Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Runway

Mondo, Mondo, Mondo.

He's the only reason to watch PR this season. All the other designers are dull and drab. Hated Ivy, glad to see her gone. That dress looked amateurish. I love elextric blue, so how can you make it look so awful. It looked like a dress an evil bride would impose on her frenemies.

Mondo's as usual was interesting. I loved his commercial look though I couldn't wear it. And he is the cutest pocket gay.

I'm amazed the judges loved Gretchen's because I thought it looked really dowdy and 1950s Auntie Mame loungewear when it came down the runway. Maybe the feathers looked better in RL than on the tv screen. She really is a Nellie.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Chef Finale

I've been trying to catch up since vacation on my Top Chefs. Heartbroken that Tiffany was eliminated before the finale, so I didn't really have someone I was inclined to root for. Maybe Kelly.

Then Kelly got eliminated. But they were in Singapore. And then didn't show very much of it. The street hawkers are amazing. That was the best food we had in the city-state. The sit-down fancy restaurant wasn't nearly as good.

They telegraphed the winner last night with the edit of Ed and Angelo focusing on each other. I told S, I bet that means Kevin won. I noticed the magical elves very carefully edited out whatever the judges said about his seafood dish. That probably means they loved it more than life itself and it would have given away the game.

Ilan is still a smarmy donkeyhole. Hung is still speed demon. And Kevin was lucky to have Michael V.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Rome and Florence were molta bella. We're already plotting a way to go back if we can manage to save up the money to return.

The whole trip went mostly smoothly, except Mom busting her knee. It was almost unbelievable. The flights were on time. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. The tours were fantastic, the hotel and apartment beyond our expectations.

Everyone should go see David. You get a whole new perspective when you see him in 3D. If you look at the usual front on picture, he looks relaxed. Until you're there and see the veins bulging in his hands and arms, the frown between his eyes as he gazes at someone,  tension in his back. Then you realize: Michelangelo was capturing David just before he slew Goliath. He was tensing up, ready to swing his sling.

We saw a couple of other sculptures of David by Donatello. The first is rather stiff, early in Donatello's career. The second also features an almost nude David, only a prissy little boy with long blond locks, a fey hat and boots as he stands over Goliath's head in triumph.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Runway

Wasn't planning to blog about Project Runway, but damn, girlfriend. The judges are definitely doing crack or sniffing glue because those were some whack choices.

Christopher was on the bottom, really?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And Michael C. won?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Not Michael D. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It was funny to see Philip Treacy smiling politely. If I could do thought bubbles, I'd have one of him thinking ? about some of the choices. He clearly was not a fan of Valerie (and I'm amazed she was in the top. Tim was right about those zippers. ick.) But then again, he liked Michael C's too. If I were convinced that he chose the shimmering fabric to go with the mask, I'd be with them. But it was a happy accident.

And when are they going to recognize the fabulousness of Mondo?

Top Chef DC! 9 CIA

My computer had a low battery during Top Chef so I didn't type any notes. I hate the move back to 10, because I start nodding off.

So random thoughts.

At any rate, I want to rewatch the mystery box thing. That looked like a tough challenge. All the chefs looked drained and exhausted at the end. We're nearing the end of the show (and dang, I think the finale runs while we're gone) and this challenge now is probably even more tiring.

Wylie Dufresne still doesn't look like a chef. He looks like a Bill Gates-like computer geek.

I can't believe all these chefs had spy fantasies. Amanda acted like they were going to cook for Brad Pitt or something. 

Of all the things to be a fangirl about. Leon Pannetta seems to have a good sense of humor. Wonder how many of the people id'd as "human resources director," CIA "attorney," etc really do top secret stuff.

And the chefs really didn't seem inspired by the challenge. Kelly never had Kung Pao chicken, really? What kind of Chinese takeout do they have in Colorado anyway?

