Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Runway

Combo post:
Last week -- favorite line -- Heidi's quip about you aged her 10 years, and for a model, that's like dog years.
And I really miss Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. I don't know what the judges were smoking to give the win to Althea. It should have gone to Carol Hannah.

This week:

I knew it, the minute I heard black and white! Heidi looked like a Venetian gondolier. Just lacking the little scarf.

Poor LA Times, how the mighty have fallen. It used to be a kickass paper. It, like too many papers, has become a ghost of its former self. But that has nothing to do with the challenge.

Hearing a lot of origami is it original?

Added on Wednesday, Sept. 23.
Well, dang, fell asleep and never saw the rest, only the end when Tim was saying something about how ridiculous Johnny's claims on the runway were.  Tried to watch on Friday and fell asleep yet again. I guess Johnny lied, but was his lie that much horribly worse than Keith's smuggling in of design books? I mean, it's not what the hype made it to be. You oversold, Lifetime.

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