Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top Chef DC! 4

So I'm feeling jeeeaaaalousss of my sister, M, who got to try Richard Blais' new restaurant, Flip. I want stories!

Meanwhile, Tracey gets the best loser award last week. Her farewell was gracious and professional and not at all whiny. Not much else can be said about that episode, except maybe that it didn't do justice to Mount Vernon, which is one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world. If only Maryland doesn't develop the other side of the Potomac, it will remain perfect.

Otherwise, I'm getting bored of all the DC cliches. Bring on the soul food, the Ethiopian community, the farmers' markets, the crabcakes.  

This bunch of chefs is not winning me over. There are way too many sour, dour Lisas in this group and not enough nerdy Blaises or intense Voltaggios.

Baby food, really? Babies don't have much taste. Or at least they can't express their pleasure or displeasure too much. Much like cats.

How is it Padma always gets some thing that is wrong, a stray lemon seed? At least they had to cook grownup food too. Though I imagine any baby would spit out these chefs' food. Doesn't seem baby foodesque to me.

So Tamesha wins! good for the hometown girl who has gotten zero, Z-E-R-O attention thus far. Tim, who actually works in Baltimore, not DC, is a poseur. And I root for Kenny to win over Angelo any day even though he's a bit dour. The back story was sad, though.

I think Lynne might be getting the loser edit. Looked like Amanda was running through Whole Foods with yet another bottle of booze. She does like her alcohol. Even for kids.

A sexual harassment interlude. Lovely. Doesn't Angelo have a new baby?

Hmmm. Foreshadowing last week. Ed was badmouthing Alex. Now the reverse. 

Tiffany carries Tim with her! She's actually someone I'm rather rooting for because she worked her way up from IHOP. Classic American bootstraps story. Too bad her partner was the Poseur.

And rats on Amanda. 

What the frack is gnudi? Sometimes I wish Top Chef would define this stuff.

I don't want Kenny or Kelly to go home, so I guess I have to root for Lynn and Arnold as the losers. sigh. Don't know that sending a team home is fair because there's a lot of strong chefs on the bottom. It would be so wrong if either Kenny or Kelly went home. 

Spike is such a pretentious donkey.

Wow, they made the other chefs hang out and wait for the results. OK, Kelly is safe. If they send Kenny home, will be very bummed.

I love Tom's facial expressions. Arnold's blathering was not selling him. The judges' comments edits are hinting at a Kenny Kevin departure but Lynn got the loser edit, so I can only hope.

Shoo. Kenny is saved. But sorry to see the bottom. That was rough. 

Edited to add: This heat gives me middle of the night insomnia. Even with the fans going, our bedroom gets really hot. So I got to watch TC again.

Lynne is a jerk. She acted as if Arnold lost the contest but it was her fussing about overcooking the pasta that led it to be underdone. Then she points out the pasta is underdone as if it wasn't her fault. Good riddance to her.

Also, they didn't make a big deal of Nora, the guest judge. I didn't even catch her name. I've been to both her restaurants, though prefer Nora Asia. Her restaurant was the first to be certified organic in DC. She's this area's Alice Waters. I didn't know she was German or Austrian, or whatever that accent is.

And finally, Alex is a wanker. How many sex jokes did he cram into his three minutes of on-camera interviews. Methinks he protests too much.

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