Did you notice Angelo targeting Amanda as his next victim? Though since Tamesha left, they started building up Alex as the villain. Wonder if the Magical Elves focus back on Angelo now that Alex is gone. Angelo did seem mentally wiped out. The rivalry with Kenny might have propped up his focus and now that Kenny is gone, he lost it. I thought he was a goner, thank you Magical Elves editors.

Buh-bye, Alex. Won't miss you.

And Tiffany wins two double-headers. Cool. She's got her wedding paid for and now a honeymoon in Paris. Even if she doesn't win the whole shebang, she definitely comes out ahead!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top Chef DC! 9 Restaurant Wars

It's restaurant wars week! will it be a shocker or the obvious person? People in DC were rooting for the person naming their restaurant EVOO to go home. Angelo it is! Then again, he's talented so I'm not quite ready for him to go. Just not to win.

Quickfire challenge is the relay race, which is my favorite. It's interesting how the blue team managed to incorporate Amanda into the relay but Alex was a disaster on the other. Nancy Pelosi was quintessential politician. Someone else probably would have made a crack about salt licks, while she diplomatically said one barely edged out the other. uh-huh.

So the one team is totally organized, knows what they're going to do and when they're going to do it. The other team hasn't even conceived their dishes yet. Well, the magical elves are at work. You think, organized team will rock.

2121! That's the address of my office. The TC House was only 4 blocks north. And I just noticed that they're *driving* to the Hilton. Hey, the place is a five minute walk. Why would you drive there?

It might not be a good strategy to isolate one of your chefs. Especially to put him at the front of the house. As manic and unorganized as he is, is that the place for him? Alex is whacko but is he that bad?

Uh, yes he is. How much I hate Alex. What an absolute donkey hole. The waiters are not your serfs, dear, no matter what they did in the Motherland.

Terrible outfit, Kelly. Looks like prison garb. But at least you look organized and attentive unlike Alex, who can't tell pork from lamb chops.

Frank Bruni as a guest judge, awesome. And wine guys. With a bottle for someone and 50 of their closest friends. Bottles come that big, really?

At any rate, is this going to be a big upset or is one of the weaker ones going home? I thought Alex was a sure thing, but they seem to like the food from the red team better.

I was right. Good for Ed. Looks like Tiffany was messed up by Alex's poor scaling skills, but at least she was safe.

Kevin has quite a temper on him, doesn't he? Not that I blame him. Alex really should be going home, especially if what blue team members say is true. Is it ironic that Alex's official dish has pea puree? But, nonetheless, it's not classy to try to point away when you're not doing that well.

I had a feeling it was going to be Kenny going home and it was. Just like Tre from Top Chef Miami (was that season 3?). He did two terrible dishes. Hamburger Helper, indeed. Fried goat cheese, especially that big hunk. Yuck. Kenny, you didn't listen to the judges when they told you to edit in previous episodes.

The beast has been slaughtered.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top Chef DC! 8

So sister M, my one reader, was in town last week and I didn't write a blog because she was watching it with me.

Did Alex steal the pea puree. Actually I'm buying Dom's (aka Skillet Doux) argument that it's unlikely because he wouldn't know whether the camera would be focused on him while he was doing his thing. Also one of SD's fans noted a pot o' peas cooking behind Alex. However, I wouldn't put it past him to have dumped out Ed's pea puree.

So FINALLY, they do a quickfire that has something to do with the real DC, not the political inside-the-beltway, Villagers crappola. Yes, Ethiopian! I adore Ethiopian, especially now that we have an incredible version of an Ethiopian restaurant in our 'hood. The funny thing about the stuff is I generally prefer the veggie dishes over the meat ones. Maybe it's because veggies are easier to pick up with injeri bread.

Marc Samuelsson has turned a new leaf since he won Top Chef Master's. Maybe he read the criticisms about how competitive he was. At any rate, it was great that he offered constructive criticism of the bottom dishes and found something positive to say about each dish.

