Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Runway Finale Part 1

We come to it at last, the end of our sorry, channeling LOTR. PR is definitely not a geeky obsession, so must switch gears. craaaaaannnk. striiip. ruuummble. hum.

ooo. look at rami being so manly putting his own big huge suitcases into the taxi trunk.

Christian is literally living that episode from Flight of the Conchords where Bret moves into the janitor's closet. Those pants he proposed as his finale outfit make me think of goofy versions of the Magic Flute. Or maybe Big Bird. Follow Tim's advice and edit, Sister Christian.

Jillian has a great view but a bland place. But obviously she was making good money at Ralph Lauren's -- and she gave up the job. That jacket is really great though. Her mother took a fortune teller seriously? Really? I think Jillian needs to work on deepening her voice. It's just too flat and little-girly.

What's up with the cold sore on Tim's lip? One of the many travails of wintertime.

On to Rami and sunny LA. His mother looks like Jillian. hmmm.

It looks as though Rami did listen to Tim and edit his outfits a lot judging from the spoiler pictures I saw of his show. Those coats look well-made but amazingly bulky. You'd have to be 6 feet tall, but not a Nicole Kidman kind of tall. More like a Queen Latifah kind of tall to carry off those coats.

Oh Chris. Human hair, really? I'm with Tim, my gag reflex was kicking in. eww. ick. squick.
Human hair trailing in your food as you try to eat dinner. Lovely.

Campaign commercial subtly added by friend of Chris. That apartment is wild.

Note that Christian didn't introduce Tim to anyone. What's that about?

You know, that housewife from Housewives of New York is pretty annoying and they show the promo ad ad nauseum. Yeah, I never want to live in the suburbs either, but there's nothing wrong with anyone who does. Some of my favorite people live in the 'burbs. Tastes differ.

Only Rami has to fly in. The NYCers rule this season.

All huggy and kiss-kiss. Unlike other seasons.

I think Chris's designs move better than Rami's. But still, they're like Charles Addams illustrations come to life. Especially the "velvet condom" was very Morticia.

Rami's model looks a bit uncomfortable in that blue coat. The headbands look like something for babies.

The polka dot dress is very pretty. And drapy.

Chris, Sissybear to the end. what a sweetheart. The judges don't have any guts.

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