Thursday, September 11, 2008

Judges on crack Part II

Whole lot of ugly emerged from this episode. Not just the outfits but the attitude. The designers this season have a whole lot of 'tude and not much talent to back it up.

Of course, the person who had been my fave before went crashing off her pedestal. Oh, Terri, how could you? Yeah, I know it must be frustrating to knock out great outfit after great outfit and have the judges ignore you, but no reason to be bitter.

Yes, Keith is a load. I mean, "be gentle, I'm still fragile." Oh please, get over yourself, Keith. What a perfect nightmare blend of insecurity and ego.

But nonetheless, there was no reason not to put him to work. He has better taste in prints than Kenley after all. (Welcome to the jungle, anyone?)

So Terri showed her ugly. I still think the judges should have kept her. Yeah, she showed bad attitude, but not much worse than Kenley's. Kenley's ego was bigger than those ludicrous balloon sleeves. In fact someone need to pop that hot air of hers. What disrespect to Heidi at the party about boobs. Heidi? Hello? Does Victoria's Secret mean anything to you Kenley? If anyone can talk about location of boobies, it's Miz Seal.

She also mixed it with MK and ninagarcia -- not a wise move. Only Santino has done that, and Kenley, darling, you're no Santino.

I thought Suede's looked cheaper than Terri's. The shiny satin pants ill-fitting at the crotch and tight fitting at the ankles. Shades of Rod Stewart and MC Hammer on opposite ends of the 80s gives me flashbacks not in a good way.

The perfect team appeared to be Stelluh and Tanilicious. And what a hideous monstrous disaster they sent down the runway. Granny panties, indeed. As annoying as the -licious stuff was, Blayne was rather sweet. He didn't seem very malicious and when he wasn't trying too hard to be a "personality" he was cute. But he needed to go.

OTOH, the winner. I adore Miss J, but come on. He seems to love gold metallic tops.

Joe's, I hate to admit, had a pretty fabulous look, probably courtesy of Daniel. It looked rather Minoan, appropriate for a horoscope. Leanne's was near perfect avant garde. But could they really give it to her a third time. Something about Korto: she's one of the few designers to think about how it looks in the back as well as front.

Miss J is quite the salesman, so maybe he convinced some drunk former contestants.

But I'm bummed that Suede is showing at Bryant Park tomorrow.

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