And yay that Tiffany won immunity! And great that Iago had the smug smirk wiped off his face. He thought he had this one sewn up since he knows Ethiopian food. To quote Nelson, HAH-hah.

Tiffany scores again getting Mexico. What else is a girl from Dallas supposed to do? Her tamales looked majorly yummy. And she scores again! someone else has won immunity and elimination before, right? Whether or not, you go girl!

Poor Stephen. Brazilian food is a wonderful blend of African, Asian and Latin cuisine. He, of course, was confusing Brazil with Argentina when he talked about chimichurri. Yes, there are Brazilian steakhouses but I associate steakhouses with Argentina, not Brazil. What I love from Brazil is moqueca, the seafood stew with palm oil and dried shrimp. Or the other seafood stew with coconut milk.

Kevin seemed to do well with Indian without knowing how to cook it. I note that Padma did not contribute when the judges were critiquing his food. Kelly got terrific praise from an Italian representative. Cool. I thought maybe she'd get dinged for doing something that simple.

After the Chinese ambassador was complimentary toward Ed, I was surprised to see him on the bottom.

Alex got nailed by Jose Andres, HAH-hah. Bet you wouldn't have chosen Spain if you'd known he was a judge. If you're in DC, Zaytinya and Oyamel are definitely worth the while, albeit a bit noisy. Cafe Atlantico has terrific guacamole that they make in volcanic ash bowls and dress right at your table. Minibar I have not experienced and not likely to unless we win the lottery. Also you also have to win the reservation lottery to go there. They only have six seats and open reservations a month ahead of time. So the seats go very very very fast.

Finally Stephen is given a merciful end. He seemed like a funny guy, but waaaaay over his head.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

top Chef DC! 6

I like the quickfire concept of this episode in part but not the elimination challenge. First the concept was boring -- Cold War, really? How -- 80s.

The quickfire is a familiar one. How often have top chefs in the past had to use offal and exotic stuff? The twist was egregious, even ridiculous.

Andrea revealed herself to be pretty self-involved and egotistical. Yeah, girlfriend, you're up there with Michelle Bernstein. Sure, go ahead and blame your kids for falling behind her.

Alex doesn't know how to cook ostrich. I've had ostrich in enough restaurants to think that's pretty pathetic. It doesn't taste like chicken -- it tastes like steak. You serve it rare -- like steak. So of course it was dry. And Alex, you are now most definitely on my villain list with Angelo with your sneaky subterfuge with Amanda. I don't care for Amanda either, but please be professional.

So could I eat llama? I don't know. Does it taste like cow? They're very cute. But so are cows. I definitely couldn't eat white duck kidneys. eeewwwww. Just like Rocky Mountain oysters.

Brief pause for Washington, DC excitement. Dupont Circle! in a quick glimpse. Their tour on the Sequoia makes me curious. Is that tour available to regular people?  I wasn't recognizing the coast at all -- where were they?

So the elimination challenge is really boring. The magical elves don't explain the vocabulary and don't explain the techniques. There wasn't a whole lot of time spent on cooking because of the way the judging was structured.

And I'm not sure if I like the chefs judging each other. It's a page from a different kind of reality show. Perhaps Kenny did deserve to be on the bottom, since the judges didn't bring anyone else into the room, but you can't help but be suspicious. But cartilege sounds like an egregious sin to me, Amanda.

Tom Colicchio has the best facial expressions. When they started trashing Kevin's dish, his face was priceless, as if he was saying "you guys are just too much." You aren't impressing the head judge with your pickiness, buckos.

Commercial break. Oh dear lord, I'm dreading this DC housewives series. Bleh, yuck, poohey. I'm already sick of the Saledis as it is. Isn't their 15 minutes of fame over already?

So the second group seemed fairer and not as harsh in its judgments. As much as I hate Kenny's macho posturing, at least he's not a slimy Iago-type like Angelo, going around whispering poison in others' ears.

