Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Runway 6.2

So Mitchell got off lucky last week. If he had sent what he originally intended down the runway, it would have landed him in the bottom 3. Can you say Victorian? I guess they liked the collar, though.

I have no clue who the actress is they're designing for. But cool that a pregnant woman is one of the challenges. Certainly we viewers have seen Heidi preggers many times over the years, including for that all-stars ep.

Did I see one of the designers coming up with some sort of suit? Now that would be cool because you never see a fitted jacket for a pregnant woman. It's easy to do flowy empire waist type things.

I think it was Shirin with the suit jacket and she did have a cute little dress last week even if she didn't make the top 3. Poor Ra'mon (even if he had to add an extraneous apostrophe to his name) -- I see where he was trying to go but Mitchell might be right. Speaking of Mitchell, looks as though he's not using his time well -- again.

Malvin is irritating. He seems to like canvassy type material, doesn't he? And doing all that intellectualizing over his clothes. To quote Santino: "Lighten up, it's just fashion!"

Hoping Mitchell is out and not Ra'mon. The pre-commercial preview is making me nervous. Malvin is either the winner or the loser. Haven't decided because we haven't seen the bottom of his outfit. The brief glimpse of Shirin's jacket looked cute. A lot of them looked boring, though at least in some different colors.

So my vote for winner is Shirin and loser is Malvin.

Yep, I was right. Mitchell squeaks by again. Bizarre is losing to poor execution this year. Interesting.

PS watched five minutes of Runway Models and the models clearly hate, hate, hate Mitchell.

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