Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reunion Project Runway

What can you say about a reunion show? Most of them are pretty meh.


Rami's and Chris's comraderie. And Rami seems less stiff and much more relaxed and ...likeable...during the reunion.

The Kevin and teh gays show, showing that he has a great sense of humor and is fairly secure in his sexuality. The cherry on the chocolate sundae -- Tim's quip: "If being on Project Runway doesn't make you gay, nothing will." And later, what a gracious guy about his loss of the prom challenge, saying Christian should have stayed so everyone could see what he was capable of.

Elise. How could you not like her? She's unique and doesn't seem to have a malicious bone in her body. How cool is it that she can write backwards? And in emulation of Leonardo da Vinci, even.

Chris's laugh.

Michael's laugh. He reminds me of my dad that way. You can be watching the most terrible comedy with Dad but end up in stitches because his laughter is just too contagious.

Jillian's gift of mimicry. Her Heidi is just about as good as Santino's Tim. To say nothing of her imitation of Christian primping his hair. The little wrestling match they had was cute. Why didn't the producers show this aspect of her character the rest of the season?

Fan Favorite Time: Christian looking at Chris ready to congratulate him and getting the fan favorite himself. His genuine surprise was adorable.

The rehash of Jack's MRSA. Sweet P and Elise wipe away the tears, even Chris seemed misty-eyed. But what was up with VictorYa? She looked p'd off when Jack made his announcement. And what was that mysterious tense exchange between her and Heidi, to say nothing of Tim? Whazzup with that? Was it a hint of hidden tensions? Vya seems to be friends with Jack. they didn't know Chris was coming back when Jack made his announcement so that can't be the reason. Hmmm, enquiring minds want to know.

The Ricky No More Tears montage. Oh. dear. I actually felt sorry for him during that. How humiliating. Yay for Rami by offering encouraging words.

Oh, get over yourself Carmen. What a showboater. Munch some humble pie so you realize you're not all that. What Sweet P and Kit said wasn't particularly vicious. It's not all about you, 'kay? Heidi was not picking on you in the men's wear -- they all made it clear they weren't targeting your design, that everyone's was weak.

Fan Favorite time: I like Christian, he makes me laugh, I always want to give him a quick noogie, but I'm still sad that Chris didn't get the fan favorite.

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