Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Chef All Stars

So I haven't blogged all season. It's been a stressful beginning of the year. And now I'm in the middle of 11-hour work days. Leave when it's dark. Return home when it's dark, even with the time change.

But. I. Must. Vent.

Last week, we have our five finalists. yay. Carla loses. Boo. And boo to the Elves for making them have to cook all over again that very same day instead of pushing things back.

But my vent may be arcane trivia.

What the heck? Does becoming a chef mean you didn't take history or civics classes? How the HECK could you not know that the Bahamas don't have royalty? That no country in the western hemisphere has royalty? Except the countries like Canada and, oh, the BAHAMAS, that have some vestigial ties to England and the old lady who lives there.

Also guess you didn't read about how Columbus and conquistadors who followed wiped out all the Indians in the Caribbean. While technically, the Bahamas aren't Caribbean, well, that is where Columbus landed first.


I understand Richard lost a parent. But really, Richard, get some mental health counseling, see a therapist.

So if Richard, despite his self doubts, or Antonia win, I'll be fine. But if Douchebag Mike does I'll be really upset.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top Chef All-Stars

Finally blogging!
I keep having to get up at ungodly hours so keep watching TC All-Stars at off hours. Have to admit, though, that I love, love, love this season.

The concepts for the competitions over all have been a lot of fun, even if Jennifer C went home early. Carla won for nut stew and got to go to Italy. Hootie-hoo!

This ep is typical. Having them compete against Tom Colicchio's time and his time being 8.37 minutes was a major hoot. I'm sure he practiced a few times and had his recipe planned to a T, but it was still fun.

Dim Sum! My first introduction to dim sum was in San Francisco, of course. I was overwhelmed both times about the carts whizzing by with overwhelming selections (and lack of language skills). You just point and hope you made the right selection. This would be very challenging.

Wonder what sis J is thinking about the grocery shopping scene since she spends a lot of time now in Chinese grocery stores in Arlington, Va.. which has an enormous Asian population. My couple of times with her in the Chinese stores was rather overwhelming.

Love how these chefs were doing prissy presentations when people were famished. Lots of impatient looking folks. Definitely dim sum is not about presentation.  The subtitles are hilarious. Wonder if they're accurate.

Worried about Carla and Casey. Rooting for Jamie to go.

Dale really? I was guessing (or cheering) Tiffany.

Pleeeeaaaassssee don't send Carla home. I'd feel sorry for Casey except she said use a wok instead of deep fry. sounds like deep fry would have been the right way to go. Ja-mie, Ja-mie, Ja-mie. She just hasn't been in the game.

Rats. I'd rather see Jamie go home.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Runway

Mondo, Mondo, Mondo.

He's the only reason to watch PR this season. All the other designers are dull and drab. Hated Ivy, glad to see her gone. That dress looked amateurish. I love elextric blue, so how can you make it look so awful. It looked like a dress an evil bride would impose on her frenemies.

Mondo's as usual was interesting. I loved his commercial look though I couldn't wear it. And he is the cutest pocket gay.

I'm amazed the judges loved Gretchen's because I thought it looked really dowdy and 1950s Auntie Mame loungewear when it came down the runway. Maybe the feathers looked better in RL than on the tv screen. She really is a Nellie.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Chef Finale

I've been trying to catch up since vacation on my Top Chefs. Heartbroken that Tiffany was eliminated before the finale, so I didn't really have someone I was inclined to root for. Maybe Kelly.

Then Kelly got eliminated. But they were in Singapore. And then didn't show very much of it. The street hawkers are amazing. That was the best food we had in the city-state. The sit-down fancy restaurant wasn't nearly as good.

They telegraphed the winner last night with the edit of Ed and Angelo focusing on each other. I told S, I bet that means Kevin won. I noticed the magical elves very carefully edited out whatever the judges said about his seafood dish. That probably means they loved it more than life itself and it would have given away the game.

Ilan is still a smarmy donkeyhole. Hung is still speed demon. And Kevin was lucky to have Michael V.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Rome and Florence were molta bella. We're already plotting a way to go back if we can manage to save up the money to return.

The whole trip went mostly smoothly, except Mom busting her knee. It was almost unbelievable. The flights were on time. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. The tours were fantastic, the hotel and apartment beyond our expectations.

Everyone should go see David. You get a whole new perspective when you see him in 3D. If you look at the usual front on picture, he looks relaxed. Until you're there and see the veins bulging in his hands and arms, the frown between his eyes as he gazes at someone,  tension in his back. Then you realize: Michelangelo was capturing David just before he slew Goliath. He was tensing up, ready to swing his sling.

We saw a couple of other sculptures of David by Donatello. The first is rather stiff, early in Donatello's career. The second also features an almost nude David, only a prissy little boy with long blond locks, a fey hat and boots as he stands over Goliath's head in triumph.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Runway

Wasn't planning to blog about Project Runway, but damn, girlfriend. The judges are definitely doing crack or sniffing glue because those were some whack choices.

Christopher was on the bottom, really?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And Michael C. won?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Not Michael D. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It was funny to see Philip Treacy smiling politely. If I could do thought bubbles, I'd have one of him thinking ? about some of the choices. He clearly was not a fan of Valerie (and I'm amazed she was in the top. Tim was right about those zippers. ick.) But then again, he liked Michael C's too. If I were convinced that he chose the shimmering fabric to go with the mask, I'd be with them. But it was a happy accident.

And when are they going to recognize the fabulousness of Mondo?

Top Chef DC! 9 CIA

My computer had a low battery during Top Chef so I didn't type any notes. I hate the move back to 10, because I start nodding off.

So random thoughts.

At any rate, I want to rewatch the mystery box thing. That looked like a tough challenge. All the chefs looked drained and exhausted at the end. We're nearing the end of the show (and dang, I think the finale runs while we're gone) and this challenge now is probably even more tiring.

Wylie Dufresne still doesn't look like a chef. He looks like a Bill Gates-like computer geek.

I can't believe all these chefs had spy fantasies. Amanda acted like they were going to cook for Brad Pitt or something. 

Of all the things to be a fangirl about. Leon Pannetta seems to have a good sense of humor. Wonder how many of the people id'd as "human resources director," CIA "attorney," etc really do top secret stuff.

And the chefs really didn't seem inspired by the challenge. Kelly never had Kung Pao chicken, really? What kind of Chinese takeout do they have in Colorado anyway?

Did you notice Angelo targeting Amanda as his next victim? Though since Tamesha left, they started building up Alex as the villain. Wonder if the Magical Elves focus back on Angelo now that Alex is gone. Angelo did seem mentally wiped out. The rivalry with Kenny might have propped up his focus and now that Kenny is gone, he lost it. I thought he was a goner, thank you Magical Elves editors.

Buh-bye, Alex. Won't miss you.

And Tiffany wins two double-headers. Cool. She's got her wedding paid for and now a honeymoon in Paris. Even if she doesn't win the whole shebang, she definitely comes out ahead!