Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend fun

And the problem with moving things around: a lot of dust is stirred up. So for the second weekend in a row, I suffered with sweeping up dust bunnies and thought I was feeling crappy because of that. Then we ordered takeout Thai for an early dinner since we didn't eat lunch during our busy project. 

The toilet and I soon became very good friends. Couldn't even hold down the Pink Stuff. I thought I had food poisoning.

Next morning, aches all over (was it the heavy duty workout the morning before?) until I took my temperature. Hmm. 100 degrees. Then the chills set in and I couldn't move from the couch. 102 degrees. Oh dear. 8-10 saltines, water and apple juice was all I could stand on Sunday. What a fun weekend! 

This was on top of the frustration of the internet going out again. I thought maybe another cause of my illness was junkie withdrawal from the 'net.

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