Tamesha's dish must have been nasty, judging from the expression on Gayle's face. She was pretty quiet at judge's table and at the dining table, too. Wonder if she's holding in the words for her new show on dessert making. I'm not that much of a dessert eater, so not certain if I'll get into it.

Then again Michelle Bernstein didn't really like Kenny's dish either, so would the judges have chosen someone else to add if the bottom wasn't really so surprising. In fact, Tom in his blog said Kenny deserved to be there.

But wh00sh that he stayed. This season seems lacking in talent, so they need to hold on to every consistent winner they can. But I kinda wonder if Angelo is somehow psyching out Kenny.

I'm sorry to see Tamesha go since she was the hometown girl and the Post and other outlets have been giving the new version of the Oval Room a thumbs-up. She sold me with irritation with Amanda. And she seemed talented -- ended up in the top on this week's Quickfire. At least she won't have Angelo whispering in her ear anymore.

PS I really did not need to know about Ed and Angelo's girlfriend. Really. Honestly. That's something for Sleezy Island, not Top Chef.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top Chef DC! 5

So I'm still a bit bummed about last week. Chefs who should have been at the bottom were getting getting immunity and one of the more entertaining chefs was eliminated.

Finally, they get a challenge that really has something to do with DC. I have to admit I find blue crabs a real pain in the tush to eat. It's a lot of work for not much crab. Much better to go over to Miz Charlotte's of the green house, bullet-proof glass and all. Nothing beats buying a lump crabmeat sandwich and awesome collard greens and taking over to Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens (especially when the lotus blossoms are blooming).

I'm getting a wee bit tired of Kenny's alpha male talk. Methinks he protests too much. Geez, give it a break. You might make start rooting for Angelo.

Speaking of which, what's up with his obsession with Tamesha. He even gave her some help during the quickfire, which is very un-Angelo-like. And what's up with the flirtation when he has a baby. Hello?

My guess is either Kevin or Tamesha are going home. OK, Tamesha is getting the loser edit with the family talk. Bad sign.

I really hate Timothy's mustache. It really irritates me.

Well, actually, the group seems to be working together, giving each other advice and tasting each other's food. That's a refreshing break from the back-biting and sniping we've seen so far. Despite his chest-thumping, sounds like Kenny does have leadership skilz.

Well, thank goodness they didn't do the usual loser edit. Even with the alpha male crappola, Kenny probably still deserved the win. I'm glad to see that it wasn't the Kenny and Angelo show.

The usual three on the bottom. They could cut all three and not lose anything.

Huh? I didn't quite understand Patrick's critique of Stephen's salad.

Tom just sounded like a teacher giving a lecture to Amanda.

I could listen to Eric Ripert all day. I could sit on a beach sipping a fine Sauvignon Blanc and listen to him reading a telephone book. (slaps own face, must snap out of it)

I just realized why Amanda grates. She sounds like every entitled, trust-fund female intern from Ivy League, privileged schools working in Washington, DC. They all have that same nasal-ly voice as they walk down the street talking on cell phones. How do you end up with that voice?

Not going to miss the Player. Buh-bye!

Edited to add: Patrick is Patrick O'Connell, chef and owner of the Inn at Little Washington. It's supposed to be the place you go to for special anniversary dinners and other special occasions. Of course, you're probably going to drop $150 to $200 per person, the reason we're not going there anytime soon -- unless we win the lottery. And since we don't play the lottery....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Work of Art

Geez, the bimbo with the fake boobs who doesn't know Jane Austen from a paper bag is still there. This show is pretentious claptrap.

Top Chef DC! 4

So I'm feeling jeeeaaaalousss of my sister, M, who got to try Richard Blais' new restaurant, Flip. I want stories!

Meanwhile, Tracey gets the best loser award last week. Her farewell was gracious and professional and not at all whiny. Not much else can be said about that episode, except maybe that it didn't do justice to Mount Vernon, which is one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world. If only Maryland doesn't develop the other side of the Potomac, it will remain perfect.

