Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top Chef DC! 9 CIA

My computer had a low battery during Top Chef so I didn't type any notes. I hate the move back to 10, because I start nodding off.

So random thoughts.

At any rate, I want to rewatch the mystery box thing. That looked like a tough challenge. All the chefs looked drained and exhausted at the end. We're nearing the end of the show (and dang, I think the finale runs while we're gone) and this challenge now is probably even more tiring.

Wylie Dufresne still doesn't look like a chef. He looks like a Bill Gates-like computer geek.

I can't believe all these chefs had spy fantasies. Amanda acted like they were going to cook for Brad Pitt or something. 

Of all the things to be a fangirl about. Leon Pannetta seems to have a good sense of humor. Wonder how many of the people id'd as "human resources director," CIA "attorney," etc really do top secret stuff.

And the chefs really didn't seem inspired by the challenge. Kelly never had Kung Pao chicken, really? What kind of Chinese takeout do they have in Colorado anyway?

Did you notice Angelo targeting Amanda as his next victim? Though since Tamesha left, they started building up Alex as the villain. Wonder if the Magical Elves focus back on Angelo now that Alex is gone. Angelo did seem mentally wiped out. The rivalry with Kenny might have propped up his focus and now that Kenny is gone, he lost it. I thought he was a goner, thank you Magical Elves editors.

Buh-bye, Alex. Won't miss you.

And Tiffany wins two double-headers. Cool. She's got her wedding paid for and now a honeymoon in Paris. Even if she doesn't win the whole shebang, she definitely comes out ahead!

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