Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project Runway 7

So I fell asleep on PR last week. it was a make a pretty dress challenge, which always makes me snooze. Plus I had to get up at 5:30 that morning and had to get up pretty early the next.

Anyway, Ping is gone. I haven't had a chance to watch the whole show, but Jesse seems a real donkeyhole even if Ping was a whack-a-do. Go back to playing Jack, guy, because your real name is Dick. Once more, I liked Amy's design even if she was paired with Hay-zus. And Maya should have won over Mila. The jacket was cool, but really, those were running pants. I know. I have a pair just like them, only with a lower waist.

The challenge tonight is fun. I like that none of these designers have really whined about having to design for a real woman instead of a stick-thin clothes hanger model. Seth Aaron came closest to it but backed off quickly.

I'm liking Jay after this episode just because of his reaction to his model. That was sweet. And his model was a cutie-pie. Maya and Mila are daughter and mother or sister and much younger sister separated at birth. I also think Maya looks like Wednesday Addams played by Christina Ricci grown up. That's exactly the way Wednesday would look.

Mrs. Harvey Weinstein is a judge.

Anna is probably on the bottom based on the editing of the show, but I'm worried that Amy will be too.

Ooo. I was wrong. Glad to see Jesse brought himself to the bottom and couldn't blame Ping. But I'm sure he'll be safe because they liked elements of it. It's down to Jesus -- Mr. Tacky -- or Anna.

You can see why you need consistent judges. Mrs. Weinstein kept saying if you take out the crystal straps, Jesus' dress wouldn't be bad. Michael and Nina were rolling their eyes -- they'd seen Jesus' taste level before.

So personal preference-wise, I'd pick Amy's dress. I'm becoming a fan of the Oakland girl. But Mila's was very striking and her model worked it like a pro. Yay! Amy won!!!

And look at how much her fellow contestants like her since they cheered loudly. Finally, Jesus is gone. I was afraid he was going to do a Wendy Pepper.

Looks like Anthony falls to the bottom again. I hope he stays. He's too much fun.

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