Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Chef All Stars

So I haven't blogged all season. It's been a stressful beginning of the year. And now I'm in the middle of 11-hour work days. Leave when it's dark. Return home when it's dark, even with the time change.

But. I. Must. Vent.

Last week, we have our five finalists. yay. Carla loses. Boo. And boo to the Elves for making them have to cook all over again that very same day instead of pushing things back.

But my vent may be arcane trivia.

What the heck? Does becoming a chef mean you didn't take history or civics classes? How the HECK could you not know that the Bahamas don't have royalty? That no country in the western hemisphere has royalty? Except the countries like Canada and, oh, the BAHAMAS, that have some vestigial ties to England and the old lady who lives there.

Also guess you didn't read about how Columbus and conquistadors who followed wiped out all the Indians in the Caribbean. While technically, the Bahamas aren't Caribbean, well, that is where Columbus landed first.


I understand Richard lost a parent. But really, Richard, get some mental health counseling, see a therapist.

So if Richard, despite his self doubts, or Antonia win, I'll be fine. But if Douchebag Mike does I'll be really upset.

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