Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Run, run, run away

I've been running regularly lately in training for the Army 10 Miler. I cannot wait for the unending construction at the Capitol to end so I can vary my route around it a little more. The worst part of my route is the return -- it is an uphill slog no matter what. Some routes are more subtle hill climbs, such as heading toward Union Station on Louisiana Avenue and veering right on D. Others are steeper. One of these days I'll pass that durned oak tree to the north of the Capitol building without having to stop and breathe.

I've also fallen in love with google maps. You can choose a walking option for a route instead of trying to guess if your mileage is right from the driving route. It also lets you drag the route to more accurately reflect the little pathways you're using.

Sometimes it fouls up. For instance, it couldn't seem to recognize US Capitol as what it is, even though it could register Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial and FDR Memorial.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Drag Project Runway 5.6

This is the best episode so far. So many great lines. These ladies could offer a few lessons to the regular models about working the runway. Just as the women of the WWWF last season.

"Tim, call me!" I didn't catch who said that. Was it the flirtatious Ann Margaret Varla Jean? Or Sugar? or Hedda Lettuce?

Stella: "Blayne is really cute but he knows nothing." Keith: "I'm Annoyedalicious. " Leanne: "even licious is licious. If I hear that word one more time I'll barf and then I'll be Barfalicious." Really Blayne, you're no Christian.

Kev..., I mean Joe really knows how to work that bra, doesn't he? and maybe he has an appreciation now of what his wife suffers wearing one, considering the agony he showed taking it off.

Oooh, both Jerrell and Suede are getting loser edits. Suede is using third person less.

"I'm gagging at the silver sequins across the room," quips Sugar.
"sugar isn't very sweet," responds Henley.

Wow...seeing the drag queens out of drag was a revelation...is it my imagination or is Varla pretty hot as a he? She made a great suggestion, too, about the sailor collar. "Don't ask, don't tell." Hee. actually the male persona looks like a former Navy man. Korto's guy looks like a normal schlub. So does Blayne's.

It's a peradactyl out of a Gay Jurrasic park....and Blayne takes it as a compliment! Oh dear, I'm feeling a twinge of like for Blayne. nooooooooo.

Forget the other loser edits. Daniel disregarding Tim's advice, plus ignoring the very skeptical look on Chris' face. It looks like a lovely dress, which isn't the point.

Keith's "Wookie Onesie," (I love me some Jerrell cat talk) and great imitation of a Wookie voice by Blayne....

Kenley -- booooring.

Varla --- oooh my, when she turned around, something for the ladies...and considering the PR/Bravo audience, men! Nice...assets.

Terri -- Definite wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson. If that had been a real woman, she'd be banned from the Super Bowl.

MK has been on fire this season. "sad chicken." SOmething my aunt would wear to a bar mitzvah.

You know, LeMay bears a dramatic resemblence to Liza Mizzelli. Maybe Jerrell shouldhave gone something Cabaret.

if i did something sparkly i would have thrown up. oh Daniel. I'm not gay and I get it, why don't you.

hello, draaaag.

Well Rupaul must have brought a breath of fresh air to the judges because I agreed with their decisions. Go Ann Margaret. Au Revoir, Whiny Droopy Daniel of the Good Taste.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway 5.5

This year's judges seem to be a parade of celebs instead of fashion experts. I'm a wee bit disappointed.

It was obvious Daniel and Blayne were getting the loser edit so I was a bit surprised when Kelli was tossed. I thought either of them should have gone first, quite frankly. Probably Blayne because he was the leader.

And once more disagreed with the judges on the winner. I think this was a Brooke Shields' call. I preferred Jerrell's and (shudder) Stella's. Maybe this will inspire Stella to break out of her rock n roll mode. Sherri Osbourne, really?

The other outfit was soooo 80s. I think that Shannone has a lot to do with who is the winner because she really knows how to work an outfit. If I were the other designers, I would so be trying to steal her.

Guess Jerrell's was kind of 80s too. 80s seem to be back. Better than the 70s phase.

