Saturday, December 29, 2007

New computer

S gave me a Macbook for Christmas. I'm sitting in the living room right now online with no wires. Never used Mac before so it's taking some adjustments, such as how to do cut and paste, how to open links in new tabs and all that stuff. But I have a feeling I'm going to love it and may even get to blog more now that I don't actually have to sit at the computer to do so.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Rapping Captain Kirk

S and I watched a pretty funny movie we had never heard of last night, called "Free Enterprise." And much like other movies where the ending made the entire movie, so did this one.

It's about some buddies who are Star Trek fans, worship William Shatner and work in the movie industry. William Shatner shows up in the movie, playing himself as an egotistical, hard-drinking blowhard who wants to put on a musical version of Julius Caesar with himself playing all the parts. I thought that part was a jab at Patrick Stewart who put on a musical version of A Christmas Carol with himself playing all the parts.

At any rate the movie culminates with Shatner rapping Marc Antony's speech at a birthday party.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Project 4.4 -- the 80s v. the 50s

Dear God, now I feel old, old, old. Back when I was in high school, thanks to Happy Days, 50s flashback dances were hugely popular. Girls would dress in poodle skirts and tight sweaters with headbands. Boys would put on white t-shirts with sleeves rolled over cigs and slick their hair into ducktails.

Well, now the 80s are getting that treatment. With even more disdain than we felt making fun of the 50s. Now I know how my mother felt.

Never more so than watching this edition of PR where a lot of 80s and late 70s style fashions were revisited in all their hideous glory. Overalls. Dancewear (Flashdance anyone? Jane Fonda jazzercise?). Shoulder pads, a la Dynasty.

And it was a dreadful mess. I didn't think anyone won. I don't think Jillian's crew was memorable. The closest was our fey friend Christian and his crew.

But Chris should not have lost. Maybe I have too much 80s left in me because I didn't think his was that bad.

In other words, Ricky, go home. Now.

Edited to add: and Victorya and your passive aggressive route can quickly follow.


I just got back from Houston. What a town. What failed potential. And its panhandlers could give lessons to DC ones. Someone pointed out that a lot of the beggars were probably vestiges of Hurricane Katrina. That's probably tragically true, because I saw some pretty tragic homeless cases.

The one place I did not see homeless folks in downtown Houston, curiously enough, was the Bayou Trail. Picture this: Coming from snowbound DC where it was 27 when I left to a Houston at 80 degrees with about 100 degrees humidity. Of course I had to don my t-shirt and running shorts and check out the trails. That meant the Bayou Trail, which snakes under the complex highway system along a sort of river. It had huge failed potential, symptomatic of the entire downtown, it seemed to me. Visually, it's a great downtown -- so why did it seem so sluggish? The Bayou Trail could emulate San Antonio's Riverwalk. At least decorate it for Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Project Runway 4.3 -- It's Raining Men

This week was rather fun. Was it all the designers freaking out or all the male pulchritude floating around the design room? hmmm. Though I have to say, none of the male models had as chiseled pecs as Jack. Are we sure he's on the show as a designer?

But there was plenty of action for the straight male as well. S was thrilled that the designers were dressing Tiki Barber. My face was as blank as those of most of designers. Tiki who? "He's one of the greatest running backs ever! He's absolutely amazing! I can't believe he agreed to do this."

This episode brought out the ugly in a few people. I liked Raimi a lot less. I liked Jack a lot more after all the help he gave Carmen and sharing his pattern with anyone who asked. Ricky came across as an Andrae without the fun part.

Sweet P came across well as far as not whining about her failures. I liked her self mockery with shooting herself with her forefinger as her model tried his best.
Steve looks as though he's very witty. The Titanic quip was priceless.
Carmen was the right choice, once more. Who makes the jacket before making the shirt?! duh. Sweet P's shirt was a hot mess but the pants looked good.

I don't agree with the judges on the winner for the third week in a row. I would've picked Kevin or Kit before Jack.