Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hains Point -- No more Awakening

On Sunday, I went for a 9+ mile run. I made 8 miles without stopping! Tried to do 10 but just ran out juice despite the Gatorade and the nasty Power goop.

But I chose to run the length of Hains Point for the first time since the Marine Corps Marathon going on three years ago. The Awakening is gone. It was the perfect sculpture for the location, a large green swath facing a wide portion of the Potomac. Some so-and-so moved it to his fancy new hotel complex in Prince freaking George County. Now the point looks...well...boring and empty. Reviews I've seen say the Awakening doesn't look quite right in the midst of that artificial complex.

Maybe some other eccentric millionaire will donate a bizzarely appropriate sculpture to replace it and stipulate that the NPS cannot sell this time.

A girl can dream as she shuffles around the point.

Edited to add: I knew the Awakening was gone. It's just the first time I'd seen the point since it moved to its new home.


Melissa Shockey said...

I'm surprised you didn't know this; I asked about us going to see it when we visited, and one of you told me it was gone. It's a shame. We had so much fun out there!

D.C. Confidential said...

The loss of the Awakening at Hains Point to the Prince Georges County National Harbor Development is one of the worst examples of the divide between the haves and the have nots. It's current location is cramped and austere compared to where it was. Why there was no public comment period or hearings is beyond many of us. I'm sure, had there been a period to discuss the art piece, local contributors would have joined together and raised the artist's asking price and kept it where it was. As it is, some rich-ass yahoo from Virginia bought it and plopped on a piece of dirt in PG County.

It's a shame. And a needless one at that.