Friday, June 13, 2008

Battle Star Galactica Finale 08

Hmmm. I didn't get a good glimpse but...was that the Jefferson Memorial? or something else.

The way to earth -- don't think these guys know. Are the cylons in for a big sorry surprise. Dream on Anders.

So Tory wants to give in to her cylon feelings. also, surprise, surprise.

So who is number 5? and why does D'Anna know there's only four? and what does it mean that she's been in communication?

And this really is the last eppy until 2009. Dang.

This is the Tory bitch we saw who killed Callie. I'm just a wee bit bummed that it's the lone female cylon who fully embraces her dark side. eru. what does this mean about Kara?

I have to say, Tighe is cool beyond words. Airlock them? That'll learn D'Anna. hah! Will Bill go along? Will Anders and Chief? And Tighe sounded so proud of it. The teeth gritting of Adama wasn't in reaction to Tighe confessing and him attacking. Then again Tighe gives in pretty quickly on giving the names of the other cylons.

And Baltar is being a good guy?!!! Of course using his b.s. artistry. I mean last week he even tried to convert a centurion and that was pretty hilarious. He's definitely my favorite character because of all his sleezy survivalist glory.

These three fracking cylons gave us earth. Tighe shows some suicidal tendencies, doesn't he? And actually some good acting because Anders and Chief also look relieved to be found out.

And Lee is acting pretty presidential.

So all the celebration and there has to be a catch. A nuclear winter? is this really earth?

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