Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Runway 6.3

I now officially hate Mitch after that comment that Ra'mon can carry him. He's incompetent -- and lazy.

And as the episode continues, it's obvious he is pretty useless. I hope he doesn't turn into this season's Wendy or Top Chef's Lisa where he keeps squeaking by.

Poor Ra'mon. Tim was right about the jumpsuit. If he had made it into a gown it might have worked. The green thing was nice, though. It looks as though he gets through after Ra'mon carries him. 

Wow, what bickering between Qrystal and Epperson and I can't tell who is at fault. Is she overly defensive or was he really that bossy? ETA: Judging from Heidi's comments, he was that bossy. And what is up with the hooker looks from both losing teams? The challenge wasn't to dress the "ladies" strutting their stuff on Sunset.

Heidi looked like she was watching a tennis match during the arguments.

Yay, they saw through Mitchell and aufed him after all. I thought he was going coast.

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