Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top Chef 6.5

So we have a Greenacres type setup here where if one computer has the modem, the other can't go online even though it's wireless. And S had to work until midnight in the office last night, so I couldn't blog.

But thoughts about this episode. Lesson #110 for Top Chef contestants. If you are on the losing panel of chefs, don't say you don't understand or you're surprised that you're here. It's almost a guarantee that you will be sent home. I think that's why Mattin got knifed. Robin manned up and admitted her mistakes, he didn't. 

But after last week, I can't shed a tear for the little Basque snake. Au Revoir.

Camping must have been awful -- and I want to know what sanitary setup they had. I wouldn't want someone using an outhouse cooking my food.

And cooking in 110 degrees. Ugh. I would have a hard time eating if I were picnicking in 110 degree heat. But these are hardy folk. And I liked the sophisticated commentary at such a "roughing it" type of meal. The one guy sounded like a restaurant critic. 

Michael V came across as a bit peevish in this ep...guess being on the bottom really smacked him hard.

Ashley does have an air of competency that makes you suspect she's better than she's done so far. But I wish she would wash her hair. 

And Kevin and horseshoes, too cute. Also, guest judge Tim Love looks as though he's related to Jimmie Johnson. They have that same exact smile.

Now I'm aiming to get to Frederick one of these days....and Bryan cracked a smile!

Edited to add: And ceviche is this season's scallop. If they keep this up, the judges will never want to go near another ceviche for the rest of their lives. Or tuna tartar/napoleon.

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