Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway 4 Final Finale

What happened to our self-confident Sister Christian? And he's actually saying nice things about Rami's and Jillian's clothes?!!

It won't last, I predict.

Tim is right. Christian is overdesigning things -- a sign of youth and insecurity. And why in hades didn't Rami submit that gown with the interlocking lace for the walkoff last week? That looks absolutely stunning.

Here's Jillian, being whiny and overthinking things again. It shows how much self-doubt exists in the female of the species. Sweet P, who looked like a radical, was full of self doubt too.

Oh, the avuncular Uncle Daddy Tim. I want him as my lifetime teacher/mentor. One of the blogs posted this fabulous walkoff between Tim and Christian. His posture never flinched or slouched. Until Heidi tickled him.

Wonder what time they had to be there. 4 a.m.? 3 a.m. ? And I wonder how late the judging went?

Group hugs galore!

Sister Christian has leprachaun feet!

And he hairsprays his own hair in the midst of the stress over missing and late models.

I really, really, really liked Jillian's collection. I love her jackets and her tailoring. I want to own one of her jackets. There were a couple of looks I didn't get, but overall, good job. Hated her music. It must have been hard for the models to walk to.

Rami's was very elegant, surprise, surprise. The two dresses with the interlocking weaving were stunning. And that black gown that Nina criticized last week for the saddlebags did move down the runway like liquid.

The first thing you think when Christian's stuff went down the runway is monochromatic much? Geez, black on black on black. But it was, as Kevin put it, pretty mind-blowing and edgy. He did edit those feathered pants and plucked the feathers at Tim's advice.

So I guess it depends on what the judges want: wearable, elegant or edgy?

This was really the best runway finale they've had. Before, I've had a sense of disappointment and letdown. I liked all the collections this time.

Workmanlike is the kiss of death. Bye Rami! Huh, Jillian is the first one out. I would have guessed Rami would be first out.

Christian looks ready to cry even before they announce the winner. And he wins. His reaction is surprising given his portrayal through out the show.

You're uber-fierce, Heidi tells Christian. Quote of the day.

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