Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mountains Beyond Mountains

I'm only half-way through but it's an amazing book about an amazing man. I kept thinking: I sure as @#$^ wouldn't want to be married to him but he's still a superhero.

At any rate, the selflessness of Paul Farmer makes me want to shuck everything, train as a community health worker and go work in Haiti or something. Here's a man who graduated from Harvard. Who could have carved out a cushy life in the burbs of Boston, making a nice living and probably assuaged his conscience by making two-month trips to Haiti annually.

Then I think: could I really live like him? sleeping only three hours a day? living without plumbing or electricity? Working from 5 a.m. to late into the night every day? I am not a superhero. But I can admire people who are. And contribute to their organization. And look for more volunteer opportunities in my own community.

PS also just read a profile in the Boston Globe that ran in 2008.

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