Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Chef 6.4

Daniel freaking Boulud. He's almost as charming as Eric Ripert. But snails, escargot. wev. I have to admit I've never had the guts to try snails. I'll eat anything except offal and snails. Even the occasional brussel sprouts though something about the bitterness sets my mouth on edge. 

Jen was worrying me with her "I'm scared" speech. Should have known. Go Kevin. Bacon jam. yum. How could you go wrong with bacon jam?

Three more women down on the bottom. This is a real nailbiter. Maybe poor Jesse should be put out of her misery, but it was sounding like Ashley's the likely nominee. Nope, it's Jesse. That was inevitable. I wouldn't have bet in Las Vegas against her. But I liked the concept because it was edge-of-your-seat time.

Joel Robuchon. Wow. Who's next? Thomas Keller? Sigh. Wish I had the moola to try this kind of food.

OK, loser edits. Ashley/ Mattin, Ron/Robin. Please don't let it be another woman going home. 

Quote of the day: "Haitians and French go way back. We don't much like each other." (I'm going to have to check my brand spanking new DVR!!! tomorrow to doublecheck this quote. It's the gist of Ron's thick accent.)

Jennifer and Michael look so efficient. Robin is really hyper.

Damn. Mike I is on a winning team. But he's with Bryan, who I like. Do I root for or against?

Oh dear, Mattin's defensiveness doesn't sound good. To hear the master chefs, nope, not good. 

Throwing up seems to be a theme tonight!

The QF win is a double-edged sword for Kevin. He won't be remembered for his cooking by some of these top chefs, unlike the other likely finalists. (Jen, Michael, Bryan and maybe Mike I) 

It sounds definitely like Hector and Ash are on the bottom. Either Mattin and Ashley or Ron and Robin are the other noms (dry, overcooked)...though I guess Ashley and Mattin.

Joel Robuchon seems a classy guy, lavishing praise for strengths, while critiques overall aren't too mean...other than the "au poivre" comment. 

Guessing either Hector or Mattin will be going home. Daniel Boulud actually looked really pissed at the chateaubriand thing. But then again, a French guy messed up a French food? Quick, LV, what are your odds? Hector 4-1, Mattin, 5-2. Skillet Doux (I really need to add to my must reads) ranks Mattin v. low, compared to Hector.

It's Hector. Skillet Doux will be peeved since he ranked Hector much higher and Mattin near the bottom. I would still check out Hector's restaurant in HOTlanta.

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