Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Drag Project Runway 5.6

This is the best episode so far. So many great lines. These ladies could offer a few lessons to the regular models about working the runway. Just as the women of the WWWF last season.

"Tim, call me!" I didn't catch who said that. Was it the flirtatious Ann Margaret Varla Jean? Or Sugar? or Hedda Lettuce?

Stella: "Blayne is really cute but he knows nothing." Keith: "I'm Annoyedalicious. " Leanne: "even licious is licious. If I hear that word one more time I'll barf and then I'll be Barfalicious." Really Blayne, you're no Christian.

Kev..., I mean Joe really knows how to work that bra, doesn't he? and maybe he has an appreciation now of what his wife suffers wearing one, considering the agony he showed taking it off.

Oooh, both Jerrell and Suede are getting loser edits. Suede is using third person less.

"I'm gagging at the silver sequins across the room," quips Sugar.
"sugar isn't very sweet," responds Henley.

Wow...seeing the drag queens out of drag was a it my imagination or is Varla pretty hot as a he? She made a great suggestion, too, about the sailor collar. "Don't ask, don't tell." Hee. actually the male persona looks like a former Navy man. Korto's guy looks like a normal schlub. So does Blayne's.

It's a peradactyl out of a Gay Jurrasic park....and Blayne takes it as a compliment! Oh dear, I'm feeling a twinge of like for Blayne. nooooooooo.

Forget the other loser edits. Daniel disregarding Tim's advice, plus ignoring the very skeptical look on Chris' face. It looks like a lovely dress, which isn't the point.

Keith's "Wookie Onesie," (I love me some Jerrell cat talk) and great imitation of a Wookie voice by Blayne....

Kenley -- booooring.

Varla --- oooh my, when she turned around, something for the ladies...and considering the PR/Bravo audience, men! Nice...assets.

Terri -- Definite wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson. If that had been a real woman, she'd be banned from the Super Bowl.

MK has been on fire this season. "sad chicken." SOmething my aunt would wear to a bar mitzvah.

You know, LeMay bears a dramatic resemblence to Liza Mizzelli. Maybe Jerrell shouldhave gone something Cabaret.

if i did something sparkly i would have thrown up. oh Daniel. I'm not gay and I get it, why don't you.

hello, draaaag.

Well Rupaul must have brought a breath of fresh air to the judges because I agreed with their decisions. Go Ann Margaret. Au Revoir, Whiny Droopy Daniel of the Good Taste.

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