Wednesday, September 23, 2009

top Chef 6.6

So is Robin getting a future villain edit or is it going to be a repeat of Marcel where the "cool kids" gang up on her? Eli can be very funny, but sometimes very hateful and I think he went a little too far -- Michelle Bernstein wasn't judging on cancer. She praised the cleanness and the simplicity of the dish before Robin even mentioned the Big C. The honoring of Mattin was cute. I noticed Robin didn't get a scarf. Did they run out? She did wear a red ribbon. Noticed Michael didn't applaud when she won. 

Laurine seems to be getting the loser edit. Ron probably is, too. Poor guy seems a little clueless. Language issues.

Sometimes I love Penn & Teller and sometimes loathe. It's sort of my love/hate relationship with libertarianism (or is hate/love?). First Amendment issues, yay! Boo on the sneers against religion.

Mike I comes across as more likeable this ep. The Washington Post had an article about his wedding. Interesting to this feminist: he never cleans. He used to pay his cooks to clean for him. When his fiancee moved in, she took over the cleaning job.

Of course Jen way underestimated her abilities. Glad to see her do meat. 

So Ron, Laurine and Ash look on the bottom. I'm guessing Michael, Kevin and .... Ashley? Jen? Eli? Good for Ashley and the pot roast. And Jen. Michael cracks a smile! Are we starting to see emotions from the V bros?

Who cannot love Kevin? He's so gracious and enthusiastic even when he gets a lousy prize.

I'm guessing probably Ron, maybe Ash as knifed.

Yep, Ron. Seems like a sweet guy but didn't seem to be at the same level as other chefs.

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