Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef 4 Finale

Will the wicked witch die? Will a woman finally win TC? Will Richard Blais plow determinedly to win not just a car but 100K?

We find out! What is Gail shocked that Richard says?

Yeah, you sure did get here by the skin of your teeth, Ms Lisa "Wendy Pepper" Fernandes!

Eric Ripert, I love Eric Ripert. Anthony Bourdain throws his name around a lot. I just like looking at him.

If April of Spotted Pig is who I think it is, she's a hero to other chefs...according to Bourdain, again, and I think Heat.

Smart girl, Stephanie. Eric Reeepaaare looks as though he's gaining weight, though. Obviously not going out and dancing to techno music to all hours of the night (per Bourdain -- hey I just got through reading a book of his, so I am going to be quoting him heavily.)

Yeah, Lisa, what a professional. Can only cook when you're happy.

Oh, ugh. I'm really going to hate it if Lisa brings on her game at the finale after fracking up all season long. C'mon, guys, this is Top Chef and unless her food is all that much better, she hasn't shown herself much of a leader!

And I hate that the show has manipulated me into hating her so bad.

Uh, oh, the other shoe drops. No more celeb sous chef.

Shite, Lisa is getting the winner's edit. Won't be watching repeats again if she is.

Steph is so getting the loser's edit. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh don't know if I can continue watching.

Shew. Steph wins the first round. Richard went back to his overcomplicated stuff.

Uh oh. Lisa's getting lots of praise.

uh oh. Steph's leeks bad.

Richard looks like he's coming in third.

Steph's getting lots of praise for dish 3. Richard is definitely number 3. depends on dessert!

Richard is doing something he's done before...

It's definitely between Steph and Lisa. Pleeeeeeeeaaaase not Lisa! I disliked Tiffani but I'd vote for her way before Lisa. Whatever you could say, she was very talented.

Shite, if they think Lisa took the first, then she's won. heck, hades, hack,

Lisa's winning, that's obvious. don't know why they're dragging it out.

There will be rotten tomatoes flung at Bravo if they're coming to the decision they are obviously coming to. So why the hell did they give her such a villain edit since they knew she was going to win? It's more fun to have the controversial person win? Taking Hung to the next degree? You know, even though he was a donkeyhole, he so obviously loves being a chef that no one really minded him winning. Everyone will mind Lisa winning.

Oh, thank Eru. The editors were playing with us. Stephanie wins!!! yay!!! Her dessert must not have been that bad. I bet we'll see interviews with Lisa tomorrow saying she wuz robbed. The female version of Harold, the highest class person who won consistently, earned the Title of Top Chef.

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