Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Runway 5.10 Veronica

Well, probably will wait til tomorrow to post because first I couldn't get the wireless to work and then I was having problems with my mousepad clicking. urgh. Guess on Macs, stick to Safari.

I'm very nervous for Korto because she seems to be having some struggles. If Kenley or Suede goes, it'll be seeya time. But Korto (especially after sneaking a peek at her Bryant Park show) totally deserves to be in the final 3.

I have hopes that Kenley is gone because she's disregarding Tim and the two people who know hip hop are rolling their eyes so much, they might fall out. Talk about uber defensive. Look up the word defensive in the dictionary and Kenley's picture will be staring at you. So Tim finally chews out Kenley. She deserves every minute of it. He's trying to help you, my darlin. It's called constructive criticism. If you want to get anywhere in life, grow a skin.

ooo. Jerrell is being mean by lying thru his teeth about Kenley's outfit. I know nothing about hip hop but would say her outfit looks nothing like it.  Had to get her print in. Graffitti print my butt. No, Kenley, that was a Key West print.

Ack. Kenley is so disrespectful. Don't roll your eyes at Nina, missy! IT's one thing to snipe at Tim, it's a whole 'nother to gripe at the judge. And bitching about Leanne not working the runway. That's not exactly her personality. And by the way Kenley, you clomped like a pony yourself.

Oh dear, now I'm worried about Leanne. Another one who was spectacular at the fashion show. In fact, I would say that Korto and Leanne put on the best shows at Bryant Park in PR history, with the possible exception of Season 1. 

Oh, they gave Kenley pity marks for having to do hip hop. Poor baby. If it's not her, it better be Suede. (who knew he was a classically trained musician?)

Korto wins!!!!!! Yay!

shoo. Leanne is in.

Gawd, they let the spoiled girl back in. But really Suede is a more mediocre designer and the third person voice is annoying. Kenley does have talent, if a limited viewpoint. I'm sick of the 50s already. Just go design for Mad Men.

Hmm. Everyone is in tears. I reallly hate Kenley! augh.

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