Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I did it -- I voted for Obama today. I'd been leaning toward him but wavering a bit. Several things finally nudged me completely into his camp. The final straw was Clinton's refusal to answer George Stepanopoulos' question about whether her plan would entail garnishing wages three times. Answer the damn question.

I thought about writing a whole long treatise about why I'm supporting Obama but I'm too tired. The best-written one was by hilzoy of Obsidian Wings, so I'll just borrow hers.

First Amendment issues
play hugely. But more importantly, when he talks about working with Republicans, he's not talking about triangulation or Third Way, but finding genuine ways to work together.

PS On the experience front, I'm not completely happy with Clinton's "35 years" of experience. I want to know what policy meetings she sat in on, what suggestions and advice she made or had, and what negotiations she opened while touring other countries as her husband's representative.

And the experience thing doesn't sell to me anyway. One of the best presidents we ever had (and he was from Illinois) had one failed term as a Congressman when he was elected as President.

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