Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Runway

Wasn't planning to blog about Project Runway, but damn, girlfriend. The judges are definitely doing crack or sniffing glue because those were some whack choices.

Christopher was on the bottom, really?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And Michael C. won?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Not Michael D. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It was funny to see Philip Treacy smiling politely. If I could do thought bubbles, I'd have one of him thinking ? about some of the choices. He clearly was not a fan of Valerie (and I'm amazed she was in the top. Tim was right about those zippers. ick.) But then again, he liked Michael C's too. If I were convinced that he chose the shimmering fabric to go with the mask, I'd be with them. But it was a happy accident.

And when are they going to recognize the fabulousness of Mondo?

Top Chef DC! 9 CIA

My computer had a low battery during Top Chef so I didn't type any notes. I hate the move back to 10, because I start nodding off.

So random thoughts.

At any rate, I want to rewatch the mystery box thing. That looked like a tough challenge. All the chefs looked drained and exhausted at the end. We're nearing the end of the show (and dang, I think the finale runs while we're gone) and this challenge now is probably even more tiring.

Wylie Dufresne still doesn't look like a chef. He looks like a Bill Gates-like computer geek.

I can't believe all these chefs had spy fantasies. Amanda acted like they were going to cook for Brad Pitt or something. 

Of all the things to be a fangirl about. Leon Pannetta seems to have a good sense of humor. Wonder how many of the people id'd as "human resources director," CIA "attorney," etc really do top secret stuff.

And the chefs really didn't seem inspired by the challenge. Kelly never had Kung Pao chicken, really? What kind of Chinese takeout do they have in Colorado anyway?

Did you notice Angelo targeting Amanda as his next victim? Though since Tamesha left, they started building up Alex as the villain. Wonder if the Magical Elves focus back on Angelo now that Alex is gone. Angelo did seem mentally wiped out. The rivalry with Kenny might have propped up his focus and now that Kenny is gone, he lost it. I thought he was a goner, thank you Magical Elves editors.

Buh-bye, Alex. Won't miss you.

And Tiffany wins two double-headers. Cool. She's got her wedding paid for and now a honeymoon in Paris. Even if she doesn't win the whole shebang, she definitely comes out ahead!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top Chef DC! 9 Restaurant Wars

It's restaurant wars week! will it be a shocker or the obvious person? People in DC were rooting for the person naming their restaurant EVOO to go home. Angelo it is! Then again, he's talented so I'm not quite ready for him to go. Just not to win.

Quickfire challenge is the relay race, which is my favorite. It's interesting how the blue team managed to incorporate Amanda into the relay but Alex was a disaster on the other. Nancy Pelosi was quintessential politician. Someone else probably would have made a crack about salt licks, while she diplomatically said one barely edged out the other. uh-huh.

So the one team is totally organized, knows what they're going to do and when they're going to do it. The other team hasn't even conceived their dishes yet. Well, the magical elves are at work. You think, organized team will rock.

2121! That's the address of my office. The TC House was only 4 blocks north. And I just noticed that they're *driving* to the Hilton. Hey, the place is a five minute walk. Why would you drive there?

It might not be a good strategy to isolate one of your chefs. Especially to put him at the front of the house. As manic and unorganized as he is, is that the place for him? Alex is whacko but is he that bad?

Uh, yes he is. How much I hate Alex. What an absolute donkey hole. The waiters are not your serfs, dear, no matter what they did in the Motherland.

Terrible outfit, Kelly. Looks like prison garb. But at least you look organized and attentive unlike Alex, who can't tell pork from lamb chops.

Frank Bruni as a guest judge, awesome. And wine guys. With a bottle for someone and 50 of their closest friends. Bottles come that big, really?

At any rate, is this going to be a big upset or is one of the weaker ones going home? I thought Alex was a sure thing, but they seem to like the food from the red team better.

I was right. Good for Ed. Looks like Tiffany was messed up by Alex's poor scaling skills, but at least she was safe.

Kevin has quite a temper on him, doesn't he? Not that I blame him. Alex really should be going home, especially if what blue team members say is true. Is it ironic that Alex's official dish has pea puree? But, nonetheless, it's not classy to try to point away when you're not doing that well.

I had a feeling it was going to be Kenny going home and it was. Just like Tre from Top Chef Miami (was that season 3?). He did two terrible dishes. Hamburger Helper, indeed. Fried goat cheese, especially that big hunk. Yuck. Kenny, you didn't listen to the judges when they told you to edit in previous episodes.

The beast has been slaughtered.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top Chef DC! 8

So sister M, my one reader, was in town last week and I didn't write a blog because she was watching it with me.

Did Alex steal the pea puree. Actually I'm buying Dom's (aka Skillet Doux) argument that it's unlikely because he wouldn't know whether the camera would be focused on him while he was doing his thing. Also one of SD's fans noted a pot o' peas cooking behind Alex. However, I wouldn't put it past him to have dumped out Ed's pea puree.

So FINALLY, they do a quickfire that has something to do with the real DC, not the political inside-the-beltway, Villagers crappola. Yes, Ethiopian! I adore Ethiopian, especially now that we have an incredible version of an Ethiopian restaurant in our 'hood. The funny thing about the stuff is I generally prefer the veggie dishes over the meat ones. Maybe it's because veggies are easier to pick up with injeri bread.

Marc Samuelsson has turned a new leaf since he won Top Chef Master's. Maybe he read the criticisms about how competitive he was. At any rate, it was great that he offered constructive criticism of the bottom dishes and found something positive to say about each dish.

And yay that Tiffany won immunity! And great that Iago had the smug smirk wiped off his face. He thought he had this one sewn up since he knows Ethiopian food. To quote Nelson, HAH-hah.

Tiffany scores again getting Mexico. What else is a girl from Dallas supposed to do? Her tamales looked majorly yummy. And she scores again! someone else has won immunity and elimination before, right? Whether or not, you go girl!

Poor Stephen. Brazilian food is a wonderful blend of African, Asian and Latin cuisine. He, of course, was confusing Brazil with Argentina when he talked about chimichurri. Yes, there are Brazilian steakhouses but I associate steakhouses with Argentina, not Brazil. What I love from Brazil is moqueca, the seafood stew with palm oil and dried shrimp. Or the other seafood stew with coconut milk.

Kevin seemed to do well with Indian without knowing how to cook it. I note that Padma did not contribute when the judges were critiquing his food. Kelly got terrific praise from an Italian representative. Cool. I thought maybe she'd get dinged for doing something that simple.

After the Chinese ambassador was complimentary toward Ed, I was surprised to see him on the bottom.

Alex got nailed by Jose Andres, HAH-hah. Bet you wouldn't have chosen Spain if you'd known he was a judge. If you're in DC, Zaytinya and Oyamel are definitely worth the while, albeit a bit noisy. Cafe Atlantico has terrific guacamole that they make in volcanic ash bowls and dress right at your table. Minibar I have not experienced and not likely to unless we win the lottery. Also you also have to win the reservation lottery to go there. They only have six seats and open reservations a month ahead of time. So the seats go very very very fast.

Finally Stephen is given a merciful end. He seemed like a funny guy, but waaaaay over his head.