Otherwise, I'm getting bored of all the DC cliches. Bring on the soul food, the Ethiopian community, the farmers' markets, the crabcakes.  

This bunch of chefs is not winning me over. There are way too many sour, dour Lisas in this group and not enough nerdy Blaises or intense Voltaggios.

Baby food, really? Babies don't have much taste. Or at least they can't express their pleasure or displeasure too much. Much like cats.

How is it Padma always gets some thing that is wrong, a stray lemon seed? At least they had to cook grownup food too. Though I imagine any baby would spit out these chefs' food. Doesn't seem baby foodesque to me.

So Tamesha wins! good for the hometown girl who has gotten zero, Z-E-R-O attention thus far. Tim, who actually works in Baltimore, not DC, is a poseur. And I root for Kenny to win over Angelo any day even though he's a bit dour. The back story was sad, though.

I think Lynne might be getting the loser edit. Looked like Amanda was running through Whole Foods with yet another bottle of booze. She does like her alcohol. Even for kids.

A sexual harassment interlude. Lovely. Doesn't Angelo have a new baby?

Hmmm. Foreshadowing last week. Ed was badmouthing Alex. Now the reverse. 

Tiffany carries Tim with her! She's actually someone I'm rather rooting for because she worked her way up from IHOP. Classic American bootstraps story. Too bad her partner was the Poseur.

And rats on Amanda. 

What the frack is gnudi? Sometimes I wish Top Chef would define this stuff.

I don't want Kenny or Kelly to go home, so I guess I have to root for Lynn and Arnold as the losers. sigh. Don't know that sending a team home is fair because there's a lot of strong chefs on the bottom. It would be so wrong if either Kenny or Kelly went home. 

Spike is such a pretentious donkey.

Wow, they made the other chefs hang out and wait for the results. OK, Kelly is safe. If they send Kenny home, will be very bummed.

I love Tom's facial expressions. Arnold's blathering was not selling him. The judges' comments edits are hinting at a Kenny Kevin departure but Lynn got the loser edit, so I can only hope.

Shoo. Kenny is saved. But sorry to see the bottom. That was rough. 

Edited to add: This heat gives me middle of the night insomnia. Even with the fans going, our bedroom gets really hot. So I got to watch TC again.

Lynne is a jerk. She acted as if Arnold lost the contest but it was her fussing about overcooking the pasta that led it to be underdone. Then she points out the pasta is underdone as if it wasn't her fault. Good riddance to her.

Also, they didn't make a big deal of Nora, the guest judge. I didn't even catch her name. I've been to both her restaurants, though prefer Nora Asia. Her restaurant was the first to be certified organic in DC. She's this area's Alice Waters. I didn't know she was German or Austrian, or whatever that accent is.

And finally, Alex is a wanker. How many sex jokes did he cram into his three minutes of on-camera interviews. Methinks he protests too much.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Chef DC!3

I got home late from work and didn't get into it first 15 mines, so I must re-watch before blogging. I will say I could have sworn Steven was going home. He was getting the loser's edit.

And I'm sooooo glad Amanda didn't win, no matter how much people liked her ribs. Too close to Leah.

Won't miss Rosie O'Donnell's clone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Next American Artist

I was typing up my blog for Top Chef while Next American Artist was blaring. Geez, these people are illiterate. Pride and Prejudice a tragic story. Really? Really? Methinks you're confusing it with Wuthering Heights. Neither Darcy nor Heathcliff would wear a derby hat, by the way. Maybe you saw the cover of Unbearable Lightness of Being somewhere.

Got to give the kid credit for sitting up to read Frankenstein. Even though he should have read Frankenstein in school. Or at least seen one of the movie adaptations.

Anyway, I'm rooting for one of the two women illustrating P & P to go home. Jane Austen rules!

