Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway 5-8 -- Meow

The claws really come out this episode. Terri is getting really hit. She'd need a dose of antibiotics, some Neosporin and bandaids if they were real cats. Yes, she does a lot of pants. but others do a lot of skirts. As long as the looks differ on the runway...

To answer Blayne, hello, generation gap. I don't care what Mary Kate Olson ever does. She does, however, need to eat a sandwich.

Kenley, the original Mean Girl, is showing a softer side, crying over getting to work with Diane. And I noticed she helped Stella with her fabrics. For all her tough persona, Stella always needs help. I noticed as designers are jumping and knocking fabrics off the shelf, there was a stepladder right behind them.

Loved Stella's comments about Rachel Zoe. About sums it up. Joe is joining the Mean Girls club. He can't talk about queens anymore. That was two-faced -- oh, it looks nice to the face, gagging motions to the back.

Leanne's spy routine was silly but cute.

Joe's design, ick ick ick.

Leanne: Goooorge. us.

Terri: OK. not super.

Korto: Looks great. Very DVF with that pattern. The yellow is lovely.

Blayne: In your dreams, Bucko.

Jerrell: Not pretty.

Stella: The usual vest. The cape is silly. The pants seem ok.

Kenley: Not feeling the dress. It's more shanghai than Joe's though.

Dracula, oh, Stella. And Michael gets to trot out the insane crotch observation.

And he gets to trot out the dressed in the dark gibe to Suede. Favorite bon mots of Michael!

Leanne's dress gorgeous so she deserved the win. I hate to admit it, but I thought Joe should have been aufed. His outfit was gag-worthy. One thing about Stella, she was a vivid personality and true to herself.

Tim, shame on you for the eye roll after giving her a nice bye-bye. I think that's a clash of perspectives.

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