Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Runway Finale Part 1

We come to it at last, the end of our sorry, channeling LOTR. PR is definitely not a geeky obsession, so must switch gears. craaaaaannnk. striiip. ruuummble. hum.

ooo. look at rami being so manly putting his own big huge suitcases into the taxi trunk.

Christian is literally living that episode from Flight of the Conchords where Bret moves into the janitor's closet. Those pants he proposed as his finale outfit make me think of goofy versions of the Magic Flute. Or maybe Big Bird. Follow Tim's advice and edit, Sister Christian.

Jillian has a great view but a bland place. But obviously she was making good money at Ralph Lauren's -- and she gave up the job. That jacket is really great though. Her mother took a fortune teller seriously? Really? I think Jillian needs to work on deepening her voice. It's just too flat and little-girly.

What's up with the cold sore on Tim's lip? One of the many travails of wintertime.

On to Rami and sunny LA. His mother looks like Jillian. hmmm.

It looks as though Rami did listen to Tim and edit his outfits a lot judging from the spoiler pictures I saw of his show. Those coats look well-made but amazingly bulky. You'd have to be 6 feet tall, but not a Nicole Kidman kind of tall. More like a Queen Latifah kind of tall to carry off those coats.

Oh Chris. Human hair, really? I'm with Tim, my gag reflex was kicking in. eww. ick. squick.
Human hair trailing in your food as you try to eat dinner. Lovely.

Campaign commercial subtly added by friend of Chris. That apartment is wild.

Note that Christian didn't introduce Tim to anyone. What's that about?

You know, that housewife from Housewives of New York is pretty annoying and they show the promo ad ad nauseum. Yeah, I never want to live in the suburbs either, but there's nothing wrong with anyone who does. Some of my favorite people live in the 'burbs. Tastes differ.

Only Rami has to fly in. The NYCers rule this season.

All huggy and kiss-kiss. Unlike other seasons.

I think Chris's designs move better than Rami's. But still, they're like Charles Addams illustrations come to life. Especially the "velvet condom" was very Morticia.

Rami's model looks a bit uncomfortable in that blue coat. The headbands look like something for babies.

The polka dot dress is very pretty. And drapy.

Chris, Sissybear to the end. what a sweetheart. The judges don't have any guts.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reunion Project Runway

What can you say about a reunion show? Most of them are pretty meh.


Rami's and Chris's comraderie. And Rami seems less stiff and much more relaxed and ...likeable...during the reunion.

The Kevin and teh gays show, showing that he has a great sense of humor and is fairly secure in his sexuality. The cherry on the chocolate sundae -- Tim's quip: "If being on Project Runway doesn't make you gay, nothing will." And later, what a gracious guy about his loss of the prom challenge, saying Christian should have stayed so everyone could see what he was capable of.

Elise. How could you not like her? She's unique and doesn't seem to have a malicious bone in her body. How cool is it that she can write backwards? And in emulation of Leonardo da Vinci, even.

Chris's laugh.

Michael's laugh. He reminds me of my dad that way. You can be watching the most terrible comedy with Dad but end up in stitches because his laughter is just too contagious.

Jillian's gift of mimicry. Her Heidi is just about as good as Santino's Tim. To say nothing of her imitation of Christian primping his hair. The little wrestling match they had was cute. Why didn't the producers show this aspect of her character the rest of the season?

Fan Favorite Time: Christian looking at Chris ready to congratulate him and getting the fan favorite himself. His genuine surprise was adorable.

The rehash of Jack's MRSA. Sweet P and Elise wipe away the tears, even Chris seemed misty-eyed. But what was up with VictorYa? She looked p'd off when Jack made his announcement. And what was that mysterious tense exchange between her and Heidi, to say nothing of Tim? Whazzup with that? Was it a hint of hidden tensions? Vya seems to be friends with Jack. they didn't know Chris was coming back when Jack made his announcement so that can't be the reason. Hmmm, enquiring minds want to know.

The Ricky No More Tears montage. Oh. dear. I actually felt sorry for him during that. How humiliating. Yay for Rami by offering encouraging words.