Top Chef DC! 2

So some of these chefs are starting to show their colors --- so to speak. And they aren't very attractive.

I was thinking of rooting for Tamesha since she is so young and works in a top DC restaurant, but dang, girl. Gnocchi, for kids? Are you kidding me? Don't get me wrong, I love gnocchi when done well. But not for kids.  Sherry jus for a chicken dish doesn't seem very smart to me. So maybe Tamesha was right.

And Kelly's got an ego almost as big as Angelo's. At least he can walk the walk. Can she?

Tracy was nicer this week. I think her "hick" joke last week was just that, that she wasn't serious. She just makes stupid jokes. She did seem to enjoy having her arm around Angelo.

The best thing is no one griped about cooking for kids, unlike the original TC eppy umpteen years ago. Of course this time, they had middle schoolers who aren't quite as picky.

The expression on Sam Kass' face when he asked Amanda about affording sherry but not being able to afford chocolate and her clueless response was priceless. If I already didn't want Jacleeeeeen to go home, I would have been rooting for Amanda to get the knife.

I was rooting for Tiffany to take the prize home. I mean, sweet potato and sorbet and getting kids to like it is pretty awesome. Then again, pork carnitas are pretty tasty too. With oatmeal tortillas, too!

At least they didn't off Kenny and Ed for Angelo's "gamesmanship" as Tom put it. Tom's a pretty shrewd judge of character.

Adios, Jacleeeen!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top Chef DC!

Coming to my town, wh00t.

So the Newseum for the first challenge. Of course. It has fantastic views. I've been to meetings on the top floor with the gorgeous glass views of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol, though I've not been on the deck. We tried to have a meeting there once. But catering had to be by Wolfgang Puck and that was too rich for a small nonprofit.

I love the mise en place race. It gives you a good idea who the top players are going to be. And what is it about this particular competition that someone always slices open their palm. Gross.

Kenny is da man! Geez, he finished first on every single one. will have to check out his bio. Skillet Doux ranked Angelo as one  of the top 3, but I don't think Kenny was there. Just checked. Kenny was ranked 13. His company is described as helping restaurants become "synergistically sound." Wev.

Angelo won the first quickfire. And he's number 4 on the Skillet Doux rankings. Ed Cotton, the guy he sent to Kenny, is number 1. Or was it Stephen. I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the two.

So the house they're stayed in is in northern Dupont Circle. Back when we lived in the area I used to walk by it all the time. It's down one of these sweet one-block tree-shaded streets that pervades the city.

Oh, wow. The kitchen is at the Washington Hilton. That's the hotel where Reagan was shot. It's pretty much a one-block walk (albeit across busy Connecticut Ave) from the Place du Chefs.

They definitely telegraphed three of the four bottom people. Which is why I can confidently predict that Stephen will not go home. It's probably Crazy Hair John or Jacqueleeeeen. If they choose by personality, they'll keep John. He's got some  whacky eyes going. Nope, he went home. The hair didn't save him.

And I hope this is not going to be a snooze fest where Angelo wins every match. That would be boooring. It would make a yawner of a season, which would be bad for DC rep.

PS While Top Chef was filming, I saw Gail at SweetGreens. She wasn't wearing makeup, nor a decolletage evening/cocktail dress, so she looked like a fresh-faced college student.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project Runway 7.7-8

Last week I brought a bad chest cold home from Phoenix. I felt worse than when I had the flu.

So catch-up time! The hardware challenge was fun. Though headache time from hearing all that smithying in the workroom.

Emilio should have lost. That ranks up there with Wendy's candy bikini. He's a major whiner, besides.

And Maya should have won. Though I'm not upset by Jay's win. And Amy should have taken Mila's place for the top 3 looks.

On to the new challenge.

People have some weird concepts about air and fire. Seth thinks 'sky' instead of air, though I suppose it could be the same. And Anthony thinks of black, charred remains instead of flame? He must have woke up depressed from being on the bottom 3 again.

