Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helicopter Moms -- Can you hear the whap of blades?

Hmm, a mother and daughter challenge, mothers hovering over their offspring. Since I'm off to Chicago tomorrow, will not have an extra day to absorb the eppy. So liveblogging it is.

One of the moms is a ringer for Harvey Fierstein, at least her voice is. I heard it before I saw it and thought maybe it was a helicopter dad. You can tell who really is the helicopter mom when the designers meeting the duos. And it was striking how many of the girls looked almost like clones of their meres. I didn't think they looked all that young as the designers were exclaiming, unlike the high school girls last season.

Oh no, oh no, oh no...Leanne cannot go home. She is the most talented designer outside of Korto. I will hate Project Runway forevah if she is and Suede and Kenley move on. Shwhoo, the girl likes it now.

Joe is now getting the loser edit. A) He's not listening to Tim. B) He's missing his family.

Kenley makes Terri look angelic. What a b-word. Though she's probably right about Suede. Karma will be hades when she finds out Tim is one of the final judges! Hah!

The brief glimpses I saw -- liked Korto's. Didn't see much of Leanne's new outfit. Joe's looks like Diane Keaton in the 80s. I just don't get Jerrel's aesthetic. Kenley's is quintessential Kenley's. Suede's is...ugh.

Joe-- ick, ick, ick. It did not flatter her at all.

Leanne -- it looked not great but not horrible. Her girl was stiff as a board.

Jerrell -- It looked much better in motion than it did back in the workroom. What is his deal with shiny copper tops?

Korto -- The skirt was a little too short. The blazer is awesome.

Kenley -- Hate the belt. The rest is quintessential Kenley. Not my style.

Suede -- the girl digs it. I don't.

Oh Lord. They love Kenley's outfit. Heidi calls the girl a mini-me. hee. I think there was a hidden insult in there somewhere from Frau Seal. OK Joe's outfit was ugly but how unprofessional is Kenley laughing away at him?

Nina is icy cold to Suede. Suede, your blue hair must be feeling positively glacial now.

Dear lord, if Kenley wins, her ego will be out of control. It will flood the work room and the other designers will be crowded into a tiny corner. Tim might have to use a knitting needle to pop it and rescue them.

And I'm betting Joe goes home, and Suede will stay in by the skin of his third person teeth.

Oh, thank Eru that Jerrell won.

Yep, Joe is goner.

Oh, looking forward to next week. Veronikenley gets her comeuppance!

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