Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PR 4.11

OK who is getting the loser edit/winner edit? With five left, it could mean anything when people get to talk about how they want to win.

oh, the models again. damn. Why do this season's losing models seem downright chipper. Amanda last year was aghast and in tears.

The Met!

Geez, I'm not from New York and I could tell where they were going? And these are New Yorkers (Except Sweet P..and maybe Rami? I associate him with LA because of the Jessica Alba thing)!

oooo. work of art as inspiration. that's a fabulous idea. let's guess what Rami is going to choose? draping! that means Greek/Roman.

"let's face it, this is what Rami is going to choose." righto Chris. You're so psychic. So am I.

And Christian is going to pick the one with ruffled collar and puffy sleeves! I could be on the psychic telethon.

Styling, makeup critical. wonder what that means. But it doesn't look as though anyone is inspired by Egypt. That's so sad.

Yep Christian is doing a guy with a ruffled collar and puffy sleeves, with a color scheme of black, with some white. And Rami is doing a draped goddess, Aphrodite even. The color he picked at least looks lovely.

Rami is either going home or winning.

No, Sweet P is getting the loser edit. Oh, wait there are two losers this week.

Did Sweet P's model ever show up?

Chris, bad omen, snoozing on the job, showing overconfidence. Plus your dress, as Christian observed, looks a lot about the couture challenge. And Chris is blowing off Tim. I'm so disappointed.

I dunno, Sweet P is getting the surmounting the odds edit. My guess is Chris is definitely auf. Maybe Rami, if not Sweet P.

Now Jillian is getting the loser edit. Unfinished hem is aways a bad sign. I like Jillian's model because of her nerdy glasses and ability to sew.

Dunno that I like anything going on the runway. I'm just too bourgeois for words and fashion.

Roberto Cavalli is very complimentary about Chris' dress...but then he didn't see the original couture. His accent is so thick, the elves provide subtitles.

And of course, he loved Christian.

But Jillian got a great compliment: that he would hire her for his staff. Of course, she's on this show because she doesn't want to be on anyone's staff. So is it one of those backhanded compliments that make you grit your teeth and say thank you, or was it an honest, heartfelt compliment?

"Ballsy" Heidi says about Jillian. Even though she was fussing about the hem, when it came down the runway, it was gorgeous, it moved well. I think she does have a good model for her kind of work. Her personality for the tv camera is pretty blah, but her stuff has been consistently good. Well, denim excepted.

Chris might eak by because Cavalli loves his stuff.

I have to say, everytime Rami's dress comes down the runway, it is just too gorgeous for words. It's just not original thinking.

So it comes down to: safety or artistry?

Christian wins. So you think the ego would be ballooning. However, he was sweet to Jillian when she came in. And even sweeter to Sweet P when she came in as the loser.

Deadlock. I'm betting the rest of the judges leaned toward Rami and Cavalli was adamant about Chris.

And what about that twist? Was it good or bad. I must sleep on it.

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