Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Chef last week

So I was too lazy to get my computer to blog, especially since it meant unplugging S's connection. We really need to get that new computer and get rid of that ancient hulk with the inert mouse.

Anyway, thought the elimination challenge was a fun idea, but they chose some really boring hotels. What about Caesar's Palace? The Luxor? And Robin, hello? The famous dancing fountains?!! Excalibur, Circus Circus, New York, New York, shudder. I did dislike Las Vegas. It was a grimy, grownup Disney World. Poor Latinos, probably paid pennies, trying to foist fliers for strip clubs on all men, including the ones holding their wives'/girlfriends' hands. It was a mistake to go there after Death Valley. Too much humanity and noise.

I was glad to see Robin go, though if they sent Eli home, I wouldn't have been sorry since he's such a little troll. But he does have some talent, so finally, at last, they get rid of the one person who definitely had no chance to win. Not that Eli does, though he could manage to slip into the Top 3. ugh. I was really nervous about the previews for tonight with Kevin doing something he normally doesn't. That's always a recipe for disaster. Especially when it's sous vide. Kevin, you were playing the game so well? Why would you pull a risky move now?

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