Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Chef 6.2

Boyz vs. Girlz. I'm with Jennc on this. Sheez. You can do better than this, TC. Girls v. Boys. What? Are we back in the 70s?

I think Ashley was whiny about the wedding. The first wedding challenge Top Chef did, after all, was for a gay couple in San Francisco for the five minutes gays could get married there.  If it hadn't ever featured one, then maybe you'd have a point. If you wanted to say "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if gayz could get hitched in Vegaz, you know, like, Sin City," then just make your point and carry on.  Otherwise, you're not helping the cause.

Hate to admit it but the Boyz Team did seem to have a stronger set. Though Mike I. is not one of the  contendahs this time. HAH-hah, as Nelson would say. Of the Girlz' food, really, Jennc's sounded great (I lurv well-cooked octopus and the subtly smoky flavor. Badly cooked tastes like burnt rubber). So did Robin's and Laurine's (which one had the lamb lollipop?mmmm).  Jesse's sounded good, but apparently didn't taste all that great. 

"It is what it is." How many cheftestants have used that? Join the IIWII Club, Ashley!

I'm guessing Eve is the lozer. She seems like a little lost lamb. It's the second time she messed up shrimp and cooked something "unbalanced." And a little bit of a klutz -- she apparently had a cast on one of her legs from an accident in the airport -- maybe she was drugged and that's why she seemed rather clueless. Jennc also nearly got her throat slashed from Eve's wandering knife. Farewell, Eve, we hardly knew you or your nearly Canadian/Minnesotan accent. 

Nicknames for everybody. Mike I is the George W. Bush of the season. I don't think any season has had one before.

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