some idiot assistant principal blew some smoke at a freelance reporter about a rumor flying. As rumors are wont to be, a totally false one. And the ambitious freelancer got it into a national paper. Man, were the local reporters hosed about that one.

So it looks ominous for Ping. I think it's her design that has buttocks hanging out over the runway with black bars hiding them. Then again, Jesus doesn't listen to Tim. People who don't listen to Tim don't live long on this show.

Pamela Pttttaw's dress has a pretty color. Unlike the Pepto Bismal monstrosity she sent out last week. Ben's edging ...was it Ben? I lose track when there's so many designers...did have cool edging as Tim said. No, it wasn't Ben. Anyhoo, it was looking kind of cool.

OK, it wasn't one of the guys, but Amy that had the interesting edging for the design.

Actually, initial impression is that the designers did a pretty good job translating the burlap. That's why I like these challenges -- it brings on the creativity.

I vote for Amy as the winner and to me, it's a tossup among the losers. Ping's concept was interesting, but butt hanging out! Pamela's -- despite the cool color -- was awful. Jesus' was meh.

Ben's was my least favorite of the top 3. Jesus lives. Good-bye Pam.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway 7.0

Back in the Big Apple!

I thought it would be a nice change of pace for the show to be in LA. But it's a New York kind of show. It was unbearably boring in LA. Maybe it was the sites they chose, the people they cast, but yawn, yawn, yawn. Of course, the sporadic judging by Nina and Michael didn't help.

Bet Mel loves the disparagement of Birmingham! But the guy does seem very funny, in a flaming kind of way. He'll at least be entertaining.

Something that strikes me with this season of PR and the last one: Burnham Productions seems have a lot of telegenic girls. I hope this season doesn't go the way of the last, where it felt like a lot of more daring, but not-so-attractive designers were offed by the pretty, not-so-talented ones (Logan, I'm looking at you).

Ping reminds me of the New Agey puppeteer/spitter from a previous season...Emilia? Elisa? Did she do any sewing or was it all draping fabrics around? Was she a toga wrapper in a previous life in Rome?

Jesus' outfit looks like it's pooping fabric, as Heidi would say. Wonder if it will when he gets to the runway. Tim's critique didn't sound promising.

As entertaining as Ms. A is, he has a good chance of going home. That dress looks like something from Mad Men, and not in a good way. Edited to add: that was before I saw the tumor on the side of the dress. Sorry, Ms. A, that kind of print calls for a simpler style.

I hate those naked Blue Fly ads.

Nicole Richie, ack, ick, yuck, poooeey. She's reminding me of Lindsey Lohan last season. "I liked it."

Oh, Jesus, you should have listened to Tim. Nina and Michael gave him some zingers: crocodile log, Hershey bar.

Oooo. editing. during the judging, Nina and Michael weren't as harsh to Jesus. I'm guessing, though, that it might be Christiana going home since they trashed her sewing and the design.

And oh, my sweet Lord, could Ping actually win????? Emilio was a good choice to win.

Yep, it was Christiane.

Overall, I liked the challenge and how they had to make snap decisions on the fabrics and then had to edit the choices. There's too many contestants right now to have a good handle on their talent.