Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Chef Finale

I've been trying to catch up since vacation on my Top Chefs. Heartbroken that Tiffany was eliminated before the finale, so I didn't really have someone I was inclined to root for. Maybe Kelly.

Then Kelly got eliminated. But they were in Singapore. And then didn't show very much of it. The street hawkers are amazing. That was the best food we had in the city-state. The sit-down fancy restaurant wasn't nearly as good.

They telegraphed the winner last night with the edit of Ed and Angelo focusing on each other. I told S, I bet that means Kevin won. I noticed the magical elves very carefully edited out whatever the judges said about his seafood dish. That probably means they loved it more than life itself and it would have given away the game.

Ilan is still a smarmy donkeyhole. Hung is still speed demon. And Kevin was lucky to have Michael V.

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