Wednesday, September 23, 2009

top Chef 6.6

So is Robin getting a future villain edit or is it going to be a repeat of Marcel where the "cool kids" gang up on her? Eli can be very funny, but sometimes very hateful and I think he went a little too far -- Michelle Bernstein wasn't judging on cancer. She praised the cleanness and the simplicity of the dish before Robin even mentioned the Big C. The honoring of Mattin was cute. I noticed Robin didn't get a scarf. Did they run out? She did wear a red ribbon. Noticed Michael didn't applaud when she won. 

Laurine seems to be getting the loser edit. Ron probably is, too. Poor guy seems a little clueless. Language issues.

Sometimes I love Penn & Teller and sometimes loathe. It's sort of my love/hate relationship with libertarianism (or is hate/love?). First Amendment issues, yay! Boo on the sneers against religion.

Mike I comes across as more likeable this ep. The Washington Post had an article about his wedding. Interesting to this feminist: he never cleans. He used to pay his cooks to clean for him. When his fiancee moved in, she took over the cleaning job.

Of course Jen way underestimated her abilities. Glad to see her do meat. 

So Ron, Laurine and Ash look on the bottom. I'm guessing Michael, Kevin and .... Ashley? Jen? Eli? Good for Ashley and the pot roast. And Jen. Michael cracks a smile! Are we starting to see emotions from the V bros?

Who cannot love Kevin? He's so gracious and enthusiastic even when he gets a lousy prize.

I'm guessing probably Ron, maybe Ash as knifed.

Yep, Ron. Seems like a sweet guy but didn't seem to be at the same level as other chefs.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Runway

Combo post:
Last week -- favorite line -- Heidi's quip about you aged her 10 years, and for a model, that's like dog years.
And I really miss Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. I don't know what the judges were smoking to give the win to Althea. It should have gone to Carol Hannah.

This week:

I knew it, the minute I heard black and white! Heidi looked like a Venetian gondolier. Just lacking the little scarf.

Poor LA Times, how the mighty have fallen. It used to be a kickass paper. It, like too many papers, has become a ghost of its former self. But that has nothing to do with the challenge.

Hearing a lot of origami is it original?

Added on Wednesday, Sept. 23.
Well, dang, fell asleep and never saw the rest, only the end when Tim was saying something about how ridiculous Johnny's claims on the runway were.  Tried to watch on Friday and fell asleep yet again. I guess Johnny lied, but was his lie that much horribly worse than Keith's smuggling in of design books? I mean, it's not what the hype made it to be. You oversold, Lifetime.

Top Chef 6.5

So we have a Greenacres type setup here where if one computer has the modem, the other can't go online even though it's wireless. And S had to work until midnight in the office last night, so I couldn't blog.

But thoughts about this episode. Lesson #110 for Top Chef contestants. If you are on the losing panel of chefs, don't say you don't understand or you're surprised that you're here. It's almost a guarantee that you will be sent home. I think that's why Mattin got knifed. Robin manned up and admitted her mistakes, he didn't. 

But after last week, I can't shed a tear for the little Basque snake. Au Revoir.

Camping must have been awful -- and I want to know what sanitary setup they had. I wouldn't want someone using an outhouse cooking my food.

And cooking in 110 degrees. Ugh. I would have a hard time eating if I were picnicking in 110 degree heat. But these are hardy folk. And I liked the sophisticated commentary at such a "roughing it" type of meal. The one guy sounded like a restaurant critic. 

Michael V came across as a bit peevish in this ep...guess being on the bottom really smacked him hard.

Ashley does have an air of competency that makes you suspect she's better than she's done so far. But I wish she would wash her hair. 

And Kevin and horseshoes, too cute. Also, guest judge Tim Love looks as though he's related to Jimmie Johnson. They have that same exact smile.

Now I'm aiming to get to Frederick one of these days....and Bryan cracked a smile!

Edited to add: And ceviche is this season's scallop. If they keep this up, the judges will never want to go near another ceviche for the rest of their lives. Or tuna tartar/napoleon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Chef 6.4

Daniel freaking Boulud. He's almost as charming as Eric Ripert. But snails, escargot. wev. I have to admit I've never had the guts to try snails. I'll eat anything except offal and snails. Even the occasional brussel sprouts though something about the bitterness sets my mouth on edge. 

