Wednesday, February 20, 2008

metro males

I had to take the Metro to a meeting around 3:45 p.m. today and got a good taste of the DC male aversion to sharing a seat. I was only traveling two stops so it really wasn't that important but NINE, count 'em, nine at the very least, males of all races, classes and ages, monopolized Metro seats. Two teens sat on the outside seats, one about 16, one about 14, attached to their Ipods

Then the other five sat in various positions, blocking outer seats with their legs, their gym bags, their shopping carts.

Then again, they're not quite as bad as the suburban commuter of the species. Witness this guy blowing the stop sign at 2nd Street and E Street NE blowing the horn of his Beemer at the car cruising slowly through the blowing snow and slick residential street. He even tried to go around the oblivious tourist between E and Massachusetts. Of course, he couldn't. I felt like walking up to the intersection and rapping on the window. Of course I didn't.

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