Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Chef 6.1

So my computer and our internet are finally working so I might try to live blog again!

Mel is right. That hoop ear of Jennz gave me the heeby jeebies. There is an advantage to having an analog computer. The screen isn't as refined so you don't see all the details. All I noticed before was her neck tat.  Guess in another week, when we get our 42 inch, I won't be missing them anymore. Does Padma have pores?

What is up with all the tats and piercings this year?

This first ep left me with at least three to five chefs that left a favorable impression. Jennc is is first because I want another girl to win. Is that sexist of me? Better than Mike I's sexism. Today he wrote a note to the Washpost food critic saying that he's good friends with Jennc and he was kidding around when he made that statement. Allrighty then. I could buy that if he hadn't also made the comment about Robin being an old lady.

Kevin is second because he turned down a full ride scholarship to MIT to cook. How cool is that? He seems to have mad skilz.

Third is probably Bryan because he is a hometown boy (well, if 20-30 miles away is hometown)  and the real hometown boy is el donkeyhole, he's got a great rep and he seems a nerd. Jesse would tie with him but I'm shallow, I don't like lip piercings especially in a chef. How can that possible help your palate? Hear her restaurant in B'more is great, though.

And finally Ron, a Hollywood Haitian guy who seems a sweetie pie and wasn't able to articulate his vice very well (I think he had trouble letting go of his hair-raising ride to the US). And Martinne makes me want to fluff his hair and get all maternal with his cute little red Basque kerchief.

But it does seem to be a great group this year. We'll watch what happens!

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