Jen was worrying me with her "I'm scared" speech. Should have known. Go Kevin. Bacon jam. yum. How could you go wrong with bacon jam?

Three more women down on the bottom. This is a real nailbiter. Maybe poor Jesse should be put out of her misery, but it was sounding like Ashley's the likely nominee. Nope, it's Jesse. That was inevitable. I wouldn't have bet in Las Vegas against her. But I liked the concept because it was edge-of-your-seat time.

Joel Robuchon. Wow. Who's next? Thomas Keller? Sigh. Wish I had the moola to try this kind of food.

OK, loser edits. Ashley/ Mattin, Ron/Robin. Please don't let it be another woman going home. 

Quote of the day: "Haitians and French go way back. We don't much like each other." (I'm going to have to check my brand spanking new DVR!!! tomorrow to doublecheck this quote. It's the gist of Ron's thick accent.)

Jennifer and Michael look so efficient. Robin is really hyper.

Damn. Mike I is on a winning team. But he's with Bryan, who I like. Do I root for or against?

Oh dear, Mattin's defensiveness doesn't sound good. To hear the master chefs, nope, not good. 

Throwing up seems to be a theme tonight!

The QF win is a double-edged sword for Kevin. He won't be remembered for his cooking by some of these top chefs, unlike the other likely finalists. (Jen, Michael, Bryan and maybe Mike I) 

It sounds definitely like Hector and Ash are on the bottom. Either Mattin and Ashley or Ron and Robin are the other noms (dry, overcooked)...though I guess Ashley and Mattin.

Joel Robuchon seems a classy guy, lavishing praise for strengths, while critiques overall aren't too mean...other than the "au poivre" comment. 

Guessing either Hector or Mattin will be going home. Daniel Boulud actually looked really pissed at the chateaubriand thing. But then again, a French guy messed up a French food? Quick, LV, what are your odds? Hector 4-1, Mattin, 5-2. Skillet Doux (I really need to add to my must reads) ranks Mattin v. low, compared to Hector.

It's Hector. Skillet Doux will be peeved since he ranked Hector much higher and Mattin near the bottom. I would still check out Hector's restaurant in HOTlanta.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Runway 6.3

I now officially hate Mitch after that comment that Ra'mon can carry him. He's incompetent -- and lazy.

And as the episode continues, it's obvious he is pretty useless. I hope he doesn't turn into this season's Wendy or Top Chef's Lisa where he keeps squeaking by.

Poor Ra'mon. Tim was right about the jumpsuit. If he had made it into a gown it might have worked. The green thing was nice, though. It looks as though he gets through after Ra'mon carries him. 

Wow, what bickering between Qrystal and Epperson and I can't tell who is at fault. Is she overly defensive or was he really that bossy? ETA: Judging from Heidi's comments, he was that bossy. And what is up with the hooker looks from both losing teams? The challenge wasn't to dress the "ladies" strutting their stuff on Sunset.

Heidi looked like she was watching a tennis match during the arguments.

Yay, they saw through Mitchell and aufed him after all. I thought he was going coast.

Mike I's sexism

Richard Blais has an interesting blog about how Mike I's suggestion to put Jen in charge was actually kind of insulting. He apparently wasn't suggesting she work as executive chef but tournant. Blais explains what a tournant is. 

Top Chef Addendum

I rushed to my computer last night to post this part and found we're having internet issues again. So of course, I forgot to put in my post:

This is the first time in TC history I had a lump in my throat as the cooking/service part ended. It was touching to see very brief sketches of the soldiers returning and leaving.

Top Chef 6.3

Well, what do you know? The judges used a cumulative decision to send Preety home. Not that I'm complaining. After her track record, she probably deserved it.

But cheftestants really need to watch the show some time. Rule 1. never serve a pasta salad. It always sends someone home. Rule 2. never decide to throw something extra together because you have time. It always lands you on the bottom. Heck, learn from the last episode, Mike I. Ashley almost got bit because she decided to do that.

Speaking of the pasta salad, as we were watching TC, S exclaimed: "I could do that!" Yeah, he probably could. He's a master at throwing processed foods together. As someone who just made a pasta salad of black beans, elbows, tiny sweet, sweet tomatoes, fresh corn and peppers with a lime-cilantro vinaigrette, I also was not impressed. It took me maybe 20 minutes? They had four hours!

And I loved Jenn's drill sergeant tendencies. She rocks!