Oh, get over yourself Carmen. What a showboater. Munch some humble pie so you realize you're not all that. What Sweet P and Kit said wasn't particularly vicious. It's not all about you, 'kay? Heidi was not picking on you in the men's wear -- they all made it clear they weren't targeting your design, that everyone's was weak.

Fan Favorite time: I like Christian, he makes me laugh, I always want to give him a quick noogie, but I'm still sad that Chris didn't get the fan favorite.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

metro males

I had to take the Metro to a meeting around 3:45 p.m. today and got a good taste of the DC male aversion to sharing a seat. I was only traveling two stops so it really wasn't that important but NINE, count 'em, nine at the very least, males of all races, classes and ages, monopolized Metro seats. Two teens sat on the outside seats, one about 16, one about 14, attached to their Ipods

Then the other five sat in various positions, blocking outer seats with their legs, their gym bags, their shopping carts.

Then again, they're not quite as bad as the suburban commuter of the species. Witness this guy blowing the stop sign at 2nd Street and E Street NE blowing the horn of his Beemer at the car cruising slowly through the blowing snow and slick residential street. He even tried to go around the oblivious tourist between E and Massachusetts. Of course, he couldn't. I felt like walking up to the intersection and rapping on the window. Of course I didn't.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yep, this works


Or rather this is the way the world seems to work. Every guy is measured by individual accomplishment, while women and minorities stand in for every member of their categories.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PR 4.11

OK who is getting the loser edit/winner edit? With five left, it could mean anything when people get to talk about how they want to win.

oh, the models again. damn. Why do this season's losing models seem downright chipper. Amanda last year was aghast and in tears.

The Met!

Geez, I'm not from New York and I could tell where they were going? And these are New Yorkers (Except Sweet P..and maybe Rami? I associate him with LA because of the Jessica Alba thing)!

oooo. work of art as inspiration. that's a fabulous idea. let's guess what Rami is going to choose? draping! that means Greek/Roman.

"let's face it, this is what Rami is going to choose." righto Chris. You're so psychic. So am I.

And Christian is going to pick the one with ruffled collar and puffy sleeves! I could be on the psychic telethon.

Styling, makeup critical. wonder what that means. But it doesn't look as though anyone is inspired by Egypt. That's so sad.

Yep Christian is doing a guy with a ruffled collar and puffy sleeves, with a color scheme of black, with some white. And Rami is doing a draped goddess, Aphrodite even. The color he picked at least looks lovely.

Rami is either going home or winning.

No, Sweet P is getting the loser edit. Oh, wait there are two losers this week.

Did Sweet P's model ever show up?

Chris, bad omen, snoozing on the job, showing overconfidence. Plus your dress, as Christian observed, looks a lot about the couture challenge. And Chris is blowing off Tim. I'm so disappointed.

I dunno, Sweet P is getting the surmounting the odds edit. My guess is Chris is definitely auf. Maybe Rami, if not Sweet P.

Now Jillian is getting the loser edit. Unfinished hem is aways a bad sign. I like Jillian's model because of her nerdy glasses and ability to sew.

Dunno that I like anything going on the runway. I'm just too bourgeois for words and fashion.

Roberto Cavalli is very complimentary about Chris' dress...but then he didn't see the original couture. His accent is so thick, the elves provide subtitles.

And of course, he loved Christian.

But Jillian got a great compliment: that he would hire her for his staff. Of course, she's on this show because she doesn't want to be on anyone's staff. So is it one of those backhanded compliments that make you grit your teeth and say thank you, or was it an honest, heartfelt compliment?

"Ballsy" Heidi says about Jillian. Even though she was fussing about the hem, when it came down the runway, it was gorgeous, it moved well. I think she does have a good model for her kind of work. Her personality for the tv camera is pretty blah, but her stuff has been consistently good. Well, denim excepted.

Chris might eak by because Cavalli loves his stuff.

I have to say, everytime Rami's dress comes down the runway, it is just too gorgeous for words. It's just not original thinking.

So it comes down to: safety or artistry?

Christian wins. So you think the ego would be ballooning. However, he was sweet to Jillian when she came in. And even sweeter to Sweet P when she came in as the loser.

Deadlock. I'm betting the rest of the judges leaned toward Rami and Cavalli was adamant about Chris.

