Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PR 4.10

I loved every moment of this tickety tack episode. This was a lot of fun. Some designers got in touch with their inner costume designers (well, at least one never lost touch with his.) And I even agreed with the judges.

Live Blogging:

Oh God, I'm agreeing with Sister Christian again. auggggh, what's wrong with me? But Ricky is indeed a hot mess. But at least Ricky finally showing a feisty attitude instead of blubbering, to the camera anyway.

10:05 pm. Jill, the back of your top is too low. It is not fashion to see your back bra strap, even if Madonna made it cool in the 80s. Buh-bye to another one of the forgettable models of this season.

Tim takes the designers down an elevator to a little room of horrors. He had such a sly look on his face when he opened the door. Was it a sly, I-find-this-rather-amusing look? or was it a I-can't-believe-I'm doing this look? Grandpa Tim, I'm sure you can work the ropes.

When they were watching the divas wrestling, Ricky looked a little turned on.

Spandex House? really!

No cellulite on those bodies. Wonder how many weights they lift a day. Boobs look a little unreal on a couple. How do they keep their makeup intact? I mean, they must sweat.

Sister Christian lets out one great quip after another. He's as obnoxious as he can be, but at least he keeps you laughing.

Our tv must not have good color. I can't see the green in the leopard print and I can't see the pink in Rami's. It looks red.

Sister Christian has met his muse. I knew he was going to pick her when she called herself leather and lace. She does seem pretty fierce. Maybe she inspired him to his arm wrestling match with Sweet P.

Sweet P is panicking again. Deservedly so. She should be a reporter, because she seems to work better at the last minute. This might not be salvageable. Then again Ricky's looks ticky-tack. Sister Christian is all arrogant, but he did let Ricky have the snap. Not without a smackdown comment to the camera. What was it? Oh. It still won't be that great.

Actually I might give SC the benefit of the doubt here. He seemed pretty upset at Kit's aufing and might be mad at Ricky about that. Note that later in the epi he gives Sweet P some help and even kind of concedes that she managed to salvage something of her lousy costume.

Rami looked really uncomfortable with the whole thing. Chris put it best: there might be more interest if we were designing for men. He was looking straight atcha, Rami. Bubble gum pink and Barbie, really, Rami?

The quips were definitely coming fast and furious this episode, which is why I enjoyed it. The super personas of Sweet P, Chris and especially Christian. Ferosha Coutoura and her hairspray.

Nina and Michael K definitely seemed a little out of their element during the catwalk run. And Michael fessed right up.

"I feel like the Pope at a sex club."

Christian's is indeed very fierce. But Sister, you don't need to take it personally when the judges praise someone else before you. Jillian's was very cute and clever, too. (though I'm beginning to believe electric blue is the way to Nina's heart.)

Chris's was very clever, too. But then again it is his bailiwick. Loved his thoughtful "wish I could wear it" as his diva worked the runway.

Speaking of Nina, that was a very frosty expression of disapproval from Ms. Garcia. I wonder if Rami's extremities were feeling numb and blue as he trudged off the runway.

Shocker! Chris wins. I thought Sister Christian had it sewn up.

And Ricky leaves with a shred of dignity this time. No more tears.

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