Sunday, April 20, 2008

Top Chef 4.5-6

So personalities are really starting to shine through. And Spike is most definitely a butthole. Dale is still a sour personality. So is Lisa.

In fact, there are not too many cool personalities in this set. Stephanie seems the most likeable, we've definitely seen her talent shine, so I'll probably root for her.

The weak chefs are definitely shining through too. Nicky really needs to go, though I wasn't too upset by Ryan's PYKAGing. Apparently some women thought he was looker.meh.

And Dale's crotch grabbing was definitely declasse. I don't care what a party pooper Lisa was -- that's just not called for.

So this week's challenge was a lot of fun. I'm glad they got away from the team challenges for a change. Stephanie's looked yummy. So did (shudder) Dale's. And Richard's -- pate melt. mmm.

S was all about the Gayle Sayers and Refridgerator Perry sightings. I just vaguely remember Gayle Sayers as a character from Brian's Song (we had to learn in band on the piccolo).

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