And what about that twist? Was it good or bad. I must sleep on it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I did it -- I voted for Obama today. I'd been leaning toward him but wavering a bit. Several things finally nudged me completely into his camp. The final straw was Clinton's refusal to answer George Stepanopoulos' question about whether her plan would entail garnishing wages three times. Answer the damn question.

I thought about writing a whole long treatise about why I'm supporting Obama but I'm too tired. The best-written one was by hilzoy of Obsidian Wings, so I'll just borrow hers.

First Amendment issues
play hugely. But more importantly, when he talks about working with Republicans, he's not talking about triangulation or Third Way, but finding genuine ways to work together.

PS On the experience front, I'm not completely happy with Clinton's "35 years" of experience. I want to know what policy meetings she sat in on, what suggestions and advice she made or had, and what negotiations she opened while touring other countries as her husband's representative.

And the experience thing doesn't sell to me anyway. One of the best presidents we ever had (and he was from Illinois) had one failed term as a Congressman when he was elected as President.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PR 4.10

I loved every moment of this tickety tack episode. This was a lot of fun. Some designers got in touch with their inner costume designers (well, at least one never lost touch with his.) And I even agreed with the judges.

Live Blogging:

Oh God, I'm agreeing with Sister Christian again. auggggh, what's wrong with me? But Ricky is indeed a hot mess. But at least Ricky finally showing a feisty attitude instead of blubbering, to the camera anyway.

10:05 pm. Jill, the back of your top is too low. It is not fashion to see your back bra strap, even if Madonna made it cool in the 80s. Buh-bye to another one of the forgettable models of this season.

Tim takes the designers down an elevator to a little room of horrors. He had such a sly look on his face when he opened the door. Was it a sly, I-find-this-rather-amusing look? or was it a I-can't-believe-I'm doing this look? Grandpa Tim, I'm sure you can work the ropes.

When they were watching the divas wrestling, Ricky looked a little turned on.

Spandex House? really!

No cellulite on those bodies. Wonder how many weights they lift a day. Boobs look a little unreal on a couple. How do they keep their makeup intact? I mean, they must sweat.

Sister Christian lets out one great quip after another. He's as obnoxious as he can be, but at least he keeps you laughing.

Our tv must not have good color. I can't see the green in the leopard print and I can't see the pink in Rami's. It looks red.

Sister Christian has met his muse. I knew he was going to pick her when she called herself leather and lace. She does seem pretty fierce. Maybe she inspired him to his arm wrestling match with Sweet P.

Sweet P is panicking again. Deservedly so. She should be a reporter, because she seems to work better at the last minute. This might not be salvageable. Then again Ricky's looks ticky-tack. Sister Christian is all arrogant, but he did let Ricky have the snap. Not without a smackdown comment to the camera. What was it? Oh. It still won't be that great.

Actually I might give SC the benefit of the doubt here. He seemed pretty upset at Kit's aufing and might be mad at Ricky about that. Note that later in the epi he gives Sweet P some help and even kind of concedes that she managed to salvage something of her lousy costume.

Rami looked really uncomfortable with the whole thing. Chris put it best: there might be more interest if we were designing for men. He was looking straight atcha, Rami. Bubble gum pink and Barbie, really, Rami?

The quips were definitely coming fast and furious this episode, which is why I enjoyed it. The super personas of Sweet P, Chris and especially Christian. Ferosha Coutoura and her hairspray.

Nina and Michael K definitely seemed a little out of their element during the catwalk run. And Michael fessed right up.

"I feel like the Pope at a sex club."

Christian's is indeed very fierce. But Sister, you don't need to take it personally when the judges praise someone else before you. Jillian's was very cute and clever, too. (though I'm beginning to believe electric blue is the way to Nina's heart.)

Chris's was very clever, too. But then again it is his bailiwick. Loved his thoughtful "wish I could wear it" as his diva worked the runway.

Speaking of Nina, that was a very frosty expression of disapproval from Ms. Garcia. I wonder if Rami's extremities were feeling numb and blue as he trudged off the runway.

Shocker! Chris wins. I thought Sister Christian had it sewn up.

And Ricky leaves with a shred of dignity this time. No more tears.