Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Runway 6.2

So Mitchell got off lucky last week. If he had sent what he originally intended down the runway, it would have landed him in the bottom 3. Can you say Victorian? I guess they liked the collar, though.

I have no clue who the actress is they're designing for. But cool that a pregnant woman is one of the challenges. Certainly we viewers have seen Heidi preggers many times over the years, including for that all-stars ep.

Did I see one of the designers coming up with some sort of suit? Now that would be cool because you never see a fitted jacket for a pregnant woman. It's easy to do flowy empire waist type things.

I think it was Shirin with the suit jacket and she did have a cute little dress last week even if she didn't make the top 3. Poor Ra'mon (even if he had to add an extraneous apostrophe to his name) -- I see where he was trying to go but Mitchell might be right. Speaking of Mitchell, looks as though he's not using his time well -- again.

Malvin is irritating. He seems to like canvassy type material, doesn't he? And doing all that intellectualizing over his clothes. To quote Santino: "Lighten up, it's just fashion!"

Hoping Mitchell is out and not Ra'mon. The pre-commercial preview is making me nervous. Malvin is either the winner or the loser. Haven't decided because we haven't seen the bottom of his outfit. The brief glimpse of Shirin's jacket looked cute. A lot of them looked boring, though at least in some different colors.

So my vote for winner is Shirin and loser is Malvin.

Yep, I was right. Mitchell squeaks by again. Bizarre is losing to poor execution this year. Interesting.

PS watched five minutes of Runway Models and the models clearly hate, hate, hate Mitchell.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Chef 6.2

Boyz vs. Girlz. I'm with Jennc on this. Sheez. You can do better than this, TC. Girls v. Boys. What? Are we back in the 70s?

I think Ashley was whiny about the wedding. The first wedding challenge Top Chef did, after all, was for a gay couple in San Francisco for the five minutes gays could get married there.  If it hadn't ever featured one, then maybe you'd have a point. If you wanted to say "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if gayz could get hitched in Vegaz, you know, like, Sin City," then just make your point and carry on.  Otherwise, you're not helping the cause.

Hate to admit it but the Boyz Team did seem to have a stronger set. Though Mike I. is not one of the  contendahs this time. HAH-hah, as Nelson would say. Of the Girlz' food, really, Jennc's sounded great (I lurv well-cooked octopus and the subtly smoky flavor. Badly cooked tastes like burnt rubber). So did Robin's and Laurine's (which one had the lamb lollipop?mmmm).  Jesse's sounded good, but apparently didn't taste all that great. 

"It is what it is." How many cheftestants have used that? Join the IIWII Club, Ashley!

I'm guessing Eve is the lozer. She seems like a little lost lamb. It's the second time she messed up shrimp and cooked something "unbalanced." And a little bit of a klutz -- she apparently had a cast on one of her legs from an accident in the airport -- maybe she was drugged and that's why she seemed rather clueless. Jennc also nearly got her throat slashed from Eve's wandering knife. Farewell, Eve, we hardly knew you or your nearly Canadian/Minnesotan accent. 

Nicknames for everybody. Mike I is the George W. Bush of the season. I don't think any season has had one before.

Weekend fun

And the problem with moving things around: a lot of dust is stirred up. So for the second weekend in a row, I suffered with sweeping up dust bunnies and thought I was feeling crappy because of that. Then we ordered takeout Thai for an early dinner since we didn't eat lunch during our busy project. 

The toilet and I soon became very good friends. Couldn't even hold down the Pink Stuff. I thought I had food poisoning.

Next morning, aches all over (was it the heavy duty workout the morning before?) until I took my temperature. Hmm. 100 degrees. Then the chills set in and I couldn't move from the couch. 102 degrees. Oh dear. 8-10 saltines, water and apple juice was all I could stand on Sunday. What a fun weekend! 

This was on top of the frustration of the internet going out again. I thought maybe another cause of my illness was junkie withdrawal from the 'net.

Home decor

While I wait for the new TC episode, might as well catch up on my postings. Our living room is beginning to look polished and professional. We moved our entertainment unit up into the office and got a new piece from Crate and Barrel. Procrastination paid off. They discontinued it so it was on clearance by the time we ordered. Yay us. 

Then we hemmed and hawed between two brands of tvs and put off the decision. When we finally decided and S went back to BB to order, its price was reduced. Procrastination rules.

So the living room is much more open now and looks almost....big! not really, but a girl can dream.

Top Chef 6.1

So my computer and our internet are finally working so I might try to live blog again!

Mel is right. That hoop ear of Jennz gave me the heeby jeebies. There is an advantage to having an analog computer. The screen isn't as refined so you don't see all the details. All I noticed before was her neck tat.  Guess in another week, when we get our 42 inch, I won't be missing them anymore. Does Padma have pores?

What is up with all the tats and piercings this year?

This first ep left me with at least three to five chefs that left a favorable impression. Jennc is is first because I want another girl to win. Is that sexist of me? Better than Mike I's sexism. Today he wrote a note to the Washpost food critic saying that he's good friends with Jennc and he was kidding around when he made that statement. Allrighty then. I could buy that if he hadn't also made the comment about Robin being an old lady.

Kevin is second because he turned down a full ride scholarship to MIT to cook. How cool is that? He seems to have mad skilz.

Third is probably Bryan because he is a hometown boy (well, if 20-30 miles away is hometown)  and the real hometown boy is el donkeyhole, he's got a great rep and he seems a nerd. Jesse would tie with him but I'm shallow, I don't like lip piercings especially in a chef. How can that possible help your palate? Hear her restaurant in B'more is great, though.

And finally Ron, a Hollywood Haitian guy who seems a sweetie pie and wasn't able to articulate his vice very well (I think he had trouble letting go of his hair-raising ride to the US). And Martinne makes me want to fluff his hair and get all maternal with his cute little red Basque kerchief.

But it does seem to be a great group this year. We'll watch what happens!


Got the U2 tix. it was so long ago that we bought them. not yet ready to get psyched.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Chef returns

Wow, I've been a negligent blogger this summer. Got out of the habit after a crazy April, I guess.

Quick post as I start my work day -- couldn't liveblog last night because our broadband seems to be down.

I was going to root for Michael I as the hometown guy and because I adore Zaytinya's. Nope, no more. Sexist pig.

Bryan seems good, though Frederick is a long way away. Right now, my pick is Jenn.