Edited to add:
Watched it again so random notes.
  • Jerrell was a sweetheart to Stella when she was chosen last. He went up in my estimation.
  • Korto rocked when she gave Joe hades for not speaking up sooner. She was so right -- she has immunity so Joe would lose if he played passive aggressive games.
  • Terri's riff about Suede was obscene but hilarious. And Suede acted almost normal. Only referred to Suede once.
  • Stella's expression when Brooke pointed out that a corset wouldn't work in an office was priceless. Total incomprehension.
  • Kelli's outfit was really ugly and "slutty, slutty, slutty," but Daniel is a whiny loser when he only worked half-assed on it. Way to undermine, bucko.
  • Is Kenley evil or just la-la? Did she deliberately try to undermine Keith with that hideous print that looked like a wicker couch pattern? (Keith showed some iron in rejecting it. Tim probably helped) The darlinks at Project Rungay were spot on that she should be glad to get paired up with the polite Mormon boy. As they put it, Korto or Terri wouldn't put up with her crap -- she would be a smear on the floor with a flower in the middle. Did she try to undermine Daniel by bursting out in laughter when he went into his tiresome high-end spiel on the runway? Kenley claims that the situation just struck her as funny -- Daniel sweating and Michael Kors' facial expressions. uh huh.


Back from vacation. It was great. The b and b, the Blue Water House Inn, was the perfect place to stay. Only two blocks to the beach and a ten minute walk into town. We only used the car once while we were there. Which was great because the stress of getting home was a bit much. A tractor trailer careened off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge after some teenager fell asleep at the wheel and veered into the way of the poor truck driver, who was killed by the accident.

The inn was perfect also because it was on stilts and had a wraparound porch. Each room on that floor had a piece of the porch. you could be private or choose to chat with your neighbors. We also had a hammock as our extra. Another room had a swing and the other two corner rooms had Adirondack chairs. Middle rooms just got the standard cafe table and two chairs (yes, we got that too). The place also treated you as grownups. You could borrow forks or plates or bowls and return them. We ended up hanging out part of Sunday afternoon in a turret room where you had a 360 degree view of the surf, sand and land as the storms rolled in.

We also went to Cape May, famous for its cute Victorians. They were ok. The place was too touristy, whereas Lewes was cutely historical but not overwhelmingly touristy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Runway 5.4

So I was happily packing away for our beach outing when I realized it was 9;45 and I was missing Project Runway! Oh no!
I caught the tail end. Then thought I could watch at 11 -- no such luck. Bravo had on that lame take my ex-fiancee, please, show.

Woke up at 2 a.m. and watched then. Sometimes insomnia comes in handy. Liked Korta's, liked Joe's though didn't like his attitude. Take a chill pill, dude. Daniel's attitude was so bad I thought he should go home instead of Jennifer. I was disappointed that -- considering she lives in Italy -- we didn't get to know her better. Why didn't the producers give a little of her bio and saved Korta's undoubtedly fascinating life story for later? After all she's going to be here for two more episodes at minimum. Jennifer's outfit actually was cute, unlike Daniel's, even though it wasn't appropriate for this contest.

Also liked Terri's. I'm developing a girl-crush on her.

Stella keeps hanging on. God knows why. Ditto Blayne.

Daniel's dress did look blue to me in the workroom though it looked purple on the runway. Hey Daniel, if Tim tells you that Wonder Woman is not a bad look for an Olympic athlete, and one of your know-it-all colleagues tell you it isn't, listen to Tim next time, m'kay?

Jerrell's might not have been that bad if it weren't for the bizzarro hat.

Of course, this is based on an insomniac, half-drowsy haze, so who knows how accurate my first impressions are.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy anniversary to us

This is S' and my first paper anniversary. And this is what he got us.

Kathleen McCloud is one of our favorite artists.

project runway 5.3 -- judges on crack

I ranted and raved after the judges issued their edict and somehow never blogged. But all I can say is "what were they thinking????!!!!" Then somehow I forgot to post the blog I carefully composed as I trudged the nine blocks to the Metro.

First, Kenley should have won last week and didn't. Then she wins this week for something with a purple goiter and a beach towel/hawaiian shirt motif. Whaaaaa?

Second, finally they recognize Terri's talent. But this was not my fave of her designs. I kind of liked the idea, especially the back. but somehow pants and dress don't look that great.

Finally Leanne designed something gorgeous and she doesn't win. What the heck?

As far as the losers, I think I can live with it. I might have picked Keith, except he does have beautiful arms. He's Keith of the heavenly arms. Jennifer's really should have lost because not only was it matronly and ugly, it wasn't well made. At least Emily's was kind of cute underneath the neon ruffles.

Meanwhile, Blayne makes out like a serial killer. Jerral finally shows some sewing chops, only designing an evening gown instead of a night on the town outfit but a scary tendency to wear facial masks, and Stella does leathah. And shows her incompetence at electronic gadgets. I think I want to call her whinella because that's all she does otherwise.

And holla atcha boy, dear Tim.