The Garnier dude is a walking, talking ad/product placement, isn't he?

Jay is a sweetheart. Worried for Amy. ugh, I think she's going home. That is a disaster. But Ben's was worse. That's too bad because he's had a couple of lovely pieces. But those pants were atrocious in soooo many ways.

Jonathan's dress is absolutely gorgeous -- and airy. Seth Aaron's was cool, though I still don't see air.

And once more, the concept -- except air -- invites color. An absolute lack of color once more abounds. Emilio, who is not my favorite, at least tries to incorporate something outside of neutral. Even Anthony went subdued.

They're finally calling Mila on her white-black blocking thing. Yeah, track pants. That said, I like the vest.

Too bad it's Ben, but glad it's not Amy.

And Jonathan totally swung that one out of the park. Didn't know he had it in him.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project Runway 7

So I fell asleep on PR last week. it was a make a pretty dress challenge, which always makes me snooze. Plus I had to get up at 5:30 that morning and had to get up pretty early the next.

Anyway, Ping is gone. I haven't had a chance to watch the whole show, but Jesse seems a real donkeyhole even if Ping was a whack-a-do. Go back to playing Jack, guy, because your real name is Dick. Once more, I liked Amy's design even if she was paired with Hay-zus. And Maya should have won over Mila. The jacket was cool, but really, those were running pants. I know. I have a pair just like them, only with a lower waist.

The challenge tonight is fun. I like that none of these designers have really whined about having to design for a real woman instead of a stick-thin clothes hanger model. Seth Aaron came closest to it but backed off quickly.

I'm liking Jay after this episode just because of his reaction to his model. That was sweet. And his model was a cutie-pie. Maya and Mila are daughter and mother or sister and much younger sister separated at birth. I also think Maya looks like Wednesday Addams played by Christina Ricci grown up. That's exactly the way Wednesday would look.

Mrs. Harvey Weinstein is a judge.

Anna is probably on the bottom based on the editing of the show, but I'm worried that Amy will be too.

Ooo. I was wrong. Glad to see Jesse brought himself to the bottom and couldn't blame Ping. But I'm sure he'll be safe because they liked elements of it. It's down to Jesus -- Mr. Tacky -- or Anna.

You can see why you need consistent judges. Mrs. Weinstein kept saying if you take out the crystal straps, Jesus' dress wouldn't be bad. Michael and Nina were rolling their eyes -- they'd seen Jesus' taste level before.

So personal preference-wise, I'd pick Amy's dress. I'm becoming a fan of the Oakland girl. But Mila's was very striking and her model worked it like a pro. Yay! Amy won!!!

And look at how much her fellow contestants like her since they cheered loudly. Finally, Jesus is gone. I was afraid he was going to do a Wendy Pepper.

Looks like Anthony falls to the bottom again. I hope he stays. He's too much fun.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mountains Beyond Mountains

I'm only half-way through but it's an amazing book about an amazing man. I kept thinking: I sure as @#$^ wouldn't want to be married to him but he's still a superhero.

At any rate, the selflessness of Paul Farmer makes me want to shuck everything, train as a community health worker and go work in Haiti or something. Here's a man who graduated from Harvard. Who could have carved out a cushy life in the burbs of Boston, making a nice living and probably assuaged his conscience by making two-month trips to Haiti annually.

Then I think: could I really live like him? sleeping only three hours a day? living without plumbing or electricity? Working from 5 a.m. to late into the night every day? I am not a superhero. But I can admire people who are. And contribute to their organization. And look for more volunteer opportunities in my own community.

PS also just read a profile in the Boston Globe that ran in 2008.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

project Runway 7.2

So yay, maybe Project Runway is going to come up with more interesting challenges this season. cuz last season, they offered real snoozers. Make a pretty dress, ep. 1. Make a pretty dress, ep 4. Make a pretty dress! ep 5,6,7,8....zzzz. Really the only two interesting challenges were the newspaper challenge (go, LA Times) and the Bob Mackie challenge. And Ep 6 designers really sucked because no one, repeat no one, came up with anything half-way original for the Mackie challenge. What Chris March could've done with that. Did they never watch the Sonny and Cher show?! Guess not. Showing my age. sigh.

