Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fave moments of this PR episode

Tim's ability to control his temper in the face of Kenley's stubbornness.

The smirks exchanged between Korto and Jerrell over Kenley's confidence in her "hiphop" look.

Overall, Korto's sassiness in this episode. She had been so serious all season long. So to see her break into a tuneless song while attempting a line dance in her cowboy boots was hilarious. Her ironic smile when she found out that not only was she designing menwear and it was punk but was wearing country was great. 

Learning that Suede was a classically trained cellist. Who knew?

Tim's spontaneous burst of laughter when he saw the designers' looks. 

Jerrell's insincere uh-huh, suuuuure it looks great Kenley.

Country fried Korto working the runway.

LL Cool J trying not to break into a laugh when Leanne comes down the runway in K's execrable look.

"Everybody's was hard, Kenley," from Mama Ninagarcia. "Don't make mom jeans," said LL.

Rewatching this, I thought Suede was robbed. Kenley really should have gone home last night. I noticed Leanne's zipper hanging out, the jeans were so tight.

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