Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Run, run, run away

I've been running regularly lately in training for the Army 10 Miler. I cannot wait for the unending construction at the Capitol to end so I can vary my route around it a little more. The worst part of my route is the return -- it is an uphill slog no matter what. Some routes are more subtle hill climbs, such as heading toward Union Station on Louisiana Avenue and veering right on D. Others are steeper. One of these days I'll pass that durned oak tree to the north of the Capitol building without having to stop and breathe.

I've also fallen in love with google maps. You can choose a walking option for a route instead of trying to guess if your mileage is right from the driving route. It also lets you drag the route to more accurately reflect the little pathways you're using.

Sometimes it fouls up. For instance, it couldn't seem to recognize US Capitol as what it is, even though it could register Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial and FDR Memorial.

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