Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Runway 5.1

So it begins, the final season on Bravo -- and I'm soooo worried about the move to Lifetime. You know it might not be so bad to move to LA or Lifetime because apparently it's trying to become more hip. But the Magical Elves won't be involved and some reality tv producer who is more known for sleeze is taking over. So I'm not optimistic. And the darlings over at Project Rungay report a vile rumor about the finale judge that, if true, is a big giant FU to Weinstein.

On to the show.

I didn't take notes, so some of the designers are a blur -- especially since Bravo kept them under wraps until Monday. But of the designers not in the top 3 or bottom 3, I was impressed with Terri and her mop crochet, the woman who made the paper towel dress, and the married guy with the pasta dress. The married guy I think of as Kevin II -- straight and bearded. The paper towel dress girl I couldn't identify in a police lineup. All those little twentysomething girls became a big blur.

They could have made a triple elimination and I wouldn't protest. All three designs were h-i-d-e-o-u-s. I felt for Jerry...but those gloves, those galoshes, that gauze. Stella was pretty defeatist. If she spent as much time in her design as she did futzing about the trash bags, she might have done something cool. And Blayne is tiresome -- and tangerine orange. As Robin Givhan of the WashPost said, he's Christian without the talent. Heidi was right. Butt ugly.

Of the finalists, I thought Koti (sp?) made the final three because she actually used produce. I loved Daniel's innovation and thought he pulled it off really well. Kelly's -- loved the skirt, hated the top. Have to say that I was wowed by the back and the way she used notebook clasps as her hooks. That was innovative. Either one winning was fine. Was it me, or was Nina less...incisive this time?

Overall, a good intro, except there are just too many designers.


Melissa Shockey said...

Have to say Stella should have gone home. Which of us would not have been able to make what she did? Jerry's was ugly, but it still showed some skill. And Blayne is trying so hard to be Christian with his "girlicious", it made me want to barf. What was that thing?

Lou said...

Ha! you and Scott agree. I could see why they kept Stella -- she's more "interesting." that's got to be the sole, lone reason....