Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project Runway 7.7-8

Last week I brought a bad chest cold home from Phoenix. I felt worse than when I had the flu.

So catch-up time! The hardware challenge was fun. Though headache time from hearing all that smithying in the workroom.

Emilio should have lost. That ranks up there with Wendy's candy bikini. He's a major whiner, besides.

And Maya should have won. Though I'm not upset by Jay's win. And Amy should have taken Mila's place for the top 3 looks.

On to the new challenge.

People have some weird concepts about air and fire. Seth thinks 'sky' instead of air, though I suppose it could be the same. And Anthony thinks of black, charred remains instead of flame? He must have woke up depressed from being on the bottom 3 again.

The Garnier dude is a walking, talking ad/product placement, isn't he?

Jay is a sweetheart. Worried for Amy. ugh, I think she's going home. That is a disaster. But Ben's was worse. That's too bad because he's had a couple of lovely pieces. But those pants were atrocious in soooo many ways.

Jonathan's dress is absolutely gorgeous -- and airy. Seth Aaron's was cool, though I still don't see air.

And once more, the concept -- except air -- invites color. An absolute lack of color once more abounds. Emilio, who is not my favorite, at least tries to incorporate something outside of neutral. Even Anthony went subdued.

They're finally calling Mila on her white-black blocking thing. Yeah, track pants. That said, I like the vest.

Too bad it's Ben, but glad it's not Amy.

And Jonathan totally swung that one out of the park. Didn't know he had it in him.

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