Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Chef 6.12

What I love about Top Chef are the things I learn about cooking. I didn't know turducken was a ballantine. I didn't know what a ballantine was. Now I want to try it. This was a v. cool quickfire too. And I'm now officially rooting against Michael V., despite his talent. There's arrogance, and then there is Arrogance. And he's it with a capital A. And I hate all the digs at Kevin. Guess what, Michael. Tom Colicchio, the head judge for Top Chef, would rather have something cooked simply and deliciously than something gee-whiz that has no soul.

The editing on this is very ominous for Kevin. The digs by Michael. The joke from Kevin about packing his bag. The doing something he's never done before.

Thomas Keller's restaurant, French Laundry, in Napa Valley is booked up like six months in the future. J and I, when she was writing a travel article about Napa, got to eat gratis at his little bistro that had only opened a few weeks? months? before we arrived. It was excellent. I know from now becoming a foodie -- thanks Top Chef! -- that he's considered a god.

Both Brian and Jennifer are so gracious. Brian gave advice to Kevin and Jennifer helped Brian despite not having finished hers. Though I hadn't noticed that Brian has a nervous laugh. This is the first time he's been filmed this way.

See, Michael, a true pro like Thomas Keller can be firm in criticisms without being dickish about others' talent. Your Arrogance masks some insecurity. There's a Las Vegas chef who's been blogging about the competition for Las Vegas weekly and his most recent post noted the three stages of chefdom. He was focusing on Eli being in the "know it all" middle stage, but Michael still has some of it. He also says: "Mike V: the culinary world does not revolve around molecular and trick cooking. There are more comfort diners than hipster diners."

Is it editing or did they find strength and weakness in each of the dishes. So which is more important, successful cooking? Technique? Visual presentation? Even though Kevin's was tasty and cooked perfectly, it was too simple. Jennifer's was beautiful visually but other things weren't successful. Brian's had almost everything except perfect cooking.

Wow!!!! Kevin won. Yay.

The right person lost. The Four Horsemen ride on to the finals.

Top Chef last week

So I was too lazy to get my computer to blog, especially since it meant unplugging S's connection. We really need to get that new computer and get rid of that ancient hulk with the inert mouse.

Anyway, thought the elimination challenge was a fun idea, but they chose some really boring hotels. What about Caesar's Palace? The Luxor? And Robin, hello? The famous dancing fountains?!! Excalibur, Circus Circus, New York, New York, shudder. I did dislike Las Vegas. It was a grimy, grownup Disney World. Poor Latinos, probably paid pennies, trying to foist fliers for strip clubs on all men, including the ones holding their wives'/girlfriends' hands. It was a mistake to go there after Death Valley. Too much humanity and noise.

I was glad to see Robin go, though if they sent Eli home, I wouldn't have been sorry since he's such a little troll. But he does have some talent, so finally, at last, they get rid of the one person who definitely had no chance to win. Not that Eli does, though he could manage to slip into the Top 3. ugh. I was really nervous about the previews for tonight with Kevin doing something he normally doesn't. That's always a recipe for disaster. Especially when it's sous vide. Kevin, you were playing the game so well? Why would you pull a risky move now?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick lunchtime post about Project Runway

Fell asleep yet again! but woke up and turned on tv to watch it in wee hours. OK, I was sleep-blurred, so maybe my judgment off, but the judging sucked lemons big time. Gordana was robbed. that is all.