Tuesday, August 5, 2008

project runway 5.3 -- judges on crack

I ranted and raved after the judges issued their edict and somehow never blogged. But all I can say is "what were they thinking????!!!!" Then somehow I forgot to post the blog I carefully composed as I trudged the nine blocks to the Metro.

First, Kenley should have won last week and didn't. Then she wins this week for something with a purple goiter and a beach towel/hawaiian shirt motif. Whaaaaa?

Second, finally they recognize Terri's talent. But this was not my fave of her designs. I kind of liked the idea, especially the back. but somehow pants and dress don't look that great.

Finally Leanne designed something gorgeous and she doesn't win. What the heck?

As far as the losers, I think I can live with it. I might have picked Keith, except he does have beautiful arms. He's Keith of the heavenly arms. Jennifer's really should have lost because not only was it matronly and ugly, it wasn't well made. At least Emily's was kind of cute underneath the neon ruffles.

Meanwhile, Blayne makes out like a serial killer. Jerral finally shows some sewing chops, only designing an evening gown instead of a night on the town outfit but a scary tendency to wear facial masks, and Stella does leathah. And shows her incompetence at electronic gadgets. I think I want to call her whinella because that's all she does otherwise.

And holla atcha boy, dear Tim.

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