Friday, June 13, 2008

Battle Star Galactica Finale 08

Hmmm. I didn't get a good glimpse but...was that the Jefferson Memorial? or something else.

The way to earth -- don't think these guys know. Are the cylons in for a big sorry surprise. Dream on Anders.

So Tory wants to give in to her cylon feelings. also, surprise, surprise.

So who is number 5? and why does D'Anna know there's only four? and what does it mean that she's been in communication?

And this really is the last eppy until 2009. Dang.

This is the Tory bitch we saw who killed Callie. I'm just a wee bit bummed that it's the lone female cylon who fully embraces her dark side. eru. what does this mean about Kara?

I have to say, Tighe is cool beyond words. Airlock them? That'll learn D'Anna. hah! Will Bill go along? Will Anders and Chief? And Tighe sounded so proud of it. The teeth gritting of Adama wasn't in reaction to Tighe confessing and him attacking. Then again Tighe gives in pretty quickly on giving the names of the other cylons.

And Baltar is being a good guy?!!! Of course using his b.s. artistry. I mean last week he even tried to convert a centurion and that was pretty hilarious. He's definitely my favorite character because of all his sleezy survivalist glory.

These three fracking cylons gave us earth. Tighe shows some suicidal tendencies, doesn't he? And actually some good acting because Anders and Chief also look relieved to be found out.

And Lee is acting pretty presidential.

So all the celebration and there has to be a catch. A nuclear winter? is this really earth?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef 4 Finale

Will the wicked witch die? Will a woman finally win TC? Will Richard Blais plow determinedly to win not just a car but 100K?

We find out! What is Gail shocked that Richard says?

Yeah, you sure did get here by the skin of your teeth, Ms Lisa "Wendy Pepper" Fernandes!

Eric Ripert, I love Eric Ripert. Anthony Bourdain throws his name around a lot. I just like looking at him.

If April of Spotted Pig is who I think it is, she's a hero to other chefs...according to Bourdain, again, and I think Heat.

Smart girl, Stephanie. Eric Reeepaaare looks as though he's gaining weight, though. Obviously not going out and dancing to techno music to all hours of the night (per Bourdain -- hey I just got through reading a book of his, so I am going to be quoting him heavily.)

Yeah, Lisa, what a professional. Can only cook when you're happy.

Oh, ugh. I'm really going to hate it if Lisa brings on her game at the finale after fracking up all season long. C'mon, guys, this is Top Chef and unless her food is all that much better, she hasn't shown herself much of a leader!

And I hate that the show has manipulated me into hating her so bad.

Uh, oh, the other shoe drops. No more celeb sous chef.

Shite, Lisa is getting the winner's edit. Won't be watching repeats again if she is.

Steph is so getting the loser's edit. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh don't know if I can continue watching.

Shew. Steph wins the first round. Richard went back to his overcomplicated stuff.

Uh oh. Lisa's getting lots of praise.

uh oh. Steph's leeks bad.

Richard looks like he's coming in third.

Steph's getting lots of praise for dish 3. Richard is definitely number 3. depends on dessert!

Richard is doing something he's done before...

It's definitely between Steph and Lisa. Pleeeeeeeeaaaase not Lisa! I disliked Tiffani but I'd vote for her way before Lisa. Whatever you could say, she was very talented.

Shite, if they think Lisa took the first, then she's won. heck, hades, hack,

Lisa's winning, that's obvious. don't know why they're dragging it out.

There will be rotten tomatoes flung at Bravo if they're coming to the decision they are obviously coming to. So why the hell did they give her such a villain edit since they knew she was going to win? It's more fun to have the controversial person win? Taking Hung to the next degree? You know, even though he was a donkeyhole, he so obviously loves being a chef that no one really minded him winning. Everyone will mind Lisa winning.

Oh, thank Eru. The editors were playing with us. Stephanie wins!!! yay!!! Her dessert must not have been that bad. I bet we'll see interviews with Lisa tomorrow saying she wuz robbed. The female version of Harold, the highest class person who won consistently, earned the Title of Top Chef.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Top Chef finale Part I

Loved the steak eppy in previous season and I wish they had had more challenges like that this season. There were waaaaay too many team challenges this season. I noticed that with Project Runway as well. And I learned something about scallops. And my second least-favorite person left. Didn't like Dale either, but did believe he deserved to be in final four. I can't believe Lisa is there.

Lisa looks better with short hair. Puerto Rico is getting some great free advertising. I love plantains, so cool challenge. Wow, Stephanie has never won a QF before?! She's won so many elimination challenges.

Richard made one of his rare catty remarks and it came back to bite him in the patootie. I don't know all that much about plantains, but I kinda think you are supposed to cook them, so definitely a mistake on Richard's part.

Oo, Richard is being v. negative. I thought the producers pulled a nasty trick on the cheftestants by having their sous chefs go buy the produce while they butcher. I think if I were Richard, I'd rather have Spike do the butchering.

Dale is a flake. Forgetting to put away pork belly? of course, Steph should have checked on him. but what a professional. Instead of assigning blame (Lisa, cough, cough) she works through it. I hope that works.

Rice seems to be the bane of everyone's existence.

Please, please, please let Lisa be the one that goes home. My peeps are Steph and Blais though. People like to make fun of him because he's a total dork and he's been uncharacteristically bad-mouthy, but overall he's been pretty classy. So has Stephanie. Had she been Spike, she would have paired Dale with Lisa, Richard with Nikki. I think she must have forgotten about the clash between Lisa and Andrew, was probably trying to avoid clashes. Then again, Dale was the best of the losers. How did Nikki make it that far again?

Yay! the rumors aren't true about Richard getting eliminated! yay!

I wish they had had more judge discussion about winners because you didn't get any real sense of what they liked and didn't. that actually has been a problem all season long.

Lisa has the bouncer defensive look again.

She's from South Florida? Really?

Heck, it's looking grim for Antonia. No more Lisa!

The question is will Antonia's undercooked beans and undersophisticated cooking send her home or will Lisa's panoply of mistakes?? argh.

Ack, ick, bleh, yuck, pooey. It's like Wendy Pepper of Top Chef is in the final three.

Addendum: Lisa, you are a sore, sore, sore winner. I hope you go down in flames.

Tired and sleepy

Got sick, got bronchitis, can't seem to shake off lethargy, fatigue, etc. Since it's Top Chef finale night and I'm already got that burn eye feeling, will liveblog to stay awake.

In the meantime, awesome speech from Obama, scary speech from McCain and a whaaa? speech from Clinton. I guess she needs time but dang, talk about mixed signals. I think the flaw with her campaign was illuminated last night. Obama was all about "we" and "you" and we're in this together. Her speech used I or me many, many, many times. Somebody counted Obama's as two and hers as 19. Don't know how accurate that count is, but sounds about right. Which would be more inspiring?