Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway 5.2

Greeen! It's a great idea, but do they really need to combine it with having the models pick the material? If they had given the designers more time, maybe they could have dyed hemp in interesting colors instead of shiny baby poop brown. At least we get to see more of the models -- they're usually so anonymous. Last season they were really lousy.

Stella is the biggest whiner. Actually the whole group is whiny.

Stella: "Whine, whine, whine, whiiiiine, urban, whine." At the beginning of the last show, Stella, didn't you say you wanted to break out of your leather mold? So much for that. "More whine."

Oooo, Blayne, you are so not funny. Darthalicious, ark, ark ark. How many nights did you stay up thinking about that lame line?

Suede likes to talk in third person. Moo finds it very annoying. So does prime human, Lou. Leanne is so funny. Now I'm cheering for Leanne even though I can' tell her from Jennifer, Emily or Kennley. "Leanne likes Suede but Suede needs to stop talking in third person." Too true.

Tim is giving cogent advice again, but I'm not seeing the charm of Suede's creation. And Leanne is getting a loser edit. Whenever someone disregards Tim's advice it's the harbinger of doom.

I hate to admit it but the leather exchange between Steeeellaaaa and Blayne was amusing. The first time Blayne was being real. He's still too orange.

Tim is being drill sergeant again. Is he impatient with this crew?

Jerrell was funny: team ugly brown fabric was an amusing observe.

Just about every dress was short, short, short. Guess models aren't good at estimating fabric needs.

I loved Terri's dress and I can't believe she once more was ignored by the judges. Hope it's a Michael Knight thing.

New words to live by: Shiny tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap.

OK Suede's turned out better than I expected, so Tim showed his unerring eye. I liked Kennley's much better. And I don't understand why Whinella is up there.

Poor Korte. Nina loved her so much last week and now she's so disappointed. Wesley "shorts" dress looks pretty hideous. It looks badly sewn, so maybe Leanne will live to see another day.

Ick Suede won. Third person talk will rule for another episode. But he was sweet to Korte when she came back.

Leanne looks 16 as Heidi tells her her outfit looked like a school project.

Poor Wesley. He did look as though he had potential, but oh well.

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Melissa Shockey said...

But I did read in the paper today that Wesley is dating Daniel (also on PR5), so I guess he still came out ok, huh? Although he's dating someone who is seriously more talented than himself. I thought Daniel's black dress was awesome. I thought Suede's fit poorly. As the model turned around, it was gaping open. The material was so thick, it didn't have any movement. How will they mass produce that thing?!