My mom had to wear burlap some time during her childhood. Things were that bad in the old days. But I really like this challenge concept.

And I'm surprised that no model chose Mila. When you look at her outfit, versus Miss A's, hers was actually one of my top five, or six or seven. Definitely not on the bottom, as Anthony's hideosity was.

Ok, about this "Pregnancy Pact" movie Lifetime is advertising ad nauseum. Not based on a true story. Not even close to being a true story. Some idiot assistant principal blew some smoke at a freelance reporter about a rumor flying. As rumors are wont to be, a totally false one. And the ambitious freelancer got it into a national paper. Man, were the local reporters hosed about that one.

So it looks ominous for Ping. I think it's her design that has buttocks hanging out over the runway with black bars hiding them. Then again, Jesus doesn't listen to Tim. People who don't listen to Tim don't live long on this show.

Pamela Pttttaw's dress has a pretty color. Unlike the Pepto Bismal monstrosity she sent out last week. Ben's edging ...was it Ben? I lose track when there's so many designers...did have cool edging as Tim said. No, it wasn't Ben. Anyhoo, it was looking kind of cool.

OK, it wasn't one of the guys, but Amy that had the interesting edging for the design.

Actually, initial impression is that the designers did a pretty good job translating the burlap. That's why I like these challenges -- it brings on the creativity.

I vote for Amy as the winner and to me, it's a tossup among the losers. Ping's concept was interesting, but butt hanging out! Pamela's -- despite the cool color -- was awful. Jesus' was meh.

Ben's was my least favorite of the top 3. Jesus lives. Good-bye Pam.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway 7.0

Back in the Big Apple!

I thought it would be a nice change of pace for the show to be in LA. But it's a New York kind of show. It was unbearably boring in LA. Maybe it was the sites they chose, the people they cast, but yawn, yawn, yawn. Of course, the sporadic judging by Nina and Michael didn't help.

Bet Mel loves the disparagement of Birmingham! But the guy does seem very funny, in a flaming kind of way. He'll at least be entertaining.

Something that strikes me with this season of PR and the last one: Burnham Productions seems have a lot of telegenic girls. I hope this season doesn't go the way of the last, where it felt like a lot of more daring, but not-so-attractive designers were offed by the pretty, not-so-talented ones (Logan, I'm looking at you).

Ping reminds me of the New Agey puppeteer/spitter from a previous season...Emilia? Elisa? Did she do any sewing or was it all draping fabrics around? Was she a toga wrapper in a previous life in Rome?

Jesus' outfit looks like it's pooping fabric, as Heidi would say. Wonder if it will when he gets to the runway. Tim's critique didn't sound promising.

As entertaining as Ms. A is, he has a good chance of going home. That dress looks like something from Mad Men, and not in a good way. Edited to add: that was before I saw the tumor on the side of the dress. Sorry, Ms. A, that kind of print calls for a simpler style.

I hate those naked Blue Fly ads.

Nicole Richie, ack, ick, yuck, poooeey. She's reminding me of Lindsey Lohan last season. "I liked it."

Oh, Jesus, you should have listened to Tim. Nina and Michael gave him some zingers: crocodile log, Hershey bar.

Oooo. editing. during the judging, Nina and Michael weren't as harsh to Jesus. I'm guessing, though, that it might be Christiana going home since they trashed her sewing and the design.

And oh, my sweet Lord, could Ping actually win????? Emilio was a good choice to win.

Yep, it was Christiane.

Overall, I liked the challenge and how they had to make snap decisions on the fabrics and then had to edit the choices. There's too many contestants right now to